Difficult to Remain Upbeat in These Troubled Times.; Resiliency Defined: Suggestions to Confinement of Coronavirus Suggest but Probably Not Taken; End Of a Relationship; Zombie Defined; An Interesting Proposal; Change of Bunny Name

On Monday I emerged from my apartment for the first time in a week, had not even gone out the door to take out the garbage. Talk about shut down, stay home and self quarantine!. I remained cheerful and could not believe my resiliency She displayed an indomitable resilience in the face of misfortune: strength, toughness, hardiness; strength of character, adaptability buoyancy, flexibility, ability to bounce back; informal bouncebackability. ANTONYMS vulnerability, weakness. Used in a sentence: She displayed an indomitable residence in the face of misfortune A great deal if my time was spent learning about the coronavirus and passing on this information through the blog. But then, to go out in public and see the ridiculous and stupid things that people were doing. It is not that the people are stupid which is having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense: I was stupid enough to think she was perfect | how could she be so stupid? | that is such a stupid question.. But they are uninformed and driven by fear. Uninformed: not having or showing awareness or understanding of the facts:. Its synonyms are: uneducated, unknowledgeable, untaught, unlearned, unread, ignorant. ANTONYMS enlightened.

People rush around with face masks – they are to be reserved for those with the disease and unless uncontaminated merely provide a surface for the droplets. Solution? Pass a law making it a crime to wear a face mask without having the disease and assign its enforceability to the police. Offenders will be given a ticket, fined, and must immediately relinquish the mask.

Then people hoard – it was impossible to get liquid soap in Lucky’s yesterday and my local store has a sign that says that only one container can be purchased. A law needs to be passed prohibiting hoarding with powers of enforcement by the police with the ability to obtain search warrants. The hoarded items returned to the shelves of the stores. The USE recently passed a law. “The President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has approved Federal Law No. 3 of 2020 regarding the regulation of the strategic stock of food commodities in the country, which is aimed at organising the food supplies in the event of crises, emergencies and disasters, as well as achieving food sustainability.The law, whose provisions apply to the supplier and the registered merchant, outlined several obligations to implement its procedures. It also specifies the powers of the Ministry of Economy to implement the provisions of the law.”
So those UAE people know how to do things, well sometimes anyway. It is painful to admit, she said laughingly.

CPI has this interesting tale of woe. So (re)opening another front?
She: My husband has a cousin who has OCD which we have always known but now …. All groceries are delivered (of course) but she washes any cans three times, enough so all the labels come off and she has to use markers to identify the contents. Rather takes away the fun.
Me: I find those people amusing that have their groceries ordered as the virus stays alive the longest on cardboard. The messenger who bring the stuff are Thyroid Marys rushing around with the viruses oozing out of the trunks of their cars. Do you not love that image?

In another email CPI mentioned:
She: And I’m done with company ads telling me “how we’re all in this together”. Otherwise still well.
Me: I agree, we are doing nothing for you, no services or anything but it is because we are concerned about your health. And there is no way to return the emails so one cannot say: Thanks Honey But No Thanks.

In another she mentioned chicken pox parties, in days of old when we were both young
Me: Hi, I am thinking that chicken pox parties might be a solution. Get everybody together in a big event and get it all over with. As you can see too much time on my hands. .
She: Anti-vaccers welcome. No gifts, just bring yourself – suitably exposed.
Me: So some people would die, some people would recover, some would be immune but at least it would be over with. Huge trucks with musicians, all the technology for a wild and crazy party. Then in a few days bring in the trucks with medical personal and morgues. It would definitely have to be a wild and crazy party with nudity and all. People would be dying to come. I do have a sick sense of humour.

Personal Driver just called, we talk on the phone once a day- he is my only telephone contact. We talked about yesterday and our observations.
Me: Most people are like zombies – that is such a good word. Weird, distracted and desperate. There are two or three good fun people but most are zombies, “a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings.” Tracey remarked that the five or six men dressed policeman who attacked me on August 18,2019 were like zombies, and they were. I wrote of that experience when in London in November of 2019. I felt safe there and needed to tell of the horrors of that evening – it veracity proven by the bruises on my body witnessed by my Internist of 40 years and another man. But I was resilient, went on to have right knee replacement as scheduled, then got better, so quickly, better than anyone known to men and beast. Now on hold, but to coronavirus and a decision to go to London and Dubai rather than have the surgery immediately. It seems that it was a necessary trip and Wise Man agrees.

It is interesting when a relationship ends, I have terminated more than one, what a track record. I have not missed, or mourned the man/men when I walked away. But I missed the dream, that one has in the beginning of a relationship. A dream that this will be different, that all will be well, will be magnificent. But I always go on with hope in my heart and, lo and behold, another comes along. A man better than the before, but I fear the apex has been reached. Well, perhaps no? ! The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi he is riche than his predecessor,, appropriately older and such a good man. He has one wife who bore him nine children – I did not have any children on purpose. I am sure that she is a good woman, as is the Senior Wife of the Ruler of Dubai, whom I met in a hotel in London. She bore him 12 children but somehow that was not enough for him and he accumulated more wives and children. The Islamic faith, which I studied and explored on this blog, allows for polygamy in certain situations that could easily be met. I am SUCH a brat.

Yesterday, met and overcome, a major problem. I had no mail delivery for months but it finally is worked out. My address is not on Octavia but on Laguna – this is a strange building designed by an architect who usually designs rat mazes, it seems. So my address is 400 Laguna #364 San Francisco. Write me if you choose. I cannot be reached on the blog although it looks like one can. Did that on purpose and it is most wise. I shall not accept any marriage proposals. Hahahah. I have had five, I think, since April of 2016 – none did not work out. The last one in January of 2020. It is true, I always tell the truth but sometimes I exaggerate but not in this case.

I am including a picture of PUN, my bunny, which stands for Pink Ugly Nose. That is his original name – then changed to Fazza the First but back again to PUN. He seems most content as you can see.
There is also a photograph of supplies acquired yesterday when shopping with Personal Driver. I shall place these stickers on my globe showing each country that reads my blog. A photo of the glove included in a later blog. All Praise to Allah.

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