Waking Up In a Mello Mood; Geography Lessons Occasioned By Men Interested in Me; Gifs and Other Treasures from Annie; To Conceive Or Not to Conceive, That is the Question; A Fun Exercise, Smelling the Roses, Women’s Forum in Dubai; Why is Ivanka There? Stingy Defined.

I woke up in a mellow mood, which is most unusual. Content and relaxed. I woke up to a Good Morning Dear from Annie and then two stickers. I wrote:
Me: It is funny, when I wake up to stickers and emoji from you it makes me feel like you are in bed with me.
He: lol

It has been one month since my return from Dubai – now in a much different frame of mind. This one is far better focusing on preparing for the knee replacement surgery, introducing greater order into my life and being content with what I have, rather than yearning for something or somebody out of reach.

Glancing at the globe on the book case reminds me of a funny story – which is true. One can become a bit geographically challenged as countries change their names (but not there location). If it were not for men I would be utterly clueless. When in London a man from Albania became interested in me. I had no idea where Albania was – it is next to Greece.
Then a man from Bangladesh became interested in me. I knew vaguely where it was but learned more about the country.
Then in Vancouver, there was a man from Columbia – it is next to Venezuela.
Also in Vancouver there was a man from the Philippines.
Again, in Vancouver there was Joo Kim Tiah from Malaysia. So I learned where that was. I had been to China and Japan but was rather clueless about the surrounding area.
Then met a man in London who hailed from an island off Portugal, did not know they existed.
And then when visiting London I met the Crown Prince of Dubai and, not only did I discover where it was, I visited there returning a month ago.

Thank goodness for men that are interested in me as I am developing a rather global view.

Another gif from Annie, this one of a man whom Annie named. He has the best names for people. For some unknown reason my nickname if Claneesha, I do rather like it. He directs:
He: Can you laugh and scream and say Merna Mahixclup a few times in a row.
Me: I will try.
Me: It was fun!!! I did it two more times.

It was so much fun, laughing while saying a stupid made up name. Try it, it might cheer you up. In a later text he explained:
He: Just so you know the name Merna you can use universally. It can be used as maybe someone is annoying you you can say: She’s being a Merna or you can say CP is being a Merna.

Something more from Annie. If you realized how powerful your thoughts are you would never think a negative though. A

But some people do not want to be cheered up, caught up in longing for something or somebody that they probably should not have in the first place. I do admit to doing that quite recently but then I woke up and smelled the roses. What does that expression mean? “In keeping with a very philosophical turn of things, this phrase means to take the time out from your busy life that is overshadowed by commitments and responsibilities and stop to appreciate the beauty of life or the things that matter most in life.”

People also are burden themselves with sorrow, thinking of lost opportunities or perhaps the failure to have children. CPI and I did not have children but we are not at all sorrowful about it. She discusses the phenomena in a recent email.
She: .https://www.quora.com/What-is-it-like-to-regret-having-children
Granny to so many … I found this chat site and spent an inordinate amount of time reading the responses. Fascinating, with a glint, very subtle, of a possible changing view of motherhood (and fatherhood) mentioned/implied.
Came to it looking up Anne Kingston’s writing in Maclean’s on the issue of not having children – evidently much vitriol ensued.
Me: There was a book written about four years ago. A collection of stories written by famous people who chose to be childless. It is on my iPad as I downloaded it from iBooks.

There is a Women’s Forum taking place, at this moment, in Dubai – with even Ivanka Trump in attendance. The forum is encouraging women to be in the work force. That is well and good but who is going to be looking after the children if the woman decides to be both a mother and have a career. Possibly the Government of Dubai will provide decent subsidized day care, something that these United States do not. This country that has the most stingy maternity leave policy in the universe. Stingy shall be the world of the day; its meaning mean; ungenerous. Its synonyms: miserly, parsimonious, niggardly, close-fisted, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, penurious, Scrooge-like, ungenerous, illiberal, close; informal mingy, tight, tight-fisted; North American informal cheap; vulgar slang tight-arsed; archaic near. ANTONYMS generous, liberal, magnanimous..

So the USA is niggardly, penny-pinching, penurious and illiberal in providing generous and magnanimous day care and maternity leave. At the same time curtailing abortion. The country makes no sense at all when one really looks at it. What is Ivanka Trump doing at that conference one wonders?
She has a job, she works for her father. Now that is rather laughable, anyway I am laughing.

The photograph is of my globe. I should put stickers on the countries I have discovered through men interested in me. Again I laugh.

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