A Bird In the Hand; Diametrically Opposed Men With Only Their Age in Common; Diametrically Defined; I Am Not In It For The Money; Physical Therapy Only After the Surgery; Photograph of a New Ring. Authenticity The Only Way

That strange saying coming to mind again, defined in a prior blog. This time it is an entirely different setting. Strangely, eerily and bizarrely two ‘past’ men in my life returned yesterday. I had not seen nor heard from either of them in months. One ‘returned’ via an email saying that he missed me, the other made a personal appearance as he lives in Marin and drove to see me. A novel idea – being in a relationship with someone you actually see and can touch. I am laughing, rather hysterically actually. The one that I saw is a very sweet man but tp say the very least we have had a very on-off relationship, He experienced a crisis in his life and has not thoroughly recovered. I guess we will see what happens – we decided to be friends. The situation with the other man (who lives elsewhere) was resolved in a different manner. I merely told him that I was not interested in a romantic relationship with a far away person- that is the truth.

So I am certainly feeling popular, that is for sure, and rather desired. At the present moment I am patiently waiting for Personal Driver to arrive and take me to my physical therapy appointment.

This is later – a great physical therapy appointment wherein in was decided that I do not need physical therapy before surgery because I am in fine shape, instead exercises to be done at home. One of the employees at the Presidio Sports Medicine facility said, that with my track record, I would leap from the bed immediately following surgery and walk out of the hospital. there. I do laugh, I just might. So then it was grocery shopping with Personal Driver and possible jewelry repair which proved unsuccessful but the purchase of a new ring to be worn on the third finger of the left hand which shall be shown at the conclusion of this blog. I keep thinking that this will discourage men – it has not – it is like a red flag to a bull. This was said by Dinham, man in London who was ver funny. We did not go to bed together but one point planned to but then he had phone problems. It was better that way, believe me, it was.

But back to me and men. The Crown Prince of Dubai and RTA (the Marin man) have something in common – trust me they are diametrically opposite. Definition? with reference to opposition) completely; directly: [as submodifier] : two diametrically opposed viewpoints. The synonyms, absolutely, completely, utterly, directly.

Here is one example:
RTA is an only child.
The Crown Prince of Dubai has 22 brothers and sisters

But the one thing, the only thing they have in common is this. They are the same age. Oh, so terribly funny.

Here is the basic thrust of a conversation that RTA and I had yesterday. I was explaining to the glories of my defined benefit retirement from the County of Marin. When I die, and IF my husband is 55 and we have been married for two years: he will receive 60% of my retirement benefit for the rest of his life. I have been certified to last until I am at least 1000 – you do the math. What did RTA say?
He: Alexis, I am not in this for the money.
Me: What a precious thing to say. And you are an honest and rather uncomplicated man.

So whatever, I think we are going to be friends. Perhaps friends with benefits, but friends. The other man, his existence in my life would require me to give up my independence which has been hard won. There are no apologies (as there were from RTA); only whining and guilt inducing cries, which is not working and never shall with me. Follow the directions, or not! It is totally up to you. Directions are contained within this blog, as you well know. Discipline is something entirely lacking in very rich families – I know two very rich families and there are so many strange similarities. The children are raised by nannies who cannot disciple them or they would loose their jobs (in all probability). The children have no limits and can have everything they want. It is, in many ways, a horrible life. But the horrible life is suffered by the people around them, in many ways, but also them. There is an inability to trust, an inability to connect, therefore no authenticity. The synonyms associated with that word are: reliability, dependability, trustworthiness, truth, veracity, verity, faithfulness, fidelity, authoritativeness, credibility; accuracy, factualness; historicity; rare veridicality.

No one stands up to these rich men of inherited wealth. When they meet someone who has authenticity, they cannot believe it but question it constantly. So what happens to that authentic person in their relationship with a man who cannot connect and trust? Well the authentic person walks away and then gets a building in Malaysia named after her. Alix Residences whose slogan is Brazenly Authentic. Google it. I do totally joke and am laughing when saying this. What sort of place in Dubai might be named for me.

The photograph is of my ring finger with the cubic zircon ring and “matching wedding ring” purchased in the Haight-Asbury today. Such fun to be back in that neighbourhood. I have such fun and could never do it without Personal Driver, who I believe was sent to me by Allah.

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