The Probable End of Emeritus Air; Foolhardy Statements by Outgoing President of Airlines; Perhaps Goodbye Dubai; Foolhardy Defined; The Emir of Qatar Addresses the United Nations in September of 2019; Truly Amazing Country Statistics


This recent announcement emerged”
“Emirates‘ outgoing President Tim Clark on Monday said it could take the state carrier up to four years to resume flying to its entire network that has been decimated by the coronavirus pandemic.
The Dubai-based airline, which flew to 157 destinations in 83 countries before the pandemic, grounded passenger flights in March and has since operated few, limited services.

“I think probably by the year 2022/23, 2023/24 we will see things coming back to some degree of normality and Emirates will be operating its network as it was and hopefully as successfully as it was,” Clark said in a webcast interview with aviation consultant John Strickland

Emirates has warned that the current period would be the most difficult in its 35-year history and on Sunday said it had made some staff redundant due to the impact of the pandemic.

Clark, who is to become an adviser to the airline this month when he steps down as president, said the industry could start to recover by the summer next year if a widely available vaccine was successfully developed by early 2021.

“We will start to see an uptick, quite a large uptick in demand for travel,” Clark said, adding that Emirates would be able to get its fleet ready within 48 hours if it had to.

Demand would likely continue to increase into 2023 and 2024 unless there was another major trauma to the global economy, he said”

This statement is not at all logical, factual or realistic. The planes, not in service but parked somewhere require constant maintenance, which is most expensive and not at all revenue producing. The other major problem that Air Emeritus faces is the potential lifting. of the blockage against Qatar Airways, imposed illegally by the UAE and their buddies. So,for example Qatar cannot fly to San Francisco – so getting to Doha would be most difficult for Alexis McBride. Qatar did not play victim to the illegal blockade, sought new destinations, growing instead of shrinking. Qatar Airlines survived the shut downs imposed by the auto virus, air travel and humanitarian trips returning ex pats their homelands, transporting health care workers and supplies. This recent announcement: “Qatar Airways has become the largest international carrier flying over 85 million kilometres to repatriate over 2 million passengers on over 20,000 flights during this crisis. … Since then we have rebuilt our network to be the largest in the region with more than 500 weekly flights to over 80 destinations.”

With this reputation and being voted the best airline for several years – Why would one fly Air Emeritus? There are other severe repercussions for Dubai, it is going to become a ghost town. Air Emeritus employees were mandated to live Dubai – with severe cut backs the ex pats will return home as they will have no jobs. Hotels will become vacant, all of the ex pat employees will also return home. Tourism, the chief (if only source of revenue and industry) will trickle into nothingness, It is really rather foolhardy to suggest that Emirates could get ‘its fleet ready within 48 hours if need be.” Excuse me, Clark, that is a foolhardy statement. Foolhardy’s synonyms are: rash, incautious, careless, heedless, unheeding, thoughtless, unwise, imprudent, irresponsible, injudicious, impulsive, hot-headed, impetuous, daredevil, devil-may-care, death-or-glory, madcap, hare-brained, precipitate, precipitous, desperate, hasty, overhasty, over-adventurous, over-venturesome. Mr. Clark what caused you to be thoughtless, careless and irresponsible in your statements? One would suspect that it had something to do with a retirement package and the promise of an advisor position with Air Emeritus. But, if an old lady, born in Saskatchewan, can see between the desperate statements, so can other l

The Emir of Qatar addressed the United Nations approximately a year ago, on September 19, 2019, addressing a myriad is issues, including the illegal blockade and the fate of Palestinians under Israel’s criminality, which, incidentally has not shrunken but grown due to the evil of UAE and its so-called peace agreement. The Emir’s address was MOST inspiring. I left the following public comment: on YouTube. An excellent presentation, so thorough showing much concern for peace and humanity in the world. If the world was populate by leaders with your vision and determination, it would be a much better place to live in. I do wish you could run for President of the United States or even Prime Minister of Canada. Hahahaha” . I am a dual citizen of Canada and the USA., so that is why I mentioned both. Of course, I know he is Royalty in his country, his family has a long tradition of peace in the region and has succeeded where all others have failed. They are a kind and generous family. Impossible to count how many were there at the hotel in London – perhaps 40? Including one of the wives of the Emir.I make myself laugh at, times. This was one of those times. I am having trouble finding the link to the UN address. . But Google Emir of Qatar, click on videos and you should be able to find it for yourself.
Believe me, I have no idea why I have become almost an expert on the Middle Ease, most concerned with advocating peace there. It is, upon sober reflection, that I despise and detest evil and have always, in my own way, confronted it. Almost always winning. The Middle East is riddled with Evil – the only moral leader that has emerged is the Emir, although he does have some allies, for example, Kuwait.
Well, here goes. I asked my computer guru to do my statistics, country by country. I sent them to CPI, who delightfully responded:
She: Interesting and impressive indeed. Now you’ll just have to do a European tour, the only area left. Hope you had a good rest with no fitful dreams.
Me: But it is not just visiting that bring in the numbers. Look at Qatar – never been there. Look at UAE – been only to a tiny portion. I am too lazy to do an European tour – been there and done that. Always wanted to go to Australia, where my numbers are down. Malaysia numbers are up, not been there either. Needless to say NOT going to Saudi Arabia even though only 4. Hahahaha

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