The Day Yawns Before Me; A Wedding to Which I Was Not Invited; Ramadan Defined and Recognized; Birthday of 2018’ Brief and Intense Preferred; Memorial Service

I awoke, thinking of that phrase; the day yawns before me. I have no plans for the day and do not feel like making any – talk about being lazy. One thing that can motivate me is to make a list, and upon completion of a task it gets crossed out. But, too lazy to even make the list. There is a task to adhere to, for some reason the fobs on the keys to the apartment have to be replaced – it is some sort of emergency, So I shall have to get dressed – get out of my pyjamas, what a pain!

So this is most amusing. I did a google search for some reason – there was a category called Joo Kim Tiah Wife, I clicked on it. What did I find there? No news of the wife, anyway on the first page BUT one of my blogs, no idea how it got there. His name is mentioned in the blog but that should not have triggered anything. Oh, life is strange. But then, on a Facebook page was news of his marriage that took place in Malaysia on November 19, 2019. Why was I not invited? I was in London at the time and could have easily jumped on an Air Emeritus flight and be there within hours. I am laughing – that was the London trip when I met the Sultan (aka Fazza, aka Crown Prince of Dubai). Perhaps he could have escorted me to the festivities. I am laughing. The wedding was a grand affair according to the video and Joo Kim looked most happy. He has been saying that it was time for him to get married for years and years. First made mention in an interview on 2010 and then in August of 2017 another announcement in two posh Vancouver magazines. We were in correspondence at the time.
Me: It is good that you are in Malaysia right not – if you were here women would be liming up to find you and blocking traffic.
Cannot remember if he responded to this. It is his destiny to marry and produce a heir – he is the eldest son in a family characterized by great wealth – multibillions. Wise Man and I were speaking of the characteristics found in families of great wealth. It is his learned theory that they are riddled with secrets and lies. Ordinary folk would find it most difficult to navigate in those waters. Indeed difficulties were encountered in my interactions with the Royal Family of Dubai. Watching Elizabeth, the Golden Age on Netflix with all of the intrigue, secret and lies that were prevalent. There was an excellent observation made by one man:”That is the problem with secrets, you never know who the traitor is until the game ends.”

But back to ordinary lives. I ventured from my apartment yesterday. Personal Driver collected me and it was off to Marin for an appointment and then to the bank and major grocery shopping. Personal Driver is not working at this time for two reasons: the pandemic and Ramadan so we drove in his regular car, not the Yellow Cab. Ramadan is
the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to sunset. The origin of the word is rom Arabic ramaḍān, from ramaḍa ‘be hot’. The lunar reckoning of the Muslim calendar brings the fast eleven days earlier each year, eventually causing Ramadan to occur in any season; originally it was supposed to be in one of the hot months. He is happy to report that there are only two more days to go. The end of Ramadan is usually a time of feasts and merriment – not possible in these times.
I am about to be totally pampered and nurtured by Personal Driver’s wife and daughter. They are going to cook for my birthday and Personal Driver will bring the delicious food to me. They are the sweetest family in the earth.

The other day, in the Related Story section of a recent blog I was reading about my 2018 birthday, spent in Edmonton and in Vancouver. It was most amusing because I was madly in love with this man. We were texting at breakfast in the Hotel McDonald. Other customers were having power breakfasts (business meetings). My ‘conversation’ was, quite frankly, slightly pornographic. He was at an oil rig off the coast of Turkey (he said). I cannot now recall his name. He did end up being a catfish. I was not broken hearted and, of course, did not give him any money. The plan was to live in Belgium, as I recall, so I did learn a lot about Brussels, which I have never visited. He spoke Dutch apparently. But was most fun reading about those times, a mere two years ago. Nothing is remotely the same in my life of today. I had gone to Edmonton to attend an alumni memorial service held in memory of alumni who had died in 2017-2018. I was there to honour ‘Wished For Dad” It was most moving and healing. I was certainly glad I made the trip. I was gifted with an Alumni blanket that sits on top of my bookcase in plain sight. Nestled in the bookcase is the booklet of the service and will be pictured with this blog.

So the man, who I apparently was planning to wed at some point, never materialized. There has been many men in my life in the days, weeks, months and years following April of 2016. Most have been long distance relationships or turned into long distance relationships. Wise Man provided the following insight:
He: Your relationships are brief and intense. If you had a choice would you prefer a brief intense relationship or a long lasting smooth one with little intensity.
Me: Brief and Intense of course.
He: I knew it!
Me; You read my mind! Hahaha

I am between men at the present moment during lockdown. I was walking through the garage to meet Personal Driver yesterday and I spotted a man, a resident getting out of his car. I began to talk to him and, in all honest, flirt with him. It was an involuntary response. In other words: reflexive, automatic, knee-jerk, mechanical, unconditioned; spontaneous, instinctive, instinctual, impulsive, unconscious, unthinking; unintentional, unintended, unplanned, inadvertent, uncontrolled, uncontrollable.

When I reached the car I was laughing at myself and told Personal Driver of the encounter. He laughed in delight as well. It would not be any fun to be a dull old married lady again. I do laugh, ANTO

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