Lots of Pain Last Night; Sean Mendez Sings to Me and Others; Hearing From an Old Friend; Another Message from Precious Person;

I had a horrible night last night with the experience of leg pain making it impossible to get comfortable. Trust me there was no temptation to take that OsyContin stuff so it was just fitful and uncomfortable. It is impossible to run the ice machine all night so it was a lot of ouch in the night.

I am not being properly rewarded! Bliss would be appropriate because I manfully went to Presidio Sports Medicine for physical therapy – it was a great experience actually. I managed to score a n incredibly handsome male therapist who was most gentle but made me work very hard! Then, he strangest experience.

After exercises with the physical therapist one is ‘turned over’ to sone one in training who does guides more exercises and hooks you up to the ice machine at the end. My guy was John and this is almost unbelievable. I was silently rocking to a Sean Mendez tune. WELL, not only did John know about Sean Mendez but he had been to one of his concerts. YEAH! He told me what it was like with all of these young girls in the front swooning, crying and dying. I hate to admit it – but there I would be with kids young enough to be my granddaughters. I just LOVE him and he is a Canadian. Yes, indeedie do, he is. I found him on Apple Music and I cannot let him go His songs are so evocative. What does that mean? Bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind: as in powerfully evocative lyrics. Here are the synonyms; reminiscent, suggestive, redolent; resonant with, vivid, graphic, expressive powerful, haunting, moving, poignant.

There are many songs on Sean’s Illuminative sound track. Many, in fact, most, if not all, resonant with me, as they are haunting, moving and poignant. They are so helpful in both understanding and expressing emotion on complex matters. This is highly personal but since his name is not mentioned it will be anonymous. There his a song: Don’t Be a Fool. This man and I met in November of 2018 and had a most difficult relationship, mostly my fault. He strove mightily to contain me and I am a fighter. The relationship appeared severed and I emailed in anger but then listened to the words of Don’t Be a Fool. I was able to graciously apologize and ‘understand’ because listening to the lyrics of that song made me believe that he wanted me to ‘find a man who could stand by my side and be for me”. My apology spoke of the song and its significance. Another song on that track Honest, speaks of the same phenomenon. Extremely recently an email arrived – a short sweet message. Perhaps we can be friends down the road but we can never live in the same country, for many reasons. I guess I need a local boy. More songs from Sean will be mentioned as time goes on. Hopefully, Lights On. Hahaha

I was accompanied to Presidio by my Care Giver, transported by Personal Driver (of course). Everyone, and I do mean Everyone, was impressed with my stamina. My endurance, staying power, indefatigability, tirelessness, resistance, resilience, fortitude, strength, vigour, energy, staunchness, steadfastness, robustness, toughness, determination, tenacity, perseverance; informal grit. Yep, that is me, true grit.

I had not seen Personal Driver for about a week, so asked him about something that happened on our last outing.

Me: Did Precious Person again ask you to take good care of me?

He: Yes indeed, he did. And I said that I would.

Me: I thought so, but I was not sure.

Does that EVER make me feel happy. I thought Precious Person did utter those words again and as I waited to get in the car I did say to him: : Me: Swoon.That was the proper word to use, as it means to.be overcome with admiration, adoration, or other strong emotion. Used in a sentence: You can have them swooning over you with a few well-placed words.

I was overcome with admiration because no one in my life before has been concerned with taking care of me. Seriously, this is true. I take very good care of myself so it has not been a major problem but when someone wants to take care of me, but cannot be around to do it full time so then asks for help – that is very profound. It is rather a drag that I had to wait for 76 years but better late than never.

There is a slight feeling of guilt when I ponder our ‘relationship’- he is kinder, more concerned (and perhaps caring) towards me, then I towards him. But, on the other hand, I cheer him up.

He: Alexis, I have to go now.

Me: OK. I will give you three telephone kisses to say goodbye. (Smooch, Smooch, Smooch).

He: (Chuckle)

Today is Care Giver’s day off so I have to make my own breakfast etc. etc. etc. Poor me. Hahaha. The poor woman, she is stuck with me for eight hours a day. One has to pity her. We do have fun together but I can be a real pain in the rear end at times. Just ask her. This will be her response:

She: That is my job.

She is part of the village that has helped me recover – it does take a village if one is infinitely blessed. And I am.

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