Beleaguered By Biden; Biden Blows It: DNEFWMMcB; A Gift of Biryani Prepared By Personal Driver’s Daughter; All This And I Can Cook Too; A Photograph of Alexis as Granny; Aplomb, Bode and Beleaguered Defined  

Beleaguered is the perfect word – its synonyms are: besieged. under siege, blockaded, surrounded, encircled, beset, hemmed in, under attack. Somehow and for some reason I became a member of TeamJoe which, as has been stated before. a rather inane moniker for a Presidential Campaign. But what then happened is unbelievable. If you cannot run a campaign effectively and reasonably Joe – how can I ever expect that you can run this country? My email, my text message and now my phone is besieged, beset and encircled. It is a ridiculous practice as all that I do, and any reasonable person would do, is erase then without reading them. But wait until you hear this – my phone rang with a number from Los Angeles – it was some Congressman pitching Biden. I screamed into the phone:
Me: Fuck You! 
He: No response of course, because it was recorded. 
Very few people have my telephone number – only those nearest and dearest to me – so it seemed like an invasion of my privacy. I thought it was someone I wanted to hear from – no it was some guy trying to shove Biden down my throat. 
The only sense I can make of this all is that Joe is in the manic phase of a bipolar disorder – I am being perfectly serious. All sorts of celebrities, both major and minor, send emails – so you think you are getting an email from Barbara Streisand for example, but not so – she is shoving  Biden down your throat. The most recent ploy in an email of yesterday is the promise that if you give him some money you will get advance notice of his choice for Vice President. There is a slight hint: “When Joe selects his running mate he’s be selecting the first woman to serve as Vice President in American history” I am positive that his not true – her first name was Geraldine Ferraro I believe. I do remember the stirring song – Celebration Time Move on. Then there was the Palen.  So whomever is running his campaign (remember that he is in charge and the boss) has no sense of American history. 
This does not bode well Biden. Bode’s synonyms?  agar, portend, herald, be a sign of, warn of, foreshadow, be an omen of, presage, indicate, signify, promise, threaten, spell, denote, foretell; prophesy, predict; literary betoken, forebode. So this is my prophecy, my presage: “Biden you have already blown it.” I, a citizen of these United States, have three choices:
1) Not vote at all 
2) Vote for the other guy (not that likely) or
3) If he picks Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, not only vote, but perhaps become active in the campaign. The third choice would be my favorite as that is a woman who has shown she can can govern. And besides, Biden is rather old and just might die while in office. What will this mean? Then we shall have the first woman President and it is definitely high time that took place. 
As faithful readers well know usually I am upbeat, kind and sort of sweet. However, there is another side to me – when you mess with me. DNEFWMMcB. This was a phrase repeated at the Trump International Hotel and Tower during my four month stay there in 2017. I do admit  the staff caught on very quickly and I was on my best behavior most of the time. So the rant is finished and onto happier things. 
I wonderful gift of food was delivered to my home by Personal Driver. It was a dish of Bryani, an extremely popular dish in Pakistan and India. It was prepared by Personal Driver’s daughter – for the whole family but a huge portion was set aside for Alexis. Here is the irony of it al, revealed in a conversation with Personal Driver. 
Me: As you know there are two adolescent girls in my life – one being your daughter. The other you have heard about but never met. 
He: Yes, I know who you mean. 
Me: You daughter is an accomplished cook; the other could not even stir rice, must less prepare a complicated dish. 
He: Yes that is most unusual. 
Me: Your daughter has a mother an accomplished cook, who taught her daughter culinary skills. The other young woman does have a mother but it is highly unlikely that her mother cooks as she lives a privileged existence. So it is unlikely that she will ever learn to even stir rice. One would think that the privileged young woman is the most fortunate – but I do not think so. One achieves self esteem and self respect upon accomplishment – not when everything   are given to you. 
My culinary history? My mother was a terrible cook – I became an excellent (almost) chef by taking cooking classes throughout my life. Tens, if not hundreds – I do not jext. So, as the expression goes – All this and I can cook too. I contemplated a different life, a few months ago deciding that we would have family dinners and I would teach the kids (both boys and girls) how to cook. It did not happen and will never happen – with that group of people anyway. It would have brought a level of normalcy into their lives, but it was not to be. 
Now I live a rather privileged life myself with food prepared by Personal Driver’s Wife and Daughter. I am eternally grateful for their presence in my life. 
The photograph attached to this blog is a picture of me and my then grandson – taken axppromately twenty three years ago. I obviously adore him. It is by my bed to give me hope and inspiration as I may be required to be a Granny again. I did it once, with style and aplomb soI can do it again. In fact, perhaps that rather normal existence will be training wheels for a larger task. Who knows? I did not have children but became a grandmother as I was married to the grandfather. No longer see this family of grandchildren but I am fine with it. One must close doors before you open new ones. By the way, aplomb is another word for self-assurance, self-confidence, calmness, composure, collectedness, levelheadedness, sangfroid, equilibrium, equanimity; informal unflappability.I definitely am unflappable. Hahaha  

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