Inspiration Again From Instagram; Beating a Dead Horse as it Pertains to the Canadian Political Scene; Changes In Latitude, Changes in Attitude; Me with Painted Face Deemed Patriotic

I am constantly inspired by the posts on Instagram. Rubenress from New York posted this:

“While pain is inevitable, suffering is always a choice.” Mark Manson

It inspired me, so I responded:

Me: I succeeded in knee replacement surgery using that philosophy.

He: Yes!

So goodness knows there was, and still is, pain. But my suffering is minimized by taking pain medication (but only when necessary and then stopping it altogether), by having a positive attitude (which magically I have) and having something to look forward to (a trip to England to see the people I miss and care about). I shan’t go until I am fully recovered so that I can enjoy the experience to the fullest, not being restrained by immobility and the distraction that pain brings. It shall be my reward for a job well done. My inbox this morning brought word from a woman who works at my favourite London hotel. She expressed the wish that we would see one another soon.

Me: We shall see one another soon. My recovery from knee surgery is miraculous. I shan’t make definite plans until I have thoroughly recovered.

The other major factor leading to my recovery is that I have a Care Giver, who is with me eight hours a day, five days a week. She takes care of me totally, babies me and has nursed me back to health (almost).

Yesterday it was a trip to Presidio Sports Medicine. Care Giver took a picture of me outside the door – it was posted on Instagram with the following caption.

Me: Here for my physical therapy appointment. I am doing great and I have a handsome physical therapist.

I got some of the greatest responses.

She: Your smile says it all

Me: Thanks! I got one hundred percent on a test!! I am tuff!

She: Love this 100% you are rocking it! Xx

Me: I am! All this to get to the UK soon.

Then another thread.

She: That always makes PT sooooo much better

Me: Indeed it does!

At this point in time 24 people have liked the picture you see below. The test taken measured the degree that one could bend their knee. Last doctor appointment was 50, last physical therapy appointment 80 but yesterday 100. Everyone MOST impressed.

But back to Canadian politics – it ends up that talking about it is akin to beating a dead horse. My goodness, what does that mean? “he origin of the expression ‘beat a dead horse’ comes from the mid-19th century, when the practice of beating horses to make them go faster was often viewed as acceptable. To beat a dead horse would be pointless, as it wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.”

What does it mean to be a dead horse? To waste effort on something when there is no chance of succeeding: He keeps trying to get it published but I think he’s beating a dead horse. Failing and doing badly. abjectly.

Why am I likening dead horses to the present Canadian political scene? This is the news brought by CPI:

She: Furor dying down, although political comment continues (of course). Abacus poll released Monday showed:

24% described themselves as truly offended

34% said they were unimpressed but could live with the apology

42% said they weren’t bothered much

This from Chris Selley’s column in Wednesday’s National Post. And, only 20% of those who self-identified as “visible minorities” were offended. No mention of size of sample, margin of error (hey, it’s a column). But it may mean that those supporters such as (our old friend) have not been swayed.

Me: I doesn’t look like those with ‘head in the sand’ (or in Canada’s situation snow) have been swayed. It is business as usual. I had.a conversation the day before yesterday with a fellow Canadian.

He: I was not impressed at all with the so-called apology. My God a ten year old knows that it is stupid and racist to paint your face, either black or brown.

Me: Or purple. But actually I painted my face. Yes indeed I did! On Canada Day 2017 I painted my face like the Canadian flag. I was so happy to be back in Canada. I went to Canada Place where 82 people got their picture taken with me, hugged me, and said: “Welcome Back!” But the most touching comment came from Joo Kim Tiah. I sent him a selfie with me in all my glory. He emailed:

He: How patriotic!

Me: How sweet of you to say!

My goodness how life has changed. I am so disillusioned with the country of my birth, I now live in my chosen country, the United States of America. And I have not seen Joo Kim Tiah (in person) since August 14, 2017. There is a wealth of You Tube videos of him, from his Vancouver days and more recent ones, since the announcement of the construction of the Alix Residences in Malaysia. More about some recent developments there in an upcoming blog.

Yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram, taken of my left hand.

Me: Changes in latitude, changes in attitude. Yeah Alexis! I went from 50 to 80 to 100 in my knee flexibility. I am working so hard!

My faithful ajhusky replied:

She: This is good news. Lovely rings. Xx

Me: I had been wearing them but switched to a smaller one. But time to be flamboyant again! Story of ‘engagement’ ring on blob.

So hopefully three pictures will accompany this blog. The one of me going to physical therapy, a picture of me with my face painted like the Canadian flag and then a picture of my left hand taken yesterday.

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