Bad News From Malaysia; Facts From the New Yorker; I am a Dragon Slayer; An Interview With An Amazing Man, Anthony Fauci; No Jokes as I am in a Bad Mood; But A Funny Card or Two

Malaysia has the highest rate of the coronavirus in Southeast Asia and is on lock down until April 28, 2020. People can only go outside to get groceries or go to health care. Why doI care? Well, Alix Residences is never going to get completed at this rate and I will never be able to go and get a drink at the Brazen Bar and do my stand up comedy charity routine in the Alix Theatre. This virus is getting on my nerves. It is ruining my life., well not exactly! I have the best of company in my self isolation. ME, and I am quite enjoying my own company! So there! So there! So there! Not left my apartment in a week. The grocery situation is getting a bit serious so tomorrow it will be out and about. But there are no live coronaviruses in this place as they could not have survived on any surface for that period of time. It does pay to be educated and read as one’s panic does not reach epic proportions.

I sent an email to a man very recently, with the following subject line:
Me: Your mother may be Dragon Lady but I am a Proven Dragon Slayer. It has been proved very recently that I am a dragon slayer.
He: No response, but that his so typical of him.

A fascinating article from The New Yorker, the reliable source of facts and the news. This article, an interview, written by Michael Spector on April 10, 2020. So, this from an article about THE leading immunologist Dr, Anthony Fauci. “For most of human history, a virus like covid-19 might have killed many people in the community where it originated, but then stopped spreading. According to a comprehensive analysis carried out by the Times, at least four hundred and thirty thousand people have arrived in the U.S. on direct flights from China since the outbreak began. Forty thousand have arrived in the two months since Trump imposed restrictions on travellers from China trying to enter the country.”

I got out of Dubai twelve days before the first case was reported, a Chinese grandmother. If I recall correctly the virus came to North America via Seattle, a woman from China and the State of Washington authorities, Ineptly and criminally, dealt with the situation and are responsible for the mess this country is in. God have mercy on their souls.

What makes it SO irritating is those politically correct individuals. Trump said it was a “Chinese virus” and people criticized him for this. For once, he got his facts straight – it. Is a Chinese virus. It originated there and it spread all over the world. So there is a solution but no one is listening to this brilliant man, not Trump but Dr. Fauci

“Fauci insists that an adequate defence against future pandemics will have to be flexible. “I have been saying for eight, ten years that we should make a list of microbes and try to develop a basic platform vaccine,” he told me in 2016. A platform vaccine addresses an entire class of virus, not just a particular strain. “We keep trying to develop a vaccine for one thing—usually the last one—and it’s a waste of time,” he said. “Every time we get hit, it is always something we didn’t expect. So, instead of predetermining what it is you’re going to prepare for, make universal platforms. Such an approach is eminently possible. Using gene-sequence information and synthetic DNA, biologists are now capable of making parts of a vaccine in advance.” The article went on to say:
“The covid-19 epidemic will eventually fade, but the public will demand a reckoning. Inevitably, there will be an investigation, along the lines of the 9/11 Commission, to look into the ramifications of the President’s denialism, the shortages in testing and medical equipment, and the dismissal of so many warning signs. Fauci will not necessarily escape criticism. He is an excellent spokesman for the value of scientific research, but he runs a single institute, and he lacks the authority to broadly reshape our response to pandemics. “The kinds of things we really desperately need as foundational tools for dealing with this stuff aren’t necessarily research enterprises,” Harold Varmus told me. “Tony isn’t running C.D.C. He’s not running fema. To tell him to stockpile defence mechanisms or to move forward surveillance tools in the massive operations around the world that’s just not his remit.
The link to this article is

Read it yourself. I am not in a good mood at the moment. I love my anger, it is so empowering! If I were told at the beginning of this horror that I would live alone with no contact with anyone for a whole week, I would have said that it would be impossible. However, I shall be forever changed by this experience and shall emerge even stronger. As one man said in a ‘song’ – I met the strongest woman I have ever known. I am even stronger today. There is proof which will be provided that this mess will reveal that it is the Survival of The Fittest. I am most fit, for all sorts of reasons.

A humorous card or two to cheer. Xoxoxoxo Alexis

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