I Absolutely Cannot Believe My Life, I am Blessed; A Blessed Upgrade; You Made My Day; Thoughts about Pain; Here We Go Again; A Poem by Fazza

Yesterday was a bit frantic and Personal Driver became very concerned about my anxiety but I got home, had a very long conversation with Jennifer, had a good sleep and woke up extremely calm and in a very good mood for a number of reasons. An email from CPI greeted me, I had sent her a poem written by Fazza which she found to be extremely artistic. The thoroughly beautiful poem will be attached to this blog – it is so incredibly romantic, you will faint. But Keep Your Hands Off of Him – he is mine. I am presently laughing very hard, all to myself in my messy apartment where I am getting packed. I do hate packing but it is necessary unless one is going to a nudist colony. And for me, it is London and Dubai. So summer clothes and winter clothes- but whatever.

So here is the absolutely wonderful news that also greeted me. It was an offer from Emeritus Air for an upgrade to business class on the Dubai to London portion of my trip. Why is that heaven? Because in business class on Emeritus Air you get a bed (yes a bed) and a limo ride when you get to your destination. So Santa Claus will not be coming down my chimney as I will on the plane but perhaps we will run into him on his sleigh flying through the air with the greatest of ease. This will be my BEST CHRISTMAS of my entire life. I cannot believe it. I called Air Emeritus because there was some confusion – had an absolutely wonderful chat with a man who worked in India, He said that I made his day. We were laughing and laughing and laughing.

My life is thoroughly perfect – it could not be better. I basically love everything about it, who would not. I did have the best time at the Presidio YMCA doing water aerobics and then the jacuzzi, The instructor said something very interesting and true. We were discussing my left knee and the fact that I have bone on bone – with no cartilage and the pain that can cause.

She: But you did not notice the pain because you have fun and are so joyous.

Me: You are right and that is profound!

I have read studies about pain and learned that it is cyclical. One feels pain, gets depressed which leads to more pain and more depression. It is all rather fascinating. I really have no idea how or why I have all of this energy and most of the time feel incredibly happy. This has not always been true but certainly is now.

It is rather incredible but I owe much of my good fortune to this blog – it has utterly changed my life. My life would not be the same without it – it has brought incredible good fortune to me allowing me to meet at least two multibillionaires, for example. It is now making me laugh.

This is going to be a short blog because I need to finish getting packed. I will be so happy when it is all over. I am packing early in order to remain calm. Personal Driver will arrive at noon to take me to the San Francisco Airport, where I shall climb in a wheelchair and be pushed through security and then onto the Air Emeritus plane – that portion of the journey will be Economy but I shall survive. I have my clothes all picked out – comfortable but stylish clothes. A wonderful coat that was purchased in London, leggings and a top purchased at the Asian Art Museum. I shall be fine.

So attached (hopefully) is a poem written by the Sultan (aka SSS, aka Fazza, aka the Crown Prince of Dubai.) As you can see it is stunningly beautiful and most romantic. I had the strangest experience with four of his short poems – read them and then sent them to close friends – they all responded. But this is the strange part of the experience. It was only when I got a response from CPI that I remembered them. Originally I read then, sent them off to the chosen people but then completely forgot about them. I think I could not take it all in – the sentiments so touching. But I am fine. Here are some of the responses.

Jennifer: Well, looks like you might have to buy more summer clothes! So happy for you!

CPI: Sounds like a good practical solution.

The attached poem also got a response from them all:

CPI: He always looks his very best in Arab dress.

Jennifer: Yes, he is quite pretty!

Flower Girl’s Wife: Yummy!!! Very dishy, bet your hoping he visits England when your here again soon xx love

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