If Compelling Eyes Go For It; A Most Unusual Day; Conversing With Many Members of the Qatar Royal Family and Friends; A Delightful Radio Interview in Pyjamas; Mayhem Defined; Life For You Alexis Is Like an Amusement Park; Face With Rashf Compelling Eyes Go For It; A Most Unusual Day; Conversing With Many Members of the Qatar Royal Family and Friends; A Delightful Radio Interview in Pyjamas; Mayhem Defined; Life For You Alexis Is Like an Amusement Park; Face With Rash

I again awoke to an email from CPI, had told her about meeting a new neighbour in the hallway but it was impossible to see what he looked like because of his face mask. She had an answer which sent me into gales of laughter.
She: If Alex has compelling eyes, go for it!
Me; You make me laugh! In these troubled times it is difficult to go for it. I suppose I could take out the garbage ten times a day – that was were he was headed when we ran into one another. I suppose we could get to know one another sitting six feet from one another in the hallway but somehow that does not seem very romantic.
She: Do I detect a small change of attitude in that staying in is boring instead of comforting
Me: My yesterday was far from boring, although I was in all day. I will describe the day on my blog.
She: The downside is that the U.S. numbers are becoming frightening – think even I would be wiping everything down and sanitizing the way my mother always did.
Me: I do not keep track of the numbers, panic only makes matters worse. I do not have to wipe everything down as I only out about once a week for groceries and the droplets die in a day or less. Tomorrow is doctor day so it is off to Marin, also to do needed chores. Things there not in a panic mode. It seems normal there except for the face masks. Personal Driver and myself shall probably lunch on the patio at Andy’s Market again.

Here was my unbelievable yesterday. It began in the typical fashion, waking up and blogging from bed. But then it turned exciting with many calls from Charlene and setting up a virtual studio for the interview. Ended up using my phone rather than a computer hook up and it worked just fine.

Sometime in the early afternoon the phone rang – it was Alix Regina, my Qatar princess calling to chat. But this time it was different with scores of adolescents joining in – did not count but at least ten or twelve. Some were members of the Royal Family – one could tell by their last name. There were both boys and girls and some kept telling me I was beautiful.
Me: I do not think I am but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
It was mayhem however. They somehow were able to join Arabic music and invited me dance.
They: Granny Alexis Dance.
Me: No thanks but it is great music – never heard anything like that before.
By the way mayhem , a perfect word meaning chaos, disorder, confusion, havoc, bedlam, pandemonium, tumult, uproar, turmoil, madness, madhouse, hullabaloo, all hell broken loose, wild disarray, disorganization, maelstrom, trouble, disturbance, commotion, riot, anarchy, destruction, violence.

At some point in the conversation I spoke of my blog – one young woman asked me to spell my name and she found it. I do hope they read it – I had thought that Alix Regina did but she had not. Hoping that they read it to get an idea of a different way of living their life – not just shopping, riding around in cars and waiting for some man to marry them.

The mayhem increased and one or two became quite rude to me. I told them to treat me with respect and eventually ended the chat. They kept calling back. I spoke to Alix Regina – she said that she wanted all of her friends to meet me. I told he that was fine but it turned into chaos. The phone kept ringing , did not answer and declined chat. But it was constant. I needed peace and quiet to prepare myself for the interview. So I deleted the App, remembering how to do that on my Apple phone. It was interesting and for awhile fun. I have strong feelings for Alix Regina but need a more private way to communicate with her.
Royal Arab Families are raised with no discipline. Nannies provide caretaking, there is no father figure as fathers have more than one wife. Nannies cannot discipline because the children can have them fired. I am not alone in this observation, it was discussed when in London and Dubai. They could definitely use a strict Granny, I am capable of assuming that role but do not live in Dubai or Qatar —cannot even travel there these days.

So then had a bath with my rubber ducky which calmed me down – did some thinking and prepared my self for the moment of truth – the interview with Charlene. Decided a chair in the bathroom the best place with the door clothes so less ambient noise. Had my pyjamas on, no make up and my hair a slight mess – after all – it is radio. What I did not realize was that there is a video portion so there I was in the bathroom, in my pyjamas being interviewed. Laugh at the thought of it. But the interview went very, very well with Charlene asking thoughtful and sensitive questions. She spoke – her message was inspirational and most thoughtful. The good news is that there was just my head so one could not see my pyjamas – glasses hid much of the rash found on my face., my hair did not look that bad.

What an adventurous life I lead even in solitary confinement. Much of the interesting aspect are the result of the blog but not altogether – my sense of humour and compassion can be like a magnet to good people. Today is going to be a rather dull day. The only planned event is a telephone conversation with my financial planner. He said of me: “Life for you Alexis is like an amusement park.” He is so right on but it was not always like this. No indeed.

The photograph shows the front of my hairdo including my face with the rash.

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