Life Gets Bad, Gets Good, Gets Bad Again, Gets Good Again; A Delicious Onion Soup; Dubai’s Recent Development but Its Inherent Difficulties; Picture of Me in A Bathing Suit and Another Picture

That pretty much describes what happened. At the lowest point, when I arrived at this hotel at about three in the morning feeling awful, I did think about killing myself. I wept and wept and wept and was sure that I would not bounce back in my usual fashion. I was extremely upset at a certain individual – was so angry and thought that I would never see or watch him ever again. I would get off Instagram (but keep the blog)). Went to sleep, with no dreams to be recalled.

Then woke up. I could not figure out how to do ANYTHING, lights were on, could not find light switch. Could not get hot water for bath. Everything was a mystery. So downstairs went I, was assisted by a young woman who said I should speak to the manager on duty. I was INCREDIBLY impressed to see that it was a woman, told her so and she was incredibly helpful. She sent up an instructor to acquaint me on all of the technology. There is a monitor by the bed which allows me to push buttons and control everything. Showed me how to operate the safe, get my close cleaned. He found out the exchange rate (more on that later) Showed me how to operate the television. Showed me how the shower and bath worked, He ordered the laundry guy to come and take the laundry. This marvelous instructor has a name and a nickname of course. – it is BB (it stands for Bald Brian)

He: I am not bald, I have hair but I shave it off.

Me: That is a technicality. You sure look bald to me.

We had such a fun and giggling time. Life was good again and so quickly. He also told me that there was a pool in this hotel – off the mezzanine. So I put on my bathing suit and went to the pool – stopping and having a deep and meaningful conversation with an employee who came from Pakistan. It was actually cold out – yeah, in Dubai. It is the greatest pool – very large, very many chairs and people and families having a great time. It is SO pleasant. A view of Dubai out the windows, a beautiful setting. The pool is well equipped with a bar and you can also order food from a fine menu. I had one of the helpful employees take a picture of me on a bar stool with a huge empty glass by my side. I shall include the photograph and caption at the conclusion of this blog. Then I did have a drink, a marguerita – only one but it was a rather large glass. I spoke to many people – having a long conversation with a Swede who flew for Norwegian Airlines. We spoke of many issues but this one of particular interest He was in Dubai in 1992 and said that there was nothing here – just dirt roads and scarcely any buildings. I was rather shocked to hear how recent the development had been. But he said that there was a problem with it, a problem with the recent incredible industrialization of the area. The problem, said he, was that fact that there was no planning process so there are no parks, no sidewalks, no walking areas. And in a way, says I, it is too late. Complicated, but too late.

Now the Crown Prince of Dubai led a run of 70,000 people in November to say to the people, get out of your cars BUT there must be a viable alternative. According to this man there are none. This is only my first day in Dubai so I do not know directly.

But disaster soon struck again. I slipped when getting into the pool and fell on my left knee. I screamed in pain and in horror and in fear. I can not tell you how wonderful the staff of this hotel were to me. They found a wheelchair, four people pushed me to my room. Then out of my wet bathing suit and a most wonderful woman from the Philippines iced my leg, massaged my leg and stayed with me until I fell asleep. We talked about the contribution of her country men and women to societies and other cultures and she told me of her life. She has daughters, they there and she here. But she is here so that she cam provide for them. She had a no good husband – I specialize in them as well.

I slept, woke up and could not find my monitor that controlled everything. I could not find it as there were no lights. So I called the front desk and they immediately sent some one up. The cause of the problem is that the room key was taken out of the slot and when one was restored everything worked again. He went to retrieve another key for me but reception told him that I would have to come down there myself. That made total sense, so eventually that is what I did.

While down there I got the key (s) and spoke to the Transportation Tours man learning that I can do a desert safari, arranging for it in the morning. I want to kiss a camel and apparently it can be arranged. Oh I am funny! I do not particularly care about the buildings in Dubai, but I am crazy about camels (I think). Camels and tents and sand and sand and sand. Such fun!! So that is what is new. I left my computer on the airlines but I brought a spare just in case. Hahaha. This marvelous hotel is tracking down the computer. This is the greatest hotel in the world as far as I am concerned. It is the Dubai Marriott. It has the best French restaurant in the world, as far as I am concerned. It is open 24 hours a day. I had the onion soup at about 4 in the morning. It was the best onion soup I have EVER had and I told the Chef.

Me: This is the best onion soup I have ever had my whole life.

Then I told him why it was the best onion soup – the broth, the consistency and size of the onions, the exact proper seasonings, the thin toasted bread and the mixture of cheese on the top. One can always judge a French restaurant by their French soup. I shall be back to this restaurant again and again. It is also conveniently located in my hotel. Can life get any better? Well, not right now but something bad might happen in a couple of minutes. Hahaha

There are two pictures attached to this blog. One is of me at the pool. The other is a painting of a man whose personage decorates this hotel. Well .. for very good reason I am angry at this person and everywhere I look, there he is. There are many men in skirts and scarfs who superficially look like him – I jump every time I see one. Oh well! I will get over it I guess and besides – I am not angry with him anymore.

The caption of me in the bathing suit reads “Having the time of my life in Dubai. The glass started out empty by the way.”

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