This is a Bad Time for Canadians But There is Hope Brought to You by Canadian Born Alexis (Dryburgh) McBride; Hiding Your Head in the Sand defined as well as Hypocrisy; Elect Dustin, Dump Justin; An Inspiring Candidate Dustin Innes

Those Canadians are in real trouble right now. Those of them who are self-satisfied souls sneering at the USA and Trump. Sneering at the treatment of blacks at the hands of the citizens of these United States. Second of all, look at the concealed history of Canadians treatment of its indigenous people. Absolutely criminal, totally. Trust me, I never learned about that during my Canadian schooling. l I had to go to London, England in 2016, attend a lecture at the British Library to learn that there was slavery in Canada. Talk about hiding your head in the sand – or in Canada’s frigid temperatures – hiding your head in the snow.

Where does hiding your head in the sand come from and what does it mean? To ignore a problem or unpleasant situation and hope it will disappear. (Her parents had been burying their heads in the sand about the problem. Synonyms: gloss over, ignore, wink at, turn a blind eye to, look the other way, wink at/

So it seems to me that many (if not most) Canadians golf over, ignore, turn a blind eye to and wink at their racism. They adroitly point the other way – they point south to the United States of America. But it is going to come back and haunt them. I realize that this seems like small punishment but there is no way that I will ever return to reside (again) to live in the land of my birth. I do despise hypocrisy in all of its forms. What is hypocrisy? It is sanctimonious, sanctimony, pietism, piousness, affected piety, affected superiority, false virtue, cant, humbug, pretence, posturing, speciousness, empty talk; insincerity, falseness, falsity, deceptiveness, deceit, deceitfulness, deception, dishonesty, dissembling, dissimulation, duplicity, imposture, two-facedness, double-dealing;

So, as most may know there, is great furor over Blackface Trudeau. CPI and I discussed the situation in a blog – CPI lives in Canada.

She: Great scandal! Incredible furor! At least three apologies! Three photos of Trudeau in Brownface (as Aladdin) and in Blackface have turned up and there may be more. They date from about 2000 and he evidently “just didn’t think to mention them” when he entered politics. Far too much to recount here – just google Trudeau Blackface and browse the over 800,000 retrievals. Much too early to tell how this will affect the campaign for Mr. Diversity who got away with groping a female reporter at a music festival, also many years ago. Of course, an election was not looming when that news broke.

Glad mobility improving, hope pain abates.

Me: Read about it!!!!!! I will write about it. Are there any Liberals who might be groomed to take his place???? Lord Gawd what a mess! I wonder what our mutual friend (the Trudeau devotee) is thinking? ? Hahaha He blamed my early Trudeau disaffection on you – not believing I had a mind of my own. He is probably thinking that you and I supplied and applied the black (and perhaps brown) face. Dustin, my candidate, is impressive sounding. Well I made him impressive sounding. Damn I seem to have a knack for political writing.

So this is what I am referring to and how I am going to bring hope to this hopeless situation. I learned, through Instagram of a candidate, the opposite in every way from Trudeau. It was quite by accident – corresponding to be woman he tapped to be his campaign manager. I offered to assist and was asked to help write of his credentials. So I did – I did so proudly. I do hate negativity and pride myself on coming up with a solution rather than just bitching and moaning about a situation.

Dustin Innes is running as the National Democratic Party candidate in Richmond Center (In Vancouver)

It is a predominately Chinese community although Dustin is not – actually has a lot of Scottish in him. (I am 100% Scottish and proud of my heritage.). I have volunteered to help in any way I can. I have even written to a couple of very rich Vancouver men (of personal connection) asking for campaign contributions. Of course I am writing about Dustin on this blog and then I can (hopefully) think of other ways to contribute. I am excited at the prospect. As you will see Dustin is exceedingly moral, philanthropic, educated and honest. The antithesis of Justin. How interesting that their names rhyme. What a campaign slogan?!?!? Elect Dustin! Dump Justin. I just thought of it. I might be a natural at this politics business.

Anyway – let me now introduce Dustin Innes. Of course, his picture will follow.

Dustin Innes has been massively active in Richmond during his lifetime. He grew up in this fair community, steadfastly being schooled, working and living in the place that he loves. He graduated from Burnett Secondary as Grad Chair with Leadership, Merit, and Rick Hanson awards for his community work, his leadership and his organization of Terry Fox events. He worked with local schools, hospitals and orphanages. He later served as a volunteer abroad in Haiti & Dominican Republic with Jest for Joy and Live Different whose missions were to build schools to educate the populace of these poor countries.

He continued to school himself, attending Langara College, working full time while studying – his passion being Philosophy and Political Science. But he also dabbled in the arts – taking Art History courses in Europe.

His occupation as a life guard furthered his skills in the fundamentals of vigilance, communication and the value of effective teamwork. These skills are readily transferrable to the political arena. If you see someone is drowning you help them He sees Richmond residents today drowning in their housing prices, medications costs and all expenses for the essentials of life. Then, underlying this, there is the shoals of danger with the impending climate crisis.

He has experience in the political arena serving two terms as a union vice president and has been a stalwart labour activist, He is a delegate for the British Columbia Federation of Labor, the VDLC and CUPE BC.

He is safe in the knowledge that Canadians are strong when we stand together. He knows and has shown that every individual matters and has worth. He inspires young people to be involved in politics, running for office to confront the issues that impact Canadians, both now and in the future.

He is proud to have learned what it means to be a Canadian and seeks your vote in order to implement his vision.

So I have not altogether finished with this subject and shall return on a later blog to distinguish between Dustin and Justin. Poor Justin is just SO second rate.

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