Strange Day; Sharing an Email Conversation with CPI; A Sexy Laugh; Introvert and Extrovert Defined; Lazy But Happy on My Self Isolated Birthday 

I awoke to a message which announced that Alexis McBride’s 69th birthday is tomorrow. Huh? Where did that come from and they did get it wrong. EXCUSE ME, I am going to be 77. I did enjoy being 69 when people queried about my age. 
They: How old are you? 
Me: I will give you a hint. It is a sexual position. 
They: Really??? 
Me; Yes. I am 69
Another email there for the taking was one from CPI. I had emailed her  complaining that she had let me down and not provided me with vital information. I do rely on her for research and information and usually she is fantastic. By the way, I did ask her if she was bothered by my inclusion of her words on my blog. She did say that she did not mind as long as she remains anonymous. As any reader, even a casual one, will note, she does remain anonymous.  . 
She: Must start working on intuition skills, especially important when looking for something that isn’t there like High Court proceedings and decisions. But you seem to find things on your own!.
It probably won’t be easy to regain a sense of freedom and of course nothing is forcing us into the outside world.  Easy for an introvert to say I can hear you thinking, especially after eight or is it nine? weeks.  However, I think it’s going to be especially important to regain a sense of time, a sense that each day is not the same.  Sun up, sun down (maybe).  I was almost beginning to wish I had a job and that’s a first since retirement.  Wrong time to look.  Would settle for a really good hamburger.  And you have a celebration tomorrow! 
Me: You either have intuition of you don’t, it is not learned skill, it is inherited I think. I have it, so sayeth the Ink Blot test, So the Australian 60 minutes program on ROD said that the High Court findings were blocked in Dubai but I cannot exactly see how that is possible. One either has wi-fi access or not – who knows? And they did not mention the YouTube by the Crown Prince called Royal Misery which seemed to rebuke his father. The program said that the UN would be doing an investigation of the Ruler of Dubai. 
I do totally agree with you that it won’t be easy rejoining the world. Who ever would have thought that I would be saying that as I am definitely NOT an introvert – I am Ms. Extrovert and have been so all of my life. I have no desire to return to the world of work. There is nothing or nobody saying that I have to emerge from self isolation. Personal Driver takes me to my doctor appointments and grocery shopping once a week. I can continue this indefinitely. Now admittedly there are no men in my life, but that is probably a good idea. I can fantasies over the Crown Prince and his numerous YouTube presentations, that does not hurt anyone, much less him as he is big on numbers. Fortunately self isolation has had no impact at all on my sense of humour. I think it is impossible to get a really good hamburger in Vancouver as it is impossible to get a rare hamburger in your country and that is how I like my hamburgers.
Speaking of the Sultan ( aka the Crown Prince of Duba aka Fazza), occasionally in one of his YouTubes you can hear him laugh. He has the sexiest laugh. Now I have the loudest laugh – loudest laugh in London, loudest laugh in Vancouver and now the loudest laugh in San Francisco. But my laugh is not sexy, in my humble opinion.  
Perhaps it might be a good idea to define introvert at this moment. a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. The opposite is an extrovert:a person predominantly concerned with external things or objective considerations. Its synonyms are: outgoing person, sociable person, life and soul of the party, socializer, mixer, mingler, social butterfly, socialite, party animal. I have been a social butterfly and a party animal for most of my life. My contentment with this isolation is most unusual and unexpected. When I emerge for weekly grocery shopping I become most outgoing and a mingler but have no desire to be out there.  
It is now the next day, the day of my birthday – so I am now 77, no matter what my computer tells me. I am in a totally lazy state of mind., happy but no energy whatsoever. It is rather difficult to believe that in two days this will be all over. The YMCA sent an email describing what they will be doing when they open up, it was most reassuring. But does that mean I will have to force myself to exercise again? I was enjoying not exercising. This isolation has me thinking that I was acting  as if I was 40 in so many ways including the ages of the men in my life. There is no left knee pain – the scheduled knee replacement surgery did not take place because of the pandemic. There was pain when I was active but not now. I put the scheduled surgery off until November to be sure that this mess would be over with but I perhaps it is not necessary as I have no desire to be hiking on Mt, Tam or other foolishness. 
This shall be a short blog – blogging on one’s birthday does seem a bit excessive. I awoke to Happy Birthday emails from CPI and cousin Gail. 

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