A Strange Morning; A Confession; Conversations with CPI and Charlene Jenkins About the Coronavirus; Apparently Not Man Free as MTA Refused To Go Away And Has Developed A New and Interesting Goal; Wedding Dress By the Bed; Then Late Breaking News Rendering Me Manless Yet Again

This has proven to be a very strange morning. A fantastic sleep waking up about eight which is late. Then, opening emails and finding one from Chris which contained all sorts of emails from people who tried to reach me though the blog but Chris had not forwarded them to me. Fascinating ones, reminding me of people I had met over the past year (or longer). This one was recent, from Dubai:
Greetings of the Day.
I am amazed that you remember me (Pool Reception, Pakistani Employee)
My name is Mehak. It was honor to meet you and thanks to you to share some golden and deep thoughts with me. was there when you got hurt. And I hope you are fine now with good health. I can still hear your voice when you were going and keep saying “I love you” 🙂 touched…
Have a Healthy and prosperous life ahead, my prayers are always with you.

Is not that touching? Yes it is, and I am very touched. I fell when getting into the pool on my bad knee and had to be transported back to my room in a wheelchair, that is what he is referring to. I immediately emailed him back. I emailed all of the people who had tried to reach me. Charlene texted and we had a great conversation which I shall share There was an email from CPI to which I responded and will include some of that conversation on this email as well.

But I must make a confession, otherwise I will keep feeling guilty. The March 13,2020 blog announced that I was Man Free but it ended up that I was not. I had texted RTA saying.
Me: Please go away.
Well, he didn’t and send me this extremely long, extremely funny text, essentially saying that I was stupid – I have this 37 year old guy and instead seem to be preferring to be alone with a vibrator. He said you are 76 but consider yourself lucky, don’t be old and alone. Then he enriched the pot, so to speak, and said that it would be his goal to give me 101 orgasms a week. I about died laughing, honestly I did. Then he provided some details of how he would reach his goal. He is so funny!! He ended:
He: Like I said Balls in your court. I am going to bed now . Let me know your thoughts tomorrow.
Me: !01 in a week? Pretty impressive. I wish I was better at math, but that Is about 15 a day, I think.

Who knows? All I can say is this – it is 0 so far this week. I look at the March 13,2020 Forbidden Men list and he is not forbidden – perhaps prior relationship but we did not really have a relationship, known him since July but not really a relationship. He is not terribly rich, nor terribly handsome, he is not faraway. Do not know if he reads my blogs, I will have to ask him.

I emailed CPI about the situation. RTA refuses to stay away (Textually) – we have not met up in weeks. Turbulence in baking and then car breakdown prevented any get together. But he is SO funny. “It is my goal to give you 101 orgasms a week.” He is not exactly appreciating my fine mind but it is rather fun. It just makes me laugh and he of course, is laughingly saying such silly things. I have this talent apparently – bring joy to certain men’s lives. They lead busy, important, high profile lives but there is no relief, no joy in their lives and then along comes me. I remember emailing one of them
Me: We have such fun. It is like we are two kids in a sandbox playing and I keep stealing all of your toys.
He: That is exactly how it feels. Give me back my toys!
Me: No! This is so funny as you are so incredibly powerful and I stole all of your toys and will not give them back.

But the relationships came to an end. One day I listened to the words of that song Ain’t No Sunshine When She is Gone and cried in sympathy for those guys because I am sure that not one of them have, nor will, not find a replacement.

Incidentally, of the four ‘romantic’ interests in my life since 2016 – only the first was ‘consummated’, that is make (a marriage or relationship) complete by having sexual intercourse. A fist bump is not sexual intercourse. Hahahaha. I am laughing so hard!

But back to my morning. I met Charlene Jenkins in Las Vegas, she is one of the people who had emailed my blog – I emailed back, then she texted.
She: Hi Alexis how are you doing? Continue to take good care of yourself during this crazy coronavirus!! Luv u
Me: Great to hear from you!! I am taking care in preparation for left knee replacement surgery. The coronavirus craziness is crazy. Only 2% fatality rate.
She: I totally agree. So much hype! People are stressing out for nothing!
Me: Exactly, fed by the media. The media is so irresponsible and people are so stupid, particularly ones that watch television all day.
She: That is what I keep telling people! Turn off the TV. They’ll make themselves sick just from worrying about a virus that may never come near them. It is crazy!!!
Me: I think it might come near them but just get it and get it over with, not me as I need my surgery.
She: Totally agree!
Me: Putting this conversation on my blog of today.
She: I’ll def be reading

So what a morning with such a wonderful array of people in my life. A Pakistani employee of the Dubai Marriott, a conversation with high school and Uni friend, CPI, a conversation with a fascinating black woman from Baltimore, met July in Las Vegas and the greatest bargain, a text from a 37 year old whose goal is to give me 101 orgasms a week. What a life! Who Could Complain? I am laughing so hard.

The photograph is a corner of my bedroom. When in Vancouver I bought this wedding dress for five dollars from My Sister’s Closet, brought it to my Vancouver apartment and hung it above the bed. So some guy comes over hoping to jump in bed, sees the wedding dress and recoils in horror. It is very funny. Well I got all of my Vancouver stuff and now it hangs in the corner. No idea what effect it may have on the 101 orgasms a week guy.

Late breaking news! 101 Orgasm guy said to me a few minutes ago.
He: Please go away. You are too hot and cold.
Me: Perhaps, but that is in reaction to your hot and cold. You come on strong and then you disappear – you have done that three times. But then you come running back and the whole cycle repeats itself. You are practicing projection. I am old and had too many years of therapy. Hahahaha
Me: Now you may be throwing me back in the arms of the other guy. And if you think you and I run hot and cold, you should see him. He is a MASTER of hot and cold. He comes on super strong and then when you say yes, then he runs away again. The cycle is so repetitive – probably perhaps ten times.

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