The Rich Get Rich and The Poor Get Poorer; Defining Incredible Which Defines The Alix Residences; Email From Adonis; Walking Without a Limp

This from the National Institute on Retirement: The new analysis indicates that from 2004 to 2016, the share of financial assets owned by the top 25 percent of Baby Boomer households grew from 86 percent to 91 percent. Meanwhile, the share of assets owned by the bottom 50 percent of Baby Boomer households shrank from three percent in 2004 to below two percent in 2016. Among GenX households, the wealthiest top 25 percent owned 87 percent of financial assets in 2016. Millennials in 2016 reached a comparable degree of financial asset concentration, with 85 percent of financial assets owned by the wealthiest 25 percent.

Therefore, it seems a good idea to stick with the rich, wherever and whenever possible. I suppose that might be my mantra. What is a mantra? It is a statement or slogan repeated frequently. Used in a sentence: The environmental mantra that energy has for too long been too cheap.

Speaking of rich, it was promised that a detailed analysis of the Alix Residences would be offered and here it is. The 12.51 minute video is authored by Sean Tam. It begins showing an an enormous hole in the ground. People sometimes ask silly questions.

They: Are you going to live in Alix Residences?

Me: Well, not right now! I would be living in a hole in the ground. That would not be fun and there would be no air conditioning.

But it is an impressive hole, huge actually as the site is 4.5 acres. No idea what was there before, whether existing structures had to be demolished. I do not, after all, live in Malaysia – nor have I ever visited Malaysia. So how could I know? But a great deal of hard work and effort has gone into the preparation of this site. Years, it appears.

Sean shows how to get in. One enters the project through a ramp system which works for so many reasons as it leaves intact the entrance to the property and allows a fully functional parking system to surround the buildings. All rather brilliant. The ramps leads to parking in the separate buildings without the craziness found in most complexes. Got my vote there! Sean says that there are two”blocks” – Blocks, my dear Sean does not adequately describe the two buildings that actually look like they might fly up, up and away. The eye goes to the sky, the two buildings soar.

So Sean visits the model unit – it would knock your socks off (if you were wearing any). First the Dry Kitchen – what in the world is that?? Next the living room, made to appear more spacious with the 3 meter ceilings – very clever. Off to the bathroom – that Sean loves those bathrooms which are “fully fitted”. He CANNOT get over the bathrooms, endless discussions about them fully fitted. He does love everything being “glossy” The wet kitchen is so well designed with everything so compact but the depth of the counters makes it so useable. He adores the master bedroom (and the bathroom, of course). Then a trip to a studio (plus one) unit. Again, loves the bathroom. He speaks of the amenities and resources of the complex saying that it would take him thirty minutes to tell of the treasures. Sean does show us an air conditioning unit. Now that is essential for these parts.

Alix Residences, when constructed d are going to be awesome. With the schools so nearby, an absolutely perfect place to raise a family. Joo Kim Tiah you did an incredibly amazing job. It is the most incredible complex EVER. What does that mean? It is unbelievable, beyond belief, hard to believe, unconvincing, far-fetched,, implausible, improbable, highly unlikely, not in the least likely,, inconceivable, unthinkable, unimaginable, impossible, astonishing, astounding, breathtaking, staggering, preposterous, phenomenal, extraordinary; unimagined, unheard of, fictitious, mythical, fanciful, fantastic, ANTONYMS believable; likely. It is an incredible feat of engineering. Magnificent, wonderful, marvellous, , wonderful, marvellous, spectacular, remarkable, phenomenal, prodigious, breathtaking, miraculous, sublime, dazzling, amazing, stunning, astounding, astonishing, awe-inspiring, staggering, extraordinary, unbelievable; formidable, imposing, impressive, supreme, great, awesome, superhuman;; informal fantastic, terrific, tremendous, stupendous, amazeballs, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, out of this world, unreal; ANTONYMS unspectacular.

But here is something awe-inspiring as well. My habit of defining words, the hall mark of my blogs originally came from Joo Kim Tiah, because he once wrote:

He: Alexis, every time I read an email from you I learn a new word.

Me: Thank you Joo Kim. You inspire me!

Plans for the London trip keep shaping up. An email from Adonis, the London chap that has my manuscript, responding to an email.

He: I see being a recovering patient has done nothing to curb that dirty mouth of yours 😉. Well whenever your next in town let me know. What parts of the blogs mention yours true? That’s all I’m interested in.

Me: Do what I told you to do, stupid, Go into the search engine and type Adonis.

Men?!?!?! But, one has to admit, he is funny talking about my dirty mouth AND he does still have the manuscript, which I shall soon collect. I have decided to wear my navy blue wardrobe – that killer coat that cost a fortune and a great navy blue dress purchased in Guildford but never worn. I shall look hot and am so happy, happy, happy. I beam!! Or I do at this exact moment.

It has been an incredible day. I walked across the room and noticed It was without a limp. Immediately I sent a text to someone who was there for me.

Me: Guess what!!! I walked without a limp. I just did it!

Me: Amazing! I feel like a little kid that took her first step AND

Me: I get to share it with you!

He: (Three Smiling Emojis)

Me: I would love to have you across the room and then walk into your arms and get a hug.

He: Wow! That feeling is mutual darling,

The photograph is me at my Italian place, my current favourite hangout. There for dinner since I can walk outside now. Progress is taking place on every level! It got the following responses on Instagram.

He: Your happy face!

Me: I would love to take you there!

She: Looking hot!

Me: Thanks! Getting ready for my UK visit. Hahaha

She: So glad as you need to look hot to meet Bonny Charles. Love that you are almost on your way to England.

Me: Soon! Soon!

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