Being Besotted With Examples From Literature; Precious Person Masquerading as Tiburon Cat; Defining Precious as Worth One’s Weight in Gold

I do admit to being besotted. I am an extremely complex individual – recovering in record speed from knee replacement surgery and having the time and energy to become besotted. What do I mean by besotted? “ If you are besotted with someone or something, you like them so much that you seem foolish or silly. He became so besotted with her that even his children were forgotten

Well I guess that is not a problem with me because I do not have children, just a bunny and the bunny does not mind. Although some friends are expressing concern they have no reason to fear. It is not interfering with my recovery or anything. The friends with concerns have never met the individual involved. Everyone that knows him likes him and thinks he is great.- I have met probably thirty people over the span of five months and all sing his praises.

Besotted appears in literature, very interestingly illustrated.

“Besotted lovers: They have a mad affair. He is besotted. But she is an expensive partner, and he needs money to keep her in style.— Newgate Callendar

The husband … seems besotted with his wife and horribly jealous of the bird she’s protecting.

— Edmund White”

I was besotted with the idea and the reality of Venice, and that besottedness has never quite left me …

— Erica Jong

She had gone back with him to his flat that first night blindly and besottedly in love with him.

— Anne Mulcock

Will is pursued by a besotted friend who plays provocatively with binary conceptions of gender.

— The Economist, “Love in the time of the Black Death,” 31 Aug. 2019

I suppose the next question might be: “Is he besotted with you?”

Me: I do not think so. I guess I could ask him.

They: But would he tell you?

Me: Yes of course, and he is an honest person. He does not seem besotted in his behaviour.

They: What do you mean?

Me: He is very slow and considered. Taking one small step at a time, knowing that I have to recover from surgery and get on with my writing. Probably go to London for a visit when I am thoroughly recovered and active. He can say the funniest things.

So yesterday in a telephone conversation the object of my affection was told that he has made an appearance on the blog – that he is Precious Person.

Me: I hope that is ok with you. I would not want to steal your spirit or anything. Or make you feel used.

He: No it is fine.

Me: That is good. You do not have a spirit anyway, Hahahah

He: But I do not know about being called Precious.

Me: Why is that?

He: Well Precious is what Tiburon women call their cats.

Me: (Laughing uproariously) I hate you! I hate it when someone is funnier than me, and you just were.

He: Thanks

Me: I will have to look up the word Precious and come up with a better and more fitting definition.

He: OK

So why did I decide to nickname him Precious Person? Precious is defined as 1 of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly: precious works of art | my time’s precious.

2. greatly loved or treasured by someone. (Look after my daughter—she’s very precious to me).

Which synonyms come to play? Valued, cherished, treasured, prized, favourite, dear, dearest, beloved, darling, adored, loved, special, esteemed, worth its weight in gold, revered, venerated, hallowed. ANTONYMS worthless, cheap.

So Precious Person, you are worth your weight in gold, you are NOT a Tiburon cat.

Today is a huge day. I go to Presidio Sports Medicine for my first outpatient physical therapy appointment. As I scarcely have been outside the confines of the apartment since my release from hospital, it is huge. And lots of activity and a lot of pain as I work at becoming more mobile. But I am blessed. Personal Driver shall drive us to the Presidio Sports Medicine facility and Care Giver will accompany me. Then we will return and I will turn on the old ice machine knowing that I have done everything to get going, get moving and get on with my life.

It is now 6:48 in the morning. Bunny and I have been writing the blog from bed (as usual). The selfie is of the two of us, hard at work. .

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