An Extremely Intelligent Stimulus Plan Article in the New Yorker; A Daring and Inappropriate Suggestion Made to the Crown Prince of Dubai; I am Tuff Says CPI Who ‘Sees’ Me

The March 13, 2020 blog praised the Crown Prince of Dubai on his stimulus plan for the Dubai economy in light of the effect of the coronavirus on the economy. Today I opened my New Yorker email and found an arresting article written by John Cassidy. Its title: What Would a Proper Coronavirus Stimulus Plan Look Like? Now, I do admit that I an not an economist but the suggestions contained in the article are absolutely excellent and much better than any of the stupid ideas that Trump came up with – like suspend the payroll tax. This is what Cassidy proposes; that citizens be given a check to spend in any way they wish.

“Obviously, this proposal would be expensive, but not as expensive as Trump’s idea to suspend the payroll tax for the rest of the year, which would cost, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, about nine hundred and fifty billion dollars. Giving three thousand dollars to two hundred and ten million adult Americans would cost six hundred and thirty billion dollars.”

It is brilliant, it would make people feel that they were in charge of their lives and be thankful to the government for helping them out, which is what governments are supposed to be doing. Trump’s dumb idea would do nothing for all of the people who are not employed. Any fool could see that, but not Trump fool. I do laugh.

Then a second step is proposed: “A second essential element of a proper stimulus is large-scale federal aid for states and municipalities that are dealing with the impact of the virus. There will probably be some of this in the initial spending bill, but far more needs to be done to insure that all Americans can access proper medical treatment if they need it. The quickest and most effective option is to use Medicaid, which already provides health-care coverage to about seventy-one million low-income adults and children, to cover more people.”

There is a third step.” A third economic essential is to prevent a domino-style collapse of the banking system, as businesses and individuals default on their loans wholesale.” The Federal Reserve is seeming to take some steps in this regard. My hero, Elizabeth Warren makes a contribution, in her usual intelligent and forthright manner.

This may involve providing government guarantees for loans that airlines and other stricken businesses have already taken out, or else issuing them new ones. Many smaller firms may need help, too. Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for low- or no-interest loans to be provided for “companies of all sizes that have been negatively affected by coronavirus-related supply chain disruptions, and that will use the money to avoid layoffs and hours reductions.”

All of this so well thought out and so intelligent. I find it somewhat amazing that the Crown Prince of Dubai seems to act alone, but probably not. I am sure he has surrounded himself with competent and able economists. But I am not sure, maybe it is just him. I have no idea.

I have no real idea of the governance of Dubai. But nevertheless I have a brilliant idea. There is no direct way for me to communicate this to the Crown Prince (aka Sultan, aka Fazza) – I have no idea why that is – none at all. The Master of Indirect Communication. So I have no choice but to publicly state my extremely brilliant idea. (Perhaps that is what you want and I have been manipulated, the thought has just occurred to me).

Gather all of your brothers together and meet with your father en masse. This means: in a group; all together. Its synonyms are: as a group, in a body, as one, as a whole, in a mass, wholesale; simultaneously, all at once, at the same time, at one and the same time, at the same instant, at the same moment, contemporaneously; in unison, in concert, in chorus; ANTONYMS singly.

Although though you have siblings and step siblings that are women they do not have to be as one, as a whole, in union and in concert as women have been stripped of their rightful place by the Ruler of Dubai and it is highly unlikely that he would appoint a woman as the Ruler of Dubai. When Pigs Fly, again comes to mind.

So you arrive em masse and you Crown Prince serve as spokesperson.
You: Dad (or whatever you call him) It has been determined that it is best for this country, at this time, that you step down and allow me to ascend to be the Ruler of Dubai. You may choose anyone to take your place as you have that authority, but my brothers have agreed that I should take that role as I have preformed it for so many years and I was instrumental in bringing Expo 2020 to Dubai which will bring happiness and recognition from the world. Your actions, proven by the High Court in the UK have had this repercussion. Women will not attend Expo because of your proven misogyny and therefore Expo will suffer as women make the decisions about where the families go on vacations.
It will be of benefit to Dubai but also to yourself. Allah may look more Kindly toward you on Judgment Day.

Why am I offering this – me an old lady born in Saskatchewan? When living in Vancouver, from 2017 to 2019 , a phrase would constantly echo in my mind, it is biblical. “Not my will, but thine be done.” It is incorporated within the Islamic faith. I do believe that this is Allah’s direction, not mine. It is his will, not mine. I have nothing to gain from this brave suggestion, nothing at all.

That is not entirely true. I could go back and visit Mehak at the Dubai Marriott and recuperate from my knee replacement surgery if the ROD was not in control. See yesterday’s blog and the wonderful email he sent via my blog.

CPI wrote in her email,
She: Know you’re tuff
Me: I do appreciate that you know I am tuff

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