The Crown Prince of Dubai is an Enigma; On the flight; Air Emirates, The Best in the World; Bear With Tiara

After much thought and many hours of video watching and poetry reading I have determined that the Crown Prince of Dubai is an enigma. What is that? A noun which means a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand. Its synonyms are: mystery, puzzle, riddle, conundrum, paradox, problem, unsolved problem, question, question mark, quandary, a closed book; informal poser, teaser, brain-teaser, stumper.

The paradox, the conundrum, the quandary is that he seems almost to be more than one person – highly social and public and affectionate and terribly athletic and extremely busy and dedicated to his country and to charities and the betterment of all. But there seems to be a secret side to him which is revealed in his poetry. That side is deeply thoughtful, very idealistic, and also rather sad and longing. That is what I see on this Sunday as I pack and also unpack some of the possessions from Vancouver. It is a lazy day, I ventured outsize to pick up some medication get something to eat and drink. It was all rather fascinating chatting with the shop owners with them saying they will miss me.

I do not think I am an enigma – I am pretty much as I appear on the blog. There are no big secrets. Some negative experiences are not reported because there is no point in it. – some things are not worth repeating nor focusing upon. Why bother? Mean and miserable people should be avoided and ignored.

Another difference between the Crown Prince and I is the function that our writing serves. Some mornings I awake out of sorts but after writing I emerge cheerful and energized. His poetry is often a vehicle for a wistfulness. Such an interesting word whose meaning is having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing.

To say the least it is most unusual to rhapsodize and analyze a man who I met in a hotel lobby and chatted with briefly. Rhapsodize -peak or write about someone or something with great enthusiasm and delight: She began to rhapsodize about the Sultan’s handsomeness and charm.

I now write from my seat in Economy upon Emirates airlines, the most magnificent run airline in the entire world and I have hopped upon more than one plane in my 76 years. The whole experience could not be more perfect – everyone is so courteous, polite and caring – they are this way to everyone,. I am not being treated differently just because I know the owner. Hahahaha Hahahaha. But I am tired and writing is such sweet sorrow that I will wait until the morrow. I have spoken to many of the staff and they are all wonderful people. One of the women met the Sultan in her grandfather’s office. Now that was a WOW.

Blog master and computer guru responded to my bed and limo news on the blog of yesterday. He wrote:

He: Wow! A bed and a limo?!! Who are you Melinda Gates??

Me: You are so funny! Call me Melinda or perhaps Mrs. Crown Prince. Hahahaha

The photographs have been posted on Instagram..One is me in my head scarf, the other is my bear who is wearing a strange tiara that says Here Comes the Bride. I got it in Las Vegas and for some reason brought it with me on this voyage.

So tired, gotta go. You will hear from me tomorrow, maybe.

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