Rewrite the Star; Excuse Me; More Serious Stuff; More Research on the Situation in Dubai and the Virus Reveals Troubling Restrictions Which Could Lead to the Suppression of the Truth and Cause the Spread of the Virus.

So on YouTube there is video called Rewrite the Star on the Fazza Network. It is all very romantic, full of yearning and longing and misery. He is missing someone and so wants to see the individual, it is not clear if it is a man or a woman. But this I wrote in the Public Comment.

But you can fly anywhere??????? At any time because you have a private jet and Emeritus Airlines. Huh? And Besides I cannot recall seeing you when I was in London or in Dubai. I guess I have a poor memory .

This is called sass – pure sass and confrontation.

A recent foray into Junk Mail revealed an interesting article which had not been viewed. Fascinating information on the virus.

“A “wet market” in Wuhan, China, is catching the blame as the probable source of the current coronavirus outbreak that’s sweeping the globe.
Patients who came down with disease at the end of December all had connections to the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan China. The complex of stalls selling live fish, meat and wild animals is known in the region as a “wet market.” Researchers believe the new virus probably mutated from a coronavirus common in animals and jumped over to humans in the Wuhan bazaar.
I visited the Tai Po wet market in Hong Kong, and it’s quite obvious why the term “wet” is used. Live fish in open tubs splash water all over the floor. The countertops of the stalls are red with blood as fish are gutted and filleted right in front of the customers’ eyes. Live turtles and crustaceans climb over each other in boxes. Melting ice adds to the slush on the floor. There’s lots of water, blood, fish scales and chicken guts. Things are wet.”

The extremely informative article goes on to discuss why Mainland Chinese Wet Markets are particularly problematic.

“But researchers of zoonotic diseases — diseases that jump from animals to humans – pinpoint the wet markets in mainland China as particularly problematic for several reasons. First, these markets often have many different kinds of animals – some wild, some domesticated but not necessarily native to that part of Asia. The stress of captivity in these chaotic markets weakens the animals’ immune systems and creates an environment where viruses from different species can mingle, swap bits of their genetic code and spread from one species to another, according to biologist Kevin Olival, vice president for research at the EcoHealth Alliance. When that happens, occasionally a new strain of an animal virus gets a foothold in humans and an outbreak like this current coronavirus erupts.”

There is about to be more on the virus and nothing about my love life. I do laugh. Yesterday’s blog discussed how Dubai was dealing with the virus. More research took place and it is extremely troubling. This from the Internet:

“Banasser issued the statements at the “Dubai Police-Philippine Consulate General in Dubai and the Northern Emirates (PCGDNE) Community Forum on Cybercrimes and Emergency Preparedness” held at the Dubai Police Officers Club.

Tough punishment awaits individuals found guilty of spreading misinformation and disinformation that impinge on the reputation and national security of the UAE such as those regarding the current global concern on Coronavirus 2019 (COVID2019).

“Do not spread disinformation and misinformation about (COVID2019). Like you are in a metro station and someone collapses and you start posting on (the social media) and spreading (through whatever means) about this person with (COVID2019 and the extent of COVID2019 in the UAE). Do not spread any (false and unverified information) that will damage the reputation of the UAE especially now that Expo2020 Dubai is here; anything that is going to affect the national security of the country,” Dubai Police-Smart Police Station (SPS) official Lt. Khalid Mohammad Banasser said on Saturday morning.
“(The guilty will be meted with) high punishment. (Their) case will be referred to Abu Dhabi.”
Pursued by reporters for some questions, Banasser said the “high punishment” means “10 years (jail term) and of course deportation (for expatriates).”
On Gulf Today’s enquiry on national security threats, particularly the US-Iran conflict, Banasser said: “We do not want to go to that extent (of discussions). But, anything that will (taint) and damage the reputation of the country; anything that will affect (the country’s) national security, that is very dangerous. Do not spread any misinformation and disinformation).”
From the sidelines too, Banasser repeated what he had agreed with, at the open forum that information on COVID2019 be sourced out from the Ministry of Health and Prevention.
He continued: “Yes. With regards national security and how to deal (with emergency preparedness, you will be guided by your respective embassies and consulates general) who get all the correct information from UAE authorities.”

That is frightening! A person can go to jail for 10 years for spreading misinformation? What is misinformation pray tell? According to the dictionary it is false or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive. Its synonyms are: false information, misleading information, deception; lie, fib, false rumour, gossip, red herring, false trail; North American informal bum steer.
So, in other words, a person could go to jail for ten years in Dubai for gossiping, fibbing or giving someone a bum steer. That is rather frightening. Reread the blog of yesterday in light of this. It is not good. There is a suppression of the truth and of information in this statement made at the Dubai Police Officer’s Club. We all are not safe with this policy.

I did write and ask my contact at the Dubai Marriott for a special rate. He will not be back in the office until March 2, 2020. I always tell the truth and keep my commitments. I guess we will see what happens but it might not be safe to go there. We will see and perhaps it is my time to go. I am after all 76 years old and about to be 77. I have an extremely healthy immune system but I will be recuperating from surgery. Oh well.

All this because of a wet market in China. How very strange.

No picture, I cannot think of an appropriate one.

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