News From Washington: Do Democracies Work?? Nope as I Look at the USA, Canada and The Former Great Britain; Useless Windsor Royalties and Then the Royal Family of Dubai Who Will Be There for Me

I feel like a person without a country at the present moment. The United Kingdom did not want me, the return to Canada was a bitter disappointment so placing my tail between my legs (what ever that expression may be) I came back to the USA. It seemed encouraging as impeachment was taking place. But then…..This from my fact checked New Yorker, an article by Susan Glasser spoke of the mess that is Washington: “Donald Trump’s impeachment-trial acquittal makes him the President he always wanted to be: inescapable and utterly unaccountable.” It went on to discuss the role that Mitt Romney played at the bitter end.

“On Monday afternoon, Representative Adam Schiff closed the House managers’ case in the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, the third such proceeding in American history, with a simple question for the Republican senators arrayed in front of him. “Is there one among you,” he beseeched them, “who will say, ‘Enough’?” On Wednesday afternoon, Mitt Romney gave him the answer. “Yes,” Romney said. “The President is guilty of an appalling abuse of public trust.”
In our increasingly predictable partisan world, this was as close to a surprise as Washington is still capable of. For the next few minutes, the junior senator from Utah invoked the faith that impelled him to take his oath of “impartial justice” seriously, and then crisply debunked Trump’s legal defense for the charge of pressuring a foreign power to interfere in the upcoming U.S. election—a charge that, after all, had as its main evidence the record of a phone call released by the President himself. “Were I to ignore the evidence that has been presented and disregard what I believe my oath and the Constitution demands of me, for the sake of a partisan end, it would, I fear, expose my character to history’s rebuke and the censure of my own conscience,” he said. There were only four senators present in the chamber to hear Romney reveal his choice. One of them, the Democrat Brian Schatz, of Hawaii, walked off the Senate floor in tears when it was over. “He literally restored my faith in the institution,” Schatz told reporters.”

So to say the very least this democracy is not working, Canada has a weakling with a prior painted face and a new beard. Those Brits have Brexit and Boris’ bad hair. The attached document shall show that I am going to live until I am 100 – but where shall I live??? Here is some good news about a country I have recently visited:
“Dubai government works dedicatedly to harnessing all its potential to provide the necessary support to human resources and create an ideal work environment that helps them deliver the best possible performance and develop their skills and capacities,” Shaikh Hamdan said.

Now that sounds pretty good to me, and I do know the Royal Family of Dubai having a great deal of interaction. To say the least, my life is a bit unusual.

Good news came yesterday. I have a date for my knee replacement surgery – March 31, 2020. I am so relieved. If I had better math skills I could count the days – I do think it is 51 days from today. I hung up the phone from Dr. Dailey’s office and immediately received a Instagram video from a member of the Royal Family of Dubai. I waved at two Princesses, one of the wives of the Ruler of Dubai and watched the cutest little boy climb all over the furniture. He was about three or four. The call was terminated but I sent a text talking about the surgery and suggesting that I might go to Dubai to recuperate. Unfortunately I did put it in writing and usually live up to my commitments.
Me: I am sure that you have physical therapists in Dubai. You have excellent medical care.

Why not? I have to hire a care taker to take care of me, having no reliable friends nor relatives. I am sure that there must be an extra bed room in one of the palaces, there could probably be a car and a driver, and someone to cook and clean. But even if not I could stay in my Dubai Marriott, they promised me a long term rate and with room service would make it possible to stay there. There is a pool and there are water exercises that encourage flexibility. Nothing needs to be decided at the moment and more information must be gleaned in order to make decisions. How soon after the surgery would it be safe for me to travel, for example?

So just one day at a time. It is a beautiful day in San Francisco. I shall go for a walk in a few minutes as some chores are completed. This morning it was to Marin for an appointment which was most clarifying and a sense of calm has descended. Personal Driver and I picked up some rugs from storage so this place will soon be very ship shape. Just in time to move. Where I am not sure. Just one day at a time.

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