Never, Never Land in These Days of the Coronavirus Panic; But Joy Found at See Saw Seen and the Epicurean Trader; Hot Water Bottle Leak; Mobic prescribed in Dubai and Marin; Help With Printer Hook Up; Photograph of Coffee Purchased Yesterday

To say the very least, life is weird. I ventured out yesterday to walk in my neighbourhood – the streets are deserted, most businesses are shut down, restaurants are closed. I guess people are at home hiding under their beds. I knew there was hope because The Epicurean Trader had sent an email announcing their continuing open hours, promising that they would not shut their doors. And joy upon joy, there was an open coffee dispensary just around the corner from The Epicurean Trader. I walked to my very favourite optical store, they were open and I picked up my new red glasses which were pictured in the last blog. I spoke with people on the street.
Me: This is absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely! There is only a 2% mortality rate, which is nothing.
He: I agree – remember H1V! – the mortality rate was 30%
Me: Yes and remember ebola? There was a 50% death rate.

A temporary emergency just struck. My hot water bottle sprung a leak. Life is hard! Honest to goodness, I did not wet the bed. Oh my life is strange and unusual.

Back to yesterday. I so enjoyed my visit with See Saw Seen – a most wonderful couple and their little girl. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

I told them about meeting the Sultan when I was in London and that he found me rather attractive, even though there is a huge age discrepancy He: 37 Me: 76. I volunteered that if I were ever interviewed about this phenomena I would make the following statement.
Interviewer: To what do you attribute this attraction?
Me: It has to be the glasses purchased at See Saw Seen.
They: (Much laughter,) Good idea!
Me: Then everyone will be rushing in here to get glasses. There will be a line up that goes around the block. You will be able to take an early retirement.
They: Great! We would like to retire early.

Honest to goodness, that conversation took place. Then it was off to the original destination. The Epicurean Trader.
Me: You guys are wonderful. Your email brought such joy and I even replied and thanked you all.
So a fantastic conversation between Alexis McBride and the four or five employees took place.
Me: This is so ridiculous, all of this panic. Stress, panic and worry weakens the immune system, that is a fact.
They: Yes, and so many people are stressed out.
Me; But I am not! I make people laugh and they feel better.
They: You sure do make us laugh!
Me: I am the immune system booster. I will come in every day and make you laugh and your immune system will be boosted. And if there are customers here their immune system will be boosted as well.
They: A brilliant idea.
Me: Now just to be clear! Immune system boosting is different than sex.
They: Much laughter.

So things for me are going to be OK, perhaps better than OK. My doctor was so encouraging. A Dubai doctor prescribed Mobic for the pain and it was most effective.
She: We use that in our practice. I will give you a prescription for it.
Me: How amazing! He was a really good doctor, came to the hotel to see me the next day after my injury and being seen at Rashid Emergency Room.
She: If the pain intensifies just use a walker or a cane to get around,
Me: I have both of those and I will. You have filled me with confidence!

So surgery not until May. If people want to see me, they can come here and see me. It is probably better that way – not that I could go to Dubai these days with the not entirely complimentary comments made on this blog aimed at the Ruler of Dubai.

Other good news. My printer was unpacked but not hooked up. I met this super guy who lives in my apartment building and he set it up for me so now I have a functional printer. He is a really neat guy and handsome but too young – only 29. That would be robbing the cradle. I gave him a copy of my book in thanks and appreciation. I was going to sell In Contemplation and in Conversation: Companionship at the Tate Britain at a book launch on the roof garden of my apartment building. But with no public gathering taking place, this will prove impossible.
The book is self published and I have about 100 copies. Oh well, something will work out I am sure.

That is all folks. I have to go pick up my medication – the Mobic prescribed by a Dubai doctor and my Marin doctor. The photograph is the coffee from yesterday. Look at the beautiful design. Life is good!

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