Oh My Goodness More Apocalypse with Ominous Skies; Trick Up Your Sleeve Defined; A Strange Occurrence In a Marin County Restaurant; A Quote from the Quran on Wisdom; Reports from Al Jazeera Concerning Pakistan and Ending the Illegal Blockade of Qatar.

I awoke to strange dark skies – the immediate thought was that I woke up at night thinking it was morning – that has happened before, both in Vancouver and here. Self isolation does do strange things to people. But got on Google and this is what I found.
“The sky over the Bay Area looked apocalyptic once again Wednesday morning, even though air quality in San Francisco, the Peninsula, South Bay, North Bay and much of the East Bay was relatively good.On Tuesday, we had the wind to blame for those smoky skies — and lack of a smoky smell. The smoke was coming in from the August Complex Fire near Mendocino National Forest, but high winds were keeping the smoke at a high altitude, instead of settling near the surface.On Wednesday morning, the wind shifted, now bringing ash from the rapidly growing Bear Fire near Chico down over the Bay Area. But at the same time, there’s a marine layer that’s protecting us, explains ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco.
So even KGO found that “the the sky over theBay Area looked apocalyptic” – their word and my word as well. I guess we should be thankful that the locusts have not arrived as yet. As readers will note I maintain my sense of humour in these troubled times. What else can one do? I do have some other tricks up my sleeve but I am not telling. Why that idiom came to mind, I shall never know but it is perfectly acceptable and spot on. If you have a trick up your sleeve, you have a secret strategy to use when the time is right. So it is secret and it is staying that way – I know exactly what to do when the locusts come. In the meantime, I am calm.
Some of the most improbable things happen. Personal Driver and I were lunching at Boca Restaurant in Marin. Our waitress was most charming, helpful and solicitous. Tip time came and I said:
Me; I am leaving you a generous tip but the Quran says: “Kind words and forgiveness are better than charity followed by insults.” I am speaking kind words but also tipping you generously.
She: I am familiar with that precept. I am of the faith. I am from Iran.
Now what is the likelihood of that? Alexis, born in Saskatchewan, eating in a Marin County restaurant, being served by a Iranian waitress. I suppose likely but when one throws in the Quran, it gets most unlikely.
Here is another saying from the Quran that has significant meaning; “He gives wisdom to whomever he wills. Whoever is given wisdom has been given much good. But none pays back except those with insight.” I have spoken before about my intelligence, not exactly astronomical but it is an intelligence I use – I do pay back. My third husband prided himself on his intelligence, carrying Mensa member. But he did not pay back, he lacked insight (in that and all other matters.) When I join the faith he will be obliterated. Which means: destroy utterly; wipe out. Its synonyms are: erase, eradicate, expunge, efface, wipe out, blot out, rub out, block out, remove all traces of. What is also highly unlikely is this. I was speaking to ‘my’ Islamic scholar questioning him about the concept of obliterating the former men in my life.
He: It is amazing that you are using that word. It was the one that Mohammed used when a murderer asked if he would be punished for his past deeds. Mohammed told him that he would not be held accountable, his former actions would be obliterated.

But enough of me and now onto world events. Al Jazeera reports that “Pakistan’s balancing act may be failing. “Pakistan’s strategy to keep good relations with everyone is no longer working in an increasingly polarized Muslim world.” The story is accompanied with a picture of the Pakistan Prime Minister with the rather evil Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (rather evil my words not Al Jazeera’s). What makes this most interesting to yours truly is this. About a month ago I emailed CPI a link – the Pakistani Prime Minister speaking to the United Nations. He complained vociferously that paying off debt relating to money laundering was bankrupting his country. CPI intelligently said: All he does is complain about money-laundering, blaming it on the West, it appears. But he takes no action to control or legislate the entrance of such funds into his country.” That is so true, countries such as the UK block the entry of dirty money using a complex scheme, the scheme beyond my comprehension admittedly, but it can be done. Canada has not done so and is plagued with dirty money and money laundering schemes. Not sure about the USA as all the media reports are the antics of Trump.
Back to me, it is an IN day. I made an appointment for a massage to be given by Presido Sports Medicine, It must be rescheduled as I do not have transportation to get there, but was assured it would be possible. My back hurts, hold so much tension in my neck and shoulders, it is essential. So the highlights of next week shall be a MRI and hopefully, a massage – actually a male masseuse as that is all that is available. I do not believe I have ever had a massage by a man. Oh well, a new experience.
Other good news from Al Jazeera, tremendously good news. “Progress may be made within weeks to end a three-year blockade of Qatar by Arab States a senior US State official said on Wednesday, citing signs of “flexibility” in negotiations. The article elaborated: “Qatar won a ruling in the at the International Court of Justice as it fights airspace restrictions by other Arab states” So that is good news for Alexis McBride, she may be able to fly between San Francisco and Qatar.
Things have appeared to shut down – no return calls and not a promised call from my financial advisor. It appears that people have freaked – again out if ignorance. According to KGO, by this afternoon this strange Apocalyptic sky shall vanish. It is rather frightening but not painful. I shall include a photograph of the sky taken from my window so that one can see how strange and scary it is. The photograph was taken some minutes ago and sent to Chris, my blog master. Conditions are getting worse, not better. But it is not painful, there is no smoke in the air, the busy street is quiet. People are freaked. Writing this blog keeps my calm actually – strangely so.

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