Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude; Hilariously Funny Email From Computer Guru Chris; Hope in in Midst of the Coronavirus; Is Royalty Non Constitutional;; Let Them Eat Cake; Hello Alexis; Photograph os Saskatchewan; Blasting Biden Tomorrow

The strange expression, Changes in; Latitude, Changes in Attitude came to mind quite suddenly. Well I have had changes in attitude, but not latitude, in the recent weeks. (Although at some point I may make a changes in latitude). My attitude change is reflected in the fact that I no longer blog on a daily fashion, in case you have not noticed. No one seems to be concerned enough to call or email with concerns – I would have but that is just me. One might think that the virus has hit me – but no – keep myself safe and, therefore, calm as I understand and have knowledge of the various aspects of the virus and know that my practices are working. The reasons for my attitude change is that I listened and learned. I now have a Type B personality, rather than the Type A that has haunted me most of my life. Wise Man recently provided more information – it is impossible for a Type B personality to change into a Type A – for some reason or another. But a Type A can turn from a Type B back again, that is a very handy trait to have because at some moments it is necessary to call one’s Type A personality into play. For example, burning the midnight oil in order to study and pass an exam. Fascinating what knowledge can do for one – makes everything understandable and livable. But only if one is intelligent – and fortunately, due to the genes given to me by my parents – I am. I use my intelligence and rather force myself to learn more, so enhance the girt. Interestingly, that is what Allah requires one to do. If you have a gift, given to you by Allah, he expects you to work at it. My third husband was very intelligent, bragged that he was a Mensa member and took a great deal of his identity in his intelligent. But he never worked at it – instead developed alcoholism and laziness at an early age. My IQ probably less than his – but look at what I did with mine, he did nothing with his intelligence and died in disgrace and most pain. I diid write an obituary for him which was most kind. Type Paul Skvaril into the search engine and you sill be able to read it. It served a soothing conclusion to a troubled relationship – when he died we had not seen one another for approximately four years, perhaps five.

I do not indulge in secrets and lies, tell the truth but do not divulge or invade the privacy of those who I am close to. It is only their first names or a nicknames that appears in these blogs. Well, not always true, as Julie Wheelwright can attest- but she needed public exposure due to her mismanagement of the Creative Non Fiction Program at London City University. If one splashes themselves all over the media, as the Sultan, did and does, he is fair game. He wanted and probably wants that today – that was different and he used me to promote Dubai. But it is Goodby Dubai and will provide reliable information in the days to come as to why it will take place. The magic phrase – no diversified economy and the death of tourism and air travel for at least three years.

But onto good cheer from my incredibly funny computer guru. I mentioned in a private email the Royalty may come and visit in San Francisco. Here was his absolutely hilarious response and my hilarious response.
He: Hello Alexis! Yes we’re back! It’s good to hear from you. We’re well rested and fat from crusty bread and soft cheese and sweet, sweet wine. Royalty you say? In San Fran!? Isn’t that against the constitution!? You know what the french did to royalty!
Me: Chris you are making me laugh and laugh and laugh. This branch of Royalty does not wear A 🤴 crown and did not say: “ Let them eat cake,” which, by the , something that Marie ie Antoinette never said. Hahaha . So may be safe.

So there is hope in the midst of this mess and here is one example. Received a call from Walgreen’s on Gough Street, by a man asked how I was doing and my experiences with my prescriptions. I was so appreciative and told him so. I have a wondrous PCP who I turn to constantly but as I joke:
Me: I take so many pills every day, I rattle.
He: That is so funny.
Me: I so appreciate your pharmacist who consult with me about medicines prescribes by other physicians. – in an interesting way, one saved my life. I could have died if I took the medication this woman prescribed – but did not due to her helpfulness. My doctors did confirm that it was true.

Will write about the details of this in a blog to come but do want to be positive today.

This so funny. Went into my precious Chase Bank and a wonderful man walked up to me and said:
He: Hello Alexis
Me: Gosh, you remember my name! I am so impressed!! Look at my shirt!
He: Well that did give me a clue.
Me: You make me laugh! My y friend from high school and Uni sent it to me. Many people who see it know it is paraphernalia from Schitt’s Creek, that comedy from Canada. I am a Canadian by birth. So many absolutely love the program.

It was a strange day as a MRI was scheduled.. Walked in with a scarf for a face mask as I cannot breathe in those paper things and to have a MRI when you cannot breathe would be impossible. They insisted and did somewhat loose my temper at the stupidity of it all but just cancelled the appointment. Damn I might have died having a claustrophobic MRI when I could not breathe. But it was cancelled, called Personal Driver and off we sped to get batteries for all of my watches. Things open in Marin – not this stupid San Francisco. Then to Phiilyss Burgers in San Anselmo for a gloriously delicious rare hamburger, the vest ever. One cannot get a rare hamburger in London, nor in Vancouver. It seemed as if the USA is saying to me.
They: Welcome home Alexis
Me: Great to be here again Np more grey slabs of meet! Juicy stud.

Only problem was – dribbled on my skirt but it is washable.

The photograph is one purchased in Vancouver from VAG. It is of a grain elevator in Saskatchewan. Remember that saying? You have come a long way baby? Well I have, and perhaps may go a long way further.

I remain upbeat but it is because I am surrounded by love – so much love. Who could help but be upbeat under these circumstances. The blog tomorrow and the next day will not be upbeat as I criticize How Biden, his ridiculous campaign but promise to be funny. Also some thoughts about the reportage of deaths from the virus – I hate stupidity and the yellow journalism with more examples from SF Gate!

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