A Promise Not Kept; Contrast in Taxation Between Canada and Qatar; Definition of Falter; More Fantastic Humour from Any Borowitiz Concerning Kegs and Moral Bankruptcy; Took My Ball and Went Home Defined; Al Jazeera Presentation on Coronavirus Excellent With Link Provided; Hand Painted Photograph by Alexis Attached

I do admit that yesterday I promised NOT to be an expert on the Middle East. However, it is tax time, a dreadful experience to say the least, even with the most competent tax advisor in the whole world, she is mine. So I was led astray and learned this. “Both Qatari residents and non-residents are only taxed on income arising in Qatar. Salaries and wages aren’t taxed however, although some-self-employment and other types of income are. This means most expats won’t have to pay any Qatari income tax. Qatar currently has no wealth, inheritance, estate or gift taxes.’ That is commonly known as living in tax heaven. In Canada, Canadian taxes must be paid on all income whether or not it was earned in Canada , Therefore my retirement income was subject to horrendously huge income tax, according to tax experts. That is most unjust as the income from my retirement had absolutely nothing to do with Canada as I went to law school in the United States and all income was earned in the Unite States. Taxation in Canada is immense due to its program of socialized medicine, most ineffective system measured by independent criteria. What did I do when face with dilemma? Took my ball and went home. It is a very strange expression which has the following meaning: “This refers to the childhood practice of playing a ball game with your friends, where the ball belongs to one of you. If the game doesn’t go your way, you might get upset and leave, taking your ball with you, ending the game for everyone. Home was the United States, no problem paying taxes in this country as my income was earned in this land. To my defence, not honouring the promise to lighten up on the Middle Ease I assert that in this instance it is expertise on Canada, not on Qatar that is shining through. hrough. . It does not directly affect me, of course, as I do not live in Qatar nor do I have income arising from Qatar. Well, at the moment anyway. Hahahaha. That is a joke. I do love my sense of humour.

But the Funniest Ever ‘publication’ belongs again to Andy Borowitiz of The New Yorker: “Responding to speculation that Democrats might seek to expand the size of the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh warned that doing so would require an increased number of kegs.
Kavanaugh expressed concern that increasing the number of Supreme Court Justices without acquiring additional kegs might result in a “replay of the regrettable Beach Week incident.”

“One time during Beach Week, I was throwing this rad party with P.J. and Squee,” he said. “Out of nowhere, Tobin shows up and brings four of his friends.” “Well, that would have been fine if Tobin’s friends drank a normal amount, but those dudes liked to party,” he said. “It was a classic Tobin move.”Kavanaugh said that expanding the size of the Court without a commensurate increase in kegs would set “a very dangerous precedent.“If the new Justices are anything like Tobin’s buds, the situation will be heinous, he said” Now one might be frightened that an action will be brought by Kavanaugh – but, as a lawyer, I say onto you. Truth is an absolute defence to libel or slander. Kavanaugh would, and perhaps did, say such a thing, or at least thought it. .

e. But here is another Andy. “ In filing for moral bankruptcy, the Republicans will formally attest that they have no morals, standards, or ethics on their balance sheet, and will agree to cease all activity as a political party in exchange for indemnity from any and all legal actions.

The Republican Party officially filed for moral bankruptcy on Tuesday morning, a move that many in the nation considered long overdue. Harland Dorrinson, a Washington attorney who specializes in moral bankruptcies, said that, by making its moral vacuum official, the G.O.P. could theoretically break itself up and sell off the parts, but, he warned, “There are no buyers.” “From Lindsey Graham to Ted Cruz to Mitch McConnell to Chuck Grassley, all of the Republican Party’s assets could only be described as toxic,” he said. “Their breakup value is zero.”Further complicating such a sale, Dorrinson said, is the fact that the lion’s share of the Republican Party is already owned by the National Rifle Association, Koch Industries, and the Russian government.“All of those entities are going to take a major loss on their investment,” he warned. “The Kochs have been trying to sell Paul Ryan for months, and they can’t give him away.” While bemoaning the demise of a once legitimate political party, Dorrinson did see one silver lining. “The bankruptcy of the Republican Party will be presided over by Donald Trump, and no one has more experience in this area,” he said.”

Do you not love that Andy? I wonder if he is married? Oops, I forgot. My fourth must be of the Muslim faith – doubtful that Andy is. There are two contenders for my hand at this point. One declared, one not declared. What is contender? It is “a person or group competing with others to achieve something a person or group competing with others to achieve something.” Well, may be best man win or perhaps the man with the most money. Hahahaha

The photograph shown is the next one unpacked. It was one taken by Alexis McBride, many years ago in France. It is such a manic story (not because of the guy I was with )but of the village built upon the sea. . I hand painted the photograph – the yellow of the walls. Hand painting black and white is a difficult task – but I undertook it and did a good job. I am a driven woman, no doubt about it, and have been my whole life. There have been rewards, many. But none of them have been a wonderful, loyal and faithful husband. But need, I remind you? I am not dead yet. Hahaha

Just went to Al Jazeera (oops more Middle East) – there is a informative, calming, intelligent and caring presentation. Here is how to find it.” COVID-19 can still be confusing, even months after its first international transmission. So what do we know now?” Go to the network of Al Jazeera and this will be the links 21 Sep 2020 11:17 GMT Health, Coronavirus pandemic, Science & Technology

It seems as if I cannot free myself from the Middle East. It is more confusing than you will EVER believe. So many pressures and from opposing parties. YIKES. Back to the Middle East – a young woman suggested that I was the Queen of Disaster, a link to the video was provided in a prior blog but, there are more songs. And she is right, I am convinced I am. More proof provided yesterday.

The talented photograph, taken at a simpler time is attached. Fame is most difficult and I have it, with none of the perks – no money or prestige, just responsibility it seems. But, I am fine and have a support system, however, I do falter as you have seen. Falter: definition: “lose strength or momentum.” Its synonyms are: delay, drag one’s feet, stall, think twice, get cold feet, change one’s mind, waver, oscillate, fluctuate, vacillate, be undecided, be indecisive, be irresolute, see-saw, yo-yo; haver, hum and haw; sit on the fence, dilly-dally, shilly-shally, pussyfoot around, blow hot and cold. But let the record reflect (as attorney’s say) I do not pussyfoot for very long! Hahahaha

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