Being Teased Unmercifully By One’s Friends; The Joys of Having a Personal Driver; A Lazy Day Picturing Me and Bunny

My friends do give me a rough time. I guess I deserve it, They do have more information than you have at your command, gentle readers. This from friend Jennifer (the names are hidden to protect the innocent)

She: Have a wonderful evening and sweet dreams of A. B. S and J (Frank, Joe, Matthew) I’m just throwing in the last three because no doubt there will be one of them in your future one of these days.😄😄

Me: You make me laugh! It is going on the blog for sure! The newest one has the strangest name. Not Frank, Joe or Matthew. New guy is very funny.

She: In what way?

Me: Well he rather loves the celebrity status he is getting on the blog and all. He says: “Wow I am a celebrity! But how can you be an anonymous celebrity?”

She: What did you say?

Me: Want me to mention your name?

She: What was his response?

Me: No thanks! However, you must understand – he is not married so it is not that the reason for secrecy . But I guess his first name is so unusual that people might know him. He is so much fun.

But one of the strangest relationships that I currently enjoy, relish in actually, is the one with Personal Driver. It is difficult to describe, but it is rather like we are brother and sister. We endlessly joke, laugh together, swear and yell at bad drivers. We resemble ten year old bratty siblings He has three other clients who ‘employ’ him as their personal driver. His real occupation is to drive a cab but makes himself available to the three of us to meet our complicated needs even changing his schedule for our convenience. I do not know what I would do without him, brought me home from the hospital while I gracefully threw up all over his cab. He is always on time and I am safe in the knowledge that he will be there and on time. He meets the people in my life and comments in such a perceptive way. His two other clients are old, (really, really old and they have been in his life for about twenty years. I am the young ‘un. We speak on the phone daily. Some guy said to Personal Driver: “Take care of her for me.”I was very impressed at the time but later events revealed that who was he to say that?? Personal Driver was always going to take care of me – who needed (or needs) him. Every person needs stability, a rock in their lives and so depend on their husbands, friends, sons, cousins, wives, girlfriends or boyfriends. I have Personal Driver, so I have a lot of freedom to explore San Francisco (with his help) and other liaisons. We just laugh about new people in my existence. A new guy has a strange name and we laugh about it, coming up with a good idea.

Me: Did you ever think about taking the r out of your first name?

He: LOL – Alexis you are so funny!

So he laughed – Personal Driver and I think it would be a good idea but it is New Guy’s Name therefore, he can change or not change. am big hearted that way. Besides ht can never be confused with a Frank, Joe or Matthew.

Today was a huge day and a lazy day. No energy to face the traffic and congestion of this fair city so stayed home – icing my knee, corresponding with man with strange name, reading and cleaning apartment. But a monumental task done by phone. I made the airline reservations to go to London, the day after my final appointment with the surgeon. The joy I feel is massive. I did it and there will be many rewards in London – more than I ever possibly could hope or dream for. It will be a busy time but such a fun filled time – you shall hear more about it as plans gel.

The photograph is me and bunny, sleeping and recuperating. It was posted on Instagram but also sent privately to an individual who rewarded me with sixteen emojis that expressed affection.

Until tomorrow or the day after. I am getting lazy.

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