Thoughts on Dubai; Falconry and Other Matters.; DisFavour, Raze and Real Defined; Photographs of Unicorn and a Made Up Me

I have a suggestion for the Dubai decision maker – look to Shanghai for a model for city planning and city enhancement. For example, in Shanghai the freeways have baskets of flowers hanging from them – which adds beauty and greenery. The Shanghai Planning Museum is rather incredible – illustrating that at one point (the before) there was only something like five percent of parks (green areas) and now there is something like 85%. It is done by stacking people in exceedingly tall buildings that are surrounded by parks and green space. It is all rather brilliant and can, of course, be done as there is no such thing in China as eminent domain – there can be no taking of private property resulting in compensation as there is no private property. I have done no research into this concept in Dubai – but it seems unlikely that such a concept exists there. There are many ugly buildings that could be razed. Great word that raze, its meaning: completely destroy (a building, town, or other settlement): Used in a sentence: Villages were razed to the ground. Its synonyms are: destroy, demolish, raze to the ground, tear down, pull down, knock down, knock to pieces, level, flatten, bulldoze, fell, wipe out, lay waste, ruin, wreck.

So demolish, pull down, knock down, flatten ugly buildings. Who decides what buildings are ugly? I can come and help if need be. A committee of one, perhaps I can get some of my friends to come with me, some with planning experience. Do I think this will happen? Nope. It is really none of my business anyway as I do not live in Dubai, nor do I have any plans of living in Dubai. I can give it up and my feelings will not be hurt if no one in power (the Dubai decision maker) does not listen to me. He does not exactly have a history of listening to me.

But onward to something completely different. Falconry and my growing comfort with it. H is for Hawk is a good beginning for accepting the sport, it was part of the curriculum at the London writing programme. But I did further thinking on the matter – tending to overthink everything is a bad habit of mine. So falconry takes place in the desert where there are limited resources – water and food. There is not enough to go around if there are a lot of birds and bunnies. So falcons keep down the population of bunnies for example. Otherwise many bunnies would slowly starve to death. Instead, the falcon swoops down and it is all over for the surplus bunny. The same is true with birds – one swoop and it is bye, bye birdie. I am sure my many readers are thanking me for this enlightenment which is an understanding, insight, education, learning, knowledge, awareness, information, erudition, wisdom, instruction, teaching; illumination, light, edification, awakening; culture, refinement, cultivation, civilization, sophistication, advancement, development, liberalism, open-mindedness, broad-mindedness; informal an aha moment. ANTONYMS ignorance; benightedness..

Now I am not exactly sure what you are going to do with this edification, this awakening, this advancement, this illumination. That is not my problem, it is yours. I am laughing. It is possible to be blue and laugh occasionally. Being blue and laughing occasionally are not mutually exclusive.

Wise Man, when hearing of my voyage to London and Dubai, said (wisely) that the highlight of it all was meeting the Royal Family. Well, it was, meeting the Royal Family of Dubai (not Windsor). Strangely I met them in London, not Dubai. It is a HUGE family, perhaps I met sixteen or seventeen of them. I did not meet the Ruler of Dubai, nor did I meet the Crown Prince of Dubai. The latter very strange, that I did not meet him while I was there. But I am actually quite resigned to that. Throughout my long life, many years being single and unattached, there is an observation made. Men who are rich are not good lovers, men who are extremely handsome are not good lovers. Need I point our to the world that the Crown Prince of Dubai is very, very, very rich and very, very, very handsome. He would have proven to be a disappointment, I am sure. So I was saved from disappointment and am left with my fantasies. I had such a fantastic time with the Family. We laughed and joked and much make up was applied on my personage, Pictures will follow. Do not forget this, my unicorn which was brought home inits deflated state. He will be blown up again. Personal Driver is in charge of that task, Golly Gee I am going to have to think of a name for him – perhaps Golly Gee. Bunny When has returned to his old name of PUN , Pink Ugly Nose, that is because Fazza is in disfavour. When one falls into disfavour they become unpopular, become disliked, get on the wrong side of someone; informal be/get in someone’s bad books, be/get in someone’s black books, be in the doghouse Used in a sentence: She fell in disfavour with the King, The synonyms are disapprobation, lack of favour displeasure, distaste, dissatisfaction, low opinion, low esteem; archaic disesteem, disrelish, dislike.

I pondered, when in the company of Wise Man, the reason behind my immense popularity with the Royal Family of Dubai, We came to the same conclusion. I was the first REAL person they had ever met, I am real. That is genuine, true, unfeigned, unpretended, heartfelt, from the heart, unaffected, earnest, wholehearted, fervent, honest, truthful. ANTONYMS false.. I just got an Instagram message from a wonderful young woman.

She: I miss you Granny Alexis

Me: I miss you too. You must come to San Francisco and visit me.

I did of course mean what I said as I said it from the heart, in an honest and truthful manner.

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