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I woke up to an utterly amusing email – I awoke at 11 am – if there was an Olympic Medal for sleeping I would get the Gold, no doubt about that. It is the result of self isolation. Pessimists would say that I am sleeping because I have the virus but it is not so. Pessimists are also defeatist fatalist, prophet of doom, cynic, doomsayer, doomster, Cassandra; skeptic, doubter, doubting Thomas; misery, miserablist, killjoy, Job’s comforter; informal doom (and gloom) merchant, wet blanket, Chicken Little, gloomy Gus. ANTONYMS optimist, Pollyanna. I am not a killjoy or a prophet of doom or a doomsayer. None of the above. So this was the email read upon awakening:
They: Hey don’t be rude wenchx Chris and Clairexx
Me: I love being called wench

The arcane definition of wench is prostitute! Its origins are: Middle English: abbreviation of obsolete wenchel‘child, servant, prostitute’; perhaps related to Old English wancol‘unsteady, inconstant’. Now a fatalist, a Gloomy Gus or wet blanket would say that Chris and Claire were insulting me. But OF COURSE they are not – they are showing their affection for me. Oh, by the way, x in the UK is the same as xoxoxo In Canada and the United States. Different strokes for different folks (hahaha).

Two or three streams of thoughts emerge and shall be explored. I spoke to Wise Man the other day about the blog.
Me: The blog utterly changed my life. No multibillionaires would have crossed my path for example. But people get it for nothing. They do not, (nor cannot actually) respond.
He: But Alexis, people that read your blog have to think. You, in your own way, require them to do so.
Me: How interesting! What a good thing to say! You are worth the big bucks I pay you. Hahahaha

The fascinating thing is this. Many people, I am sure, who read the blog, know me and have my email address. They could send me an email, and I would respond. But, at this moment, only CPI and myself are in correspondence. Her opinions and information are valued and often communicated and she does helpful research for me on her own initiative. Of course, Chris(blog master) and his wife Claire read and comment and call me a wench. I also know that men formerly, but no longer in my life, read the blog. So it is a unique experience and does inspire me to write a book about it all. Often people important in my life on a day to day basis do not read the blog. Personal Driver does not read the blog, Hottie, my personal trainer in Vancouver did not read the blog, We trained outside three times a week and formed a very close connection Triple C (David Lall, Concierge at the Trump in Vancouver did not read the blog, He was HUGE in my life during my four month stay at the Trump International Hotel and Tower. He was so funny:
He: Why should I read the blog? I am in the movie.
Me: Who is going to play you though? You are not handsome enough to play yourself.

Now, the strangest of people do read (or have read the blog). Who? The Sultan (aka Fazza, aka The Crown Prince of Dubai) How do I know this? I first spied him in the hotel lobby of my hotel, approached him, telling him he was the most handsome man I had ever seen and flashed my blog upon him. Two days later he approached me in the hotel lobby and said:
He: Hello! It is me the Sultan.
Me: I know! No one has eyes like you. I wrote about you on my blog. I will read it to you.

I proceeded to do so, blushing when I read that I volunteered to be his London wife. But it took me perhaps months to realize that he had already read it – that is why he said: “Its me the Sultan. I am laughing. He is the Master of Indirect Communication with his Flirtation Fazza Network., as I call it. But I am convinced that this video is directed at me, and I can believe what I want to as it is not hurting anyone. https://youtu.be/At9VlGhYB-Y There is no direct evidence and the date is in Arabic so it could be that he had not met me when the video was made. I do laugh.

Do not worry, I am fine. I feel most loved, not in the traditional way when women, particularly women are loved for the role they play in someone’s life – loved because they are mothers, wives, grandmothers, aunts etc. etc. I have none of those roles, no one and it is by choice. Now I have been called Granny Alexis by multiple members of the Royal Family of Dubai and the screen saver is a photograph of Alexis and a Princess of the Royal Family of Dubai – it truly is. It will not be shown as I feel an obligation to protect her privacy. We are not in direct contact with one another any longer but Wise Man predicts that the family will come to me at some time in the future. It definitely is not looking very promising at the moment, what with the virus, air travel all but shut down and the continuing existence of the Ruler of Dubai, who does not exactly promote the education and freedom of his female children. Perhaps it is time to switch my allegiance to another Crown Prince – the one seen in the attached link. It is a joyous celebration, made in the times when one could get together and celebrate. The video is marred only briefly by the brief appearance of the Ruler of Dubai. Mar is a verb: impair the appearance of; disfigure. Proper synonyms are: impair, disfigure, detract from, blemish, scar; mutilate, deface, deform. ANTONYMS enhance. So the ROD does somewhat blemish the grandness of the righteously proud UAE but I have every faith that Allah will find a remedy. The link: https://youtu.be/OSkUD7S_WSs

The photograph is the unicorn given to me my the Royal Family of Dubai on New Year’s Eve of 2019. It is offered to those pessimists that doubt my truths. Jealous women will be a topic to be explored in a later blog. Much wisdom from Wise Man about them and their ilk. Ilk is such a nice short word with synonyms of greater length: sort, class, category, group, set, breed, strain, bracket, genre, make, model, kind, brand, vintage, stamp, style, family, variety.

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