Here Come the Locusts; Plans for a Possible Escape; Light at the End of the Tunnel; Darkest Before the Dawn; Strange Day but Blood Work Completed and an Ice CreamCone: Solutions to Having Too Much on Your Plate; Incognito Defined and Welcomed

After reading my previous blog, my beloved computer guru Chris, emailed:
He: My god. You are right. All we need is hordes of locusts and the apocalypse will be complete :/ x
Me: I forgot about the damn locusts. I do not know what they look like but I shall soon! Hahaha!

So I have no idea what a locust looks like but if there are swarms of insects in the sky, I shall soon understand. By the way, I do have the inside scoop about the Apocalypse and shall be prepared in every way, particularly these days when I have no choice but to behave myself. So I guess all of this will work out in the long run.

Yesterday I devised a plan of escape from this solitary confinement for a crime I did not commit, self isolation or whatever one wants to call it. San Francisco is utterly impossible and it seems to remain so. Soon this blog will will contain a link to an extremely competent health official speaking with intelligence, calmness, clarity concerning her country’s plan to ‘open up”. It is the antithesis of anything that has ever been seen or heard in the country.

But back to my escape plan. My travel ideals are to travel to London and Qatar. London for ‘work’ – meetings with Chris in order to complete the long overdue book on Uncle Dave but then to Qatar for pleasure and the sheer, joyous fact that everything will be open and operating including mosques. Of course, it is sheer necessity to travel either First Class or Business Class. By then I shall have my shield and shall probably be able to amass even more face masks. I fly from San Francisco to London as I have enough frequent flier miles to go either British Airways or United. Then I complete my duties in London and from there hop on a Qatar Airways plane and go to Doha. Qatar Airlines is prohibited from landing in San Francisco, so it does make it a bit inconvenient.when coming home, it will be a bit difficult but resolvable. I can fly to Los Angeles (LAX) on Qatar Airlines then Personal Driver has agreed to drive to Los Angeles and escort me home. I am not jumping the gun, so to speak, envisioning that this journey will be made in either November or early December. Hopefully, that will leave time for me to complete the writing for Uncle Dave book and attend to other necessary tasks which shall be the stuff of this blog. But it does fill me with a sense of hope and determinism.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Light at the end of the tunnel is an idiom that means: a long-awaited indication that a period of hardship or adversity is nearing an end. Does that not say it all? A period of hardship and adversity does describe these many months in San Francisco. There is a related proverb: Things are darkest before the dawn
“Remain hopeful: there’s always something good and useful after a long period of hardship and despair. The proverb, which has been traced back to about 1922, was popularized by John F.” Another more simplified version is that things often seem at their worst just before they get better. Well, it does seem rather despairing considering the only thing we are missing is the locusts.

This has been a slightly strange day. It was off to Marin to get my blood work done, at least six or seven tests to determine the fate of my TIA. Impossible to make my appointment for a MRI and an ultrasound but despite I have been on hold for over five hours, there is no response. In my usual good natured response, I say to Personal Driver.
Me: Well here is the advantage. Occasionally it is difficult to get a MRI but if it is this difficult to get an appointment – there will not be a number of people ahead of me, and demand will not be great.
He: You have such a great attitude.
Stopped by Marin General but that was unavailing – they were helpful but only one phone number and so this must be endured. I have my phone on speaker phone and am able to type this blog as I listen to the silly message telling me that the receptionist is still unavailable. But the blood work is done, my medication retrieved from Rite Aid AND had a rocky road ice cream cone while at Rite Aide. I had not had an ice cream cone in years and years. It was most delicious, had it all over my face but Personal Driver found napkins and then I looked most respectable.

During the typing of the blog a response was received from the Marin General Scheduler. We had it almost completed but then there was a glitch and she was no longer on the line. Most irritating to say the least. But made a call back and hopefully things will be back in place. The MRI is for my brain and head. What happens if they find no brain? Hahahah. The ultrasound is for my carotid, wherever that may be. To say the very least, most impressed with the care and concern shown to me by my physicians. Two of them will be in consolation, one voluntarily. All Praise to Allah.
I take excellent care of my heath, blessed by the best of medical care and an incredible insurance plan.

I do admit to descending to ashes last weeks so depressed about my medical condition. But I came back fighting, again became a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes.

There is a stupid expression, I have a lot on my plate. “What this means is this: Have a great deal (or too much) to cope with, as in What with the new baby and the new house, they have a lot on their plate, or I can’t take that on now; I’ve got too much on my plate already. This expression transfers a loaded or overloaded dinner plate to other activities” Well, I do not have a new baby or a new house but still so much to complete and deal with. Suggestions are provided for those with too much on their plate.

10 Things To Do When You Have Too Much On Your Plate
Get a planner. It’s not even an option, it’s essential. …
Stay engaged in everything you do. …
Say no sometimes. …
Enjoy the tiny relaxing moments of your day. …
Pack healthy snacks. …
Prioritize sleep. …
Depend on others. …
Make lists

I do not know about exercise but shall do the others. It is difficult to exercise on lock down and water aerobics was my preferred exercise regime. The Y remains closed.
No photograph today but in a later blog. I shall be pictured wearing a head dress, not elaborate. When a woman is over sixty the faith proclaims that she may wear a simpler one. Personal Driver’s Wife is assisting me – it is not that complicated. I originally spoke of wearing a head dress at the inception of this blog. Soon I shall. With my head dress and my face mask I shall be incognito.
I do love those synonyms; disguised, camouflaged; unrecognized, unidentified. Oh such fun it shall be!

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