Corresponding With A Guy Who Seems to Good to be True; Of Course I Remember You; Back to Little Mountain in Vancouver with Greed and Corruption and Ineffective Politicians Ruling; Night, Not Morning

Now this is such a strange (and wonderful) blog. People ask me when I hand out blog cards what my blog is about and they somehow expect an intelligent and rational answer. They do not get one because this blog is about everything and everybody. At the present time I am being diligently pursued by a really rather wonderful man. He does say the MOST romantic things. He did promise me this

He: I promise to draw your name on my skin as a new tattoo when I am back sweetie. Alexis McBride I will draw.

Me: Why not Sexy Lexy??

But this is the most precious.

He: I always looked for someone I could live with but I ended up with someone I couldn’t live without.

Me: That is so romantic! Wow. But you have never lived with me, you may just change your mind when you get a dose of the real thing.

Of course he has a nickname. My friend Jennifer said in a recent email.

It was good to talk to you yesterday and hear all about RTL (Richard The Lionhearted). I’m glad you’re happy with the new guy and I wish you much happiness. Also glad to hear that he’s not dead today and that he lives to love another day!

Me: Your email made me laugh and laugh and I need to at this point. I love RTL – I do not know if he likes his nickname or not – I think it is cute.

She: Have a good time at the Christmas party.

She is referring to the MCARE Christmas party – that is a retirement organization populated by old people retired from the County of Marin. I emailed a guy, (actually a person who held an important position) asking him when the party was and then asking him if he remembered me.

He: OF COURSE I remember you Alexis.

That is what they all say, from nine year old Zane to everyone else on earth. It is so funny. It seems like I have been gone from Marin for a lifetime and so I think people would have forgotten me. But when asked if they remember me – the answer is always the same. OF COURSE I remember you Alexis.

Jennifer :I’m watching the new Netflix movie, The Irishman, with Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel and Robert Deniro. They’re all kind of strange looking because Scorsese has used new technology to make these old guys look younger, but it makes them look a little strange too. I mean we knew them when they WERE younger, right? It’s an interesting movie about Jimmy Hoffa and his relationship to the mob in those days. It’s a little too long (3-1/2 hours), and we know how that story ends, but it’s still quite entertaining if you get the chance to see

Me: i I am watching The Crown on Netflix – it is absolutely amazing but I am finding myself acting like Queen Elizabeth – I am not joking, not joking at all. And yeah we do know how the Jimmy Hoffa story ends. Did you know that RTL’s middle name is Bliss? Honest to God So angers of hugs and blisses of love, Hahahaha

But now to go totally in another direction, North and it is back to an email from CPI about Little Mountain in Vancouver. It seems like the demonstration was somewhat successful, three or four politicians showed up and spoke about getting some momentum and ideas about taking back the land for the little that Holborn group has actually paid. Holborn is not real popular with people there. “The deal with Holborn is destroying the social fabric of our community,” Norm Dooley of the Riley Park-South Cambie Community Visions group told the crowd. “They have prioritized profit over compassion and common sense.” But the interesting part if this – the City of Vancouver has let them get away with it. There appear to be no planning restrictions – they issued a demolition permit but have done nothing else. It is criminal. Government does need to take some action “There are lots of ways the government could take back Little Mountain,” said speaker David Chudnovsky, a former MLA who has since 2009 pushed government for action on Little Mountain and answers on the deal behind it.“They could appropriate the land. They could buy it back from Holborn for the small amount the developer has already paid for it … they could introduce legislation that could bring back the site to public ownership. Options abound. What’s really important is that the government take action now.”

But CPI is most observant and somewhat cynically stated:

She: Must admit I didn’t realize the heavy involvement of the provincial government. Note the reflex blame placed on the previous (Liberal) government by the Minister of Housing with no real action promised.More later.

Me: I totally agree, everybody is just pointing the finger at somebody else and Holborn group gets away with murder. It is infuriating. What is the definition of infuriating? Making one extremely angry and impatient. Its synonyms are exasperating, maddening, provoking, annoying, irritating, irksome, vexing, vexatious, trying, tiresome, bothersome; informal aggravating, pesky, cussed, confounded, infernal, pestiferous, plaguy, pestilent.

Why do I careI do not live in Vancouver anymore and moreover, I used to be the friend of Joo Kim Tiah who owns Holborn Group. It is because it is a stupid waste of resources with lazy politicians not doing the job they need to be doing. Things in this United States are actually much better – there is a system of laws that would not allow this travesty to exist. What is a travesty. It is a a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something. It is a misrepresentation, distortion, perversion, corruption, poor imitation, poor substitute, mockery, parody, caricature; farce, charade, pantomime, sham; apology for, excuse for.

I do have a sense of justice that prevails – it comes from being a lawyer but also because I also believe in karma and just deserts. Vancouver has been victimized by rich Asians who drive real estate values sky high and really do nothing to integrate into the community. But sometimes the only thing you can do is walk away from.a situation and that is what I did. One day in March of 2019 I put on my boots and walked all the way to San Francisco. Well, actually I took a train but it sounded good and rather like Nancy Sinatra’s song.

This is absurdly funny. I woke up thinking it was morning – it was not, it was night. Having no idea of how much sleep I got because no idea of when Ir retired.. (so to speak). What will I do? Post this to Chris and go back to sleep. Problem solved. Good night all.

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