Sometimes My Life Slays Me; How Can You Hug With No Arms; Saving Oneself; Fazza’s Poetry; Strange Proposal; Picture of a Unicorn on a Good Day

I pondered this in the bath tub where I was enjoying my vitalizing soak. I have been in a rather atypical bizarre relationship with a multibillionaire for about three months and all I have to show for it is an inflatable unicorn that is, at this moment, deflated. All of this is the truth, honest to goodness. This blog post will include a picture of the inflatable unicorn, when he was at his best. I think I decided to call him Golly Gee, not sure why.

Perhaps it is too early to tell though. The previous multibillionaire in my life disappeared but then almost two years later named a gorgeous complex Alix Residences. Perhaps I just have to be patient, but patience is not one of my virtues. Do I have any virtues? Virtue, the definition being behaviour showing high moral standards. Its synonyms are somewhat endless: goodness, virtuousness, righteousness, morality, ethicalness, uprightness, upstandingness, integrity, dignity, rectitude, honesty, honourableness, honourability, honour, incorruptibility, probity, propriety, decency, respectability, nobility, nobility of soul/spirit, nobleness, worthiness, worth, good, trustworthiness, meritoriousness, irreproachableness, blamelessness, purity, pureness, lack of corruption, merit; principles, high principles, ethics.

Perhaps I have one or two virtues. People have said that I am good, have ethics, have integrity, goodness knows I am honest and rather incorruptible. I am decent, trustworthy, and have ethics. Hey, this was a rewarding exercise and definitely added to my self esteem and made me happy. Readers should look at the list and find themselves. Now I did not say was virtuous, one has to have a little fun in life. Nor blameless, not me.

I have concerns about certain individual but I have been rendered helpless. It is rather like someone asks you for a hug but then cuts off your arms. What to do? I do remember Scott Fitzgerald’s note to Zelda.
Scott: I cannot safe you Zelda, I am trying to save myself.
Me: I guess that is all I can do- take good care of myself so that I would be in condition to help the other person if need be.

So it is a call to Personal Driver as I think a trip to Marin is in order to take care of some chores that require personal attention. Sometimes the people that answer telephones are decidedly not the most helpful of people and are actually at the bottom of the food chain. So I go in person and things happen like magic. Besides that Personal Driver and I can swear, laugh and joke and criticize other people which we are very good at.

Sometimes I get irritated with myself particularly when I cannot find something that is important. I am looking in my notebook to find the comments made about the emotions expressed on Fazza’s poetry – the English titles but the feelings that are conveyed in Arabic, it is nowhere to be found. I just went back to look again and found it, but I can barely read my writing, It is always fucking something. But here goes:

National Day. The feelings expressed are excitement and pride
Myself and I Showing the Emergence e a Stronger Person
From This Moment Conveys Intractable Pain

But unfortunately I cannot read the rest of my writing. Oh well, nobody is perfect.

Somebody made an indirect proposal to me and I thought
Me: How dare he without knowing how I feel.
Alter Ego: I think you said yes at least three times. The last being: I thought you would never ask.

Short blog as I have to get dressed and go conquer the world and they that dwell therein. Is not that Unicorn the sweetest? He does not look quite so good deflated, but then, who does?

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