Waking to an Inspiring Message on Instagram; Thoughts on Negative and Critical People; You Can’t Go Home Again; But Back to Sultan Viewing; Oblivious Defined; Ending with a Book on the Kamasutra

This morning I awoke to an absolutely inspiring message on Instagram. Something from Maya Angelo “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive,; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style” Does that not say it all? I have taken it on as my goal in life. I wrote to shskinner64

Me: What an inspiring goal. Thank you for bringing this to us.!

Maya Angelou definitely left this world a better place, she did achieve her goal. My goodness what a wonderful way to start the day. Social media can be such a good thing. At the Retirement Party one woman, when hearing of my social media presence said:

She: I don’t do social media. I am not on Facebook, or on Instagram or anything!

Me: You are acting as if that is something to be proud of, that you are somehow elite and better than those of us who are actively involved in social media. I think you are merely behind the times and you are cut off from a source of inspiration.

This woman does not lead an exemplary life – she is stuck, I know of her life as I once wrote profiles of people’s lives for the organization’s newsletter, receiving massive criticism from people who criticized my writing. I spoke to a woman the party, a former critic:

Me: I find it rather amusing, given my current fame and praise received for my writing that you were so critical of me and my writing.

She: I did not!

Me: Oh yes you did!That was six years ago but I do remember it well.

I did rather enjoy facing down critical and negative people the day before yesterday. Yesterday I withdrew my membership in the organization. Very briefly, in the past, considered volunteering to be the program person, getting speakers for their luncheons but then realized that the majority of the populace would not enjoy the speakers chosen by Alexis McBride. What came immediately to mind was Thomas Wolfe’s “You can’t go home again” So I looked it up using Google:

“You can’t go home again. You can’t truly go back to a place you once lived because so much will have changed since you left that it is not the same place anymore. Jim is so excited to visit his childhood town—I hope he knows that you can’t go home again.”

But, in my humble opinion, it is not su much that it (the metaphor for home) has changed but you have changed and the people and the place has remained exactly the same. If I had not gone to London, I would have fit in, remained the same. But instead, at the ripe old age of 71 I ventured out. I am so eternally grateful that I did, so eternally grateful that I found the courage to get out of the rut. Here we go again, something else to look up!

“A rut is a groove in the earth, like an indent caused by wheels. It’s also a boring routine that can be hard to break. If you’re stuck in a rut, you’ve been doing the same old thing for too long.

If you see a groove in the ground, especially one caused by a bike or car, that’s a rut. If a rut is deep enough, you could get stuck in it, which may be why the word has another meaning. If your life has become boring, stale, and monotonous, you’re in a rut. Someone who works the same job for decades may feel like they’re in a rut and need to make a change.” So the woman who is oblivious to social media is most certainly in a rut. Oblivious is a rather cool word: not aware of or concerned about what is happening around one: She became absorbed, oblivious to the passage of time. Its synonyms are unaware, unconscious, heedless, unmindful, insensible, unheeding, ignorant, blind, deaf, unsuspecting, unobservant, disregardful, unconcerned, impervious, unaffected, insensitive, indifferent, detached, removed; rare incognizant. .

I am not ignorant, blind or impervious to the Sultan’s comings and goings as I am back to Sultan Viewing, it would be embarrassing to tell you how much time I spend gazing at those gorgeous brown eyes with the greatest of all eyelashes. I did say to CPI that he looked at me with soft eyes but darn, he looks at EVERYONE with soft eyes. There is footage from the Innovation Lab of 2018 of him hugging an older woman. I mean REALLY – all I got was a fist bump and I do love hugs. It made me jealous, horribly jealous, I do admit. But this is is interesting – Sultan Internet Viewing came after an exhausting morning and early afternoon, However, viewing was invigorating, making one feel strong, healthy, and full of energy. It was all rather exhilarating and rousing watching his attendance at a Crime Prevention International Conference which he attended on December 9, 2019. The video presentation was in English, there was a touching scene where one Western woman broke down in sobs – one can assume that the footage shown was of a victim of an atrocious crime and was painful. I would be a valuable asset at such a conference as I worked as a probation officer for years and our County Counsel’s Office represented the Sheriff’s Office.moreover, I once briefly worked for the Canadian Penitentiary Service. Yes, that is me. When you get to be this old, you have accomplished a great deal, particularly when you did not have children to raise. .

The Sultan is a busy man. On December 10, 2019 he opened an event called Innovations in Project Management, it looked fascinating. Many awards being awarded and the ideas (seen briefly) seemed most innovate. This man is not just a pretty face. He wears his white garb – I personally prefer him in grey because that is what he was wearing when I first spied him across a crowded hotel lobby (mine and his). I cannot remember what I was wearing. The Sultan’s control of the media is absolutely amazing, footage showing his attendance just a few days before. Well, I guess one can do a lot when you have that much money. But it shows such motivation and does get the word out there. The Sultan is the antithesis of oblivious.

Yesterday I attended a special Orientation at the Asian Art Museum as I am a volunteer at that fine Institution. It was fascinating and I shall speak of it tomorrow or the next day. I was briefly in the Gift Shop and went hunting for a book on Dubai and perhaps a copy of the Koran. But you will not believe the book I purchased. It made everyone, including Personal Driver laugh.

The name of the book, which is pictured below is Redeeming the Kamasutra. It was written by a woman, Wendy Doniger. I shall get around to reading it but I am also going to join the library and get a proper book on Dubai. I think I will download the Koran on my IPad. Honest to goodness, I am seventy-six and purchasing a book on the Kamasutra?!?!

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