An Interesting Email from My Computer Guru; Bravery In Action; Tales of Yesterday; March Man; See You Around But Then I Found a Love. A Lawyer for Dubai

My usual practice is to write the blog, email it,to my computer guru in London who then posts it. When he received the Blog of March 1, 2020 he wrote:

He: Gosh do be careful mate! Xxx.

I wrote back immediately.
Me: I love you but I have to be brave, otherwise what is all this about!! I am weeping as I write. All of this fame and attention has to be for a purpose, my love’ It does. I speak out – no one does and you enable me to do so. My love life is quite interesting and that involves many and all – but there has to be a higher purpose. And perhaps this is it? I do not think you can kill a public figure as I have become with your consistent and incredible assistance. I am so incredibly brave! I weep inconsolably So wonderful to get your email and know that it is posted. I will take a deep breath before I read it. It will remain posted, I will NEVER have you remove it. . XXxxxxx Alexis

Then I, somewhat accidentally, found out that it is illicit for an unmarried couple to stay in a hotel room in Dubai and can be punishable by jail or by deportation. I am not sure if the law is stridently enforced but it exists. It is a good thing that I did not bring any of my boyfriends with me when I went to Dubai in January. I am laughing at this point. Today I did receive a favourable reply from my inquiry into staying there to recuperate from my knee replacement surgery. I was thinking of, and actually did, ask some men formerly in my life to come and aid in my recuperation. But I guess it is not going to work – we would have to separate room and what would be the point of that?? I do laugh. So I guess I will have to go alone. Oh well!

Dubai has some rather strange rules and regulations, if you ask me. I do think they need a good lawyer to help them draft policies that make sense, are fair and include due process. I could do it – I am most good at being a lawyer. I think I could do it and still write, my writing the most important thing to me.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I was feeling depressed but Personal Driver gave me a ride to the T Mobile store so that I could give them my new credit card number – the link was not working. Then I spoiled myself, going to the Rotunda for lunch, my favourite place. It has replaced the Rex Whistler, located in th Tate Britain in London, England. Then to Saks to have Ricky do my makeup again. Then to the Saint Races, looking most beautiful, if I do say so myself. I have been there for months and months. A bartender said:
He: I remember you!
Me: Oh my goodness!! I have not been here in months and months and months and then only once.

The cheese plate came home with me and was dinner as I watched Cable Girls. Woke up in a strange mood and out of sorts but Personal Driver drove me to Starbucks and then it was a short walk to the Embarcadero YMCA. I soon cheered up and may have met two candidates for March Man, one more promising than the other. March Man One (hereinafter MMO) was approached with the idea.
He: That is a rather interesting proposition.
Me: Very interesting actually.

We had so much fun together laughing and joking. He was in the same pool have a lesson while I attended water aerobics. He left before the conclusion of my class but I said to him.
Me: I am so well disciplined. I paid attention to my class rather than gaze at you.
He: I was impressed! You were being a very good girl.
Me: Thank you!
He strode off, saying as he left.
He: See you around!
Me: I hope so.

What makes this so funny and unbelievable is that the last words the Sultan said to me on the second floor of the London hotel in November of 2019. .
He: See you around!

But that was the last time I saw him in person. How very unusual!

A certain person has lost favour but it could be returned if a certain policy is altered or obliterated.

But the strangest thing is happening to me. The words of a certain song keep spinning in my mind. It is one from the Fazza network. It is downright eerie. The name of the song is I Found A Love. I just found it on YouTube – it is so strange. Why is that song playing in my mind, over and over and over again? Does not make any sense at all. .

I have such a feeling of peace after going off of Instagram – it was a horrible addiction come to think of it. I feel free and cantered , sometimes a bit bored but I shall find a substitute – like reading books for instance, or writing more, or being with real live people.

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