Den of Inequity and Family Hotel Combined; Inequity Defined; The Secret Holder; Photograph taken from Window of Hotel; Uncanny Defined

People tell me their secrets – it is uncanny. I am not sure of the reason, and not sure that has been explored in my meetings with Wise Man. He did observe that everyone does tell me their secrets. I do not have secrets but, at times, carrying the burden of others secrets is – well, burdensome. By the way uncanny means : strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way. Its synonyms are: unnatural, preternatural, supernatural, unearthly, other-worldly, unreal, ghostly, mysterious, strange, abnormal, odd, curious, queer, weird, bizarre, freaky, bizarro., Antonyms: ordinary, normal

Today, this phase came to mind – Den of Inequity, So, of course, I Googled it. It doth mean: (idiomatic) “A place of immoral behaviour, often of a sexual type.” I do know of a Den of Inequity also masquerades as a Family Hotel. It is located in London, the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel, needless to say it is near Chelsea Bridge.

My first stay there was rather accidental. Dolphin Square did not honour my Expedia reservations and I was forced to hunt around to find another hotel in the area. I did, my first room was huge but after three days was able to move to a smaller room, where I continued my stay. It is a small and charming hotel,with a delightful spa, a wonderful breakfast and delightful staff. One waiter said:
He: Alexis, we all love you. You are the darling of the entire staff.
Me: I love you all! You treat me so well!

So there were two more visits to the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel.( OR was it three? Most recent ones were November 2019, then, as I hate Christmas, the end of December 2019. Flew – landing at the hotel early morning Christmas Day. I had upgraded on Emeritus Air for the ‘leg’ between Dubai and London and so was able to converse with the lovely staff at the bar on business class.My fellow passengers were asleep, leaving staff the freedom to speak with me. . A good time was had by all. For various reasons I shall NEVER fly on Air Emeritus again, but I do not think a lot people will be either, particularly when the blockage against Qatar Airlines is lifted, and the announcement to be reported he. And I shall fly Qatar Airlines, which has superior rankings and service. I shall not have to stop in Dubai, on Air Emeritus, as was forced upon me. It would not be safe for me to land as I have taken a strong stand against the Ruler of Dubai because of the proven allegations of kidnapping and abduction of two os his daughters and the mistreatment of his sixth wife. The Ruler of Dubai acts in violation of the Islamic faith and human decency, but he does seem to get away with it. Well, in this life anyway – would not want to be him on Judgment Day.

But back to my two final stays at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel. In November of 2019 I met a man dressed in a dress and a scarf, later learning that he was the Crown Prince of Dubai. If you were to type Sultan in the search engine, you would read the amusing story.

Back to the hotel, as I said at Christmas Time, when it was, for part of the time anyway, a Family Hotel. I met many, many members of the Qatar Royal Family but thought they were the Dubai Royal Family. But that got straightened out, much to my relief.

But here is the Den of Iniquity chapter, which means: sinfulness, immorality, impropriety, vice, evil, sin; villainy, criminality, crime, heinousness, nefariousness, knavery; vileness, foulness, baseness, odiousness, atrociousness, dreadfulness, egregiousness; outrageousness, outrage, monstrousness, obscenity, reprehensibility; ungodliness, godlessness, impiety, devilry.

I was hold secrets by many familiar with the practices of the hotel. The Second Floor of the Pestana Hotel is ‘occasionally’ taken over by rich, very rich prominent Arab men. They then import young boys and men and engage in homosexual conduct which is forbidden by their faith and by the laws of their land. It is punishable by death, for instance in Saudi Arabia.

I learned by several sources that such an ‘event’ took place the first week of January of 2020. A very powerful Middle East ruler had his computer and watch stolen but he could not report it because the police would learn of the little boys that he was buggering.

I shall not name him as I value my life, and he is a known murderer.

But one question remains. When was vacationing at the hotel the first week of November and therein I met the Sultan – later learning that he was the Crown Prince of Dubai, also known as Fazza. We travelled in the elevator with one another, he got off at the second floor, we fist bumped (which he initiated). I attempted to leave my book of the Tate Britain for him – knowing him only as the Sultan (as his name tag labelled him).
Me: I am leaving this book for the Sultan whose room is on the second floor.
She: There are many Arab men on the second floor but none of them have the name of Sultan.
Me: I guess I will have to use Google to find his real name.

The story of that meeting and our subsequent ‘relationship’ can be viewed by typing Sultan into the search engine of this blog. There are many, many entries despite the fact that I never saw him again – I do not think.

I did – left the book for him but he departed before it could be delivered. His destination was Dubai where he led a run, seventy thousand strong, to encourage people to get out of their cars. Later, in January, I visited Dubai as I flew Air Emeritus to London at Christmas. There seemed to be no sidewalks in Dubai, not any that I saw, nor any signs of public transportation. Not clear how one could get around without a car, or a taxi. I am not sure why he was staying on the second floor of a rather ordinary hotel. He does have a residence in London, I understand.

The photograph is one taken from a window at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel – proof of my veracity.

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