Being Up on Things; Poems; Falcons; Competitions and Noses; Terrible Sleeping Habits

Google made the following announcement:” A collection of poems recited by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed are now available for Emirates airline passengers to tune into while on board their flight. Travellers can listen to audio recordings of poems, penned by the Crown Prince of Dubai, as part of the airline’s push to bring Emirati heritage and culture to the world.Sheikh Hamdan has been writing poems since he was a teenager and uses the Nabati verse, a form of vernacular poetry popular in the UAE.”

Well I did that last week, I listened to his poetry on the podcast. The sound was turned as high as possible to drown out the sound of the screaming children.The recital of his poems is in Arabic but the titles are in English. I analyzed the mood of him listening to the various poems, The most heart wrenching poem was about the death of his elder brother- the anguish and the pain expressed made me sob almost uncontrollably. Wrench in this case means: twist, turn, strain, pull; injure, hurt. One can have too much empathy – I do.

Then more news of a different variety. Faithful readers will have observed that falconry was a subject in the January 27, 2020 blog. Well the Crown Prince took falconry to new heights by announcing a competition to be taking place from February 1 to February 16. “The current season 2019-2020 of Fazza Championship for Falconry is taking place in full swing as participants in different categories showcase their falcons skills combined with techniques, strength and sophisticated training.” Sf further, The total prize money has reached a staggering Dh38 million (US$10.35 million) and the falconry championship has grown to a record number of 146 matches, including 44 matches in the Sheikhs category, 74 for the General Public, 16 for Juniors and 12 for GCC nationals. Speaking of falconry a photo of a pidgin was featured on Instagram – a pest at the Dubai Marmot Hotel with the caption – where are the Crown Prince’s falcons when you really need them.

But here is the interesting ting about the Royal Family of Dubai. They race horses and camels and there are enormous amounts of prize offered. . However, the Royals always win – fair and square, I am sure. But when they win they is great jubilation and hugs and dancing. It is the pride of winning, that is a factor but they also get to keep their money. The same shall be true of the falconry conception = the Crown Prince’s falcons are boing to be the winners and he can pocket the prize money. Am I the only person not notice this phenomena? Probably l

But onto a different subject – noses. My father is the seventh son born to Janet and George Dryburgh there wee eight boys altogether. The all had the same nose, a rather large almost bearish nose known as the Dryburgh nose by all the relatives. Here is the amazing thing – the Crown Prince of Dubai has the Dryburgh nose Well on him it looks good because of the enormous eyes and head gear and charming expression. But it does make me laugh. I did not get the nose, mine is sort of a pug nose – not at all suited to Arabic nose bumping which is generally done by men only – much to y distress because I was getting rather good at it and it made me giggle. I nose bumped or banged with a very handsome Arab man in the lobby of an hotel.

My nocturnal habits remain a total messI woke up yesterday, put on the bathing suit and prepared to be picked up and go to water aerobics at the Presidio YMCA. {erspma; Driver did not arrive in his usual efficient fashion I later discovered that it was seven in the evening and not seven in the morning. I have made this mistake about five times in my life – it is hilarious. I could NEVER ge married again, I would drive the poor man out of his mind with blog writing and turning day into night and night into day.

It is about two in the morning – I awoke at midnight after going back to bed during the night into day episode. Back to sleep.

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