Beautiful Messages From Instagram; News of My Miraculous and Rather Unbelievable Recovery; Oxytocin Bites the Dust After Giving Me a Nightmare; Strange Way of Showing Love; Thanks to Oscar of Mass Mutual

This message appeared on Instagram and it is beautiful beyond belief. “To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.”

I read it, it touched my heart and so wrote:

Me: Yes indeed and remember them with a hug & kiss

She: Thank you so much. Many hugs and kisses back to you.

Me: I got them. I love them.

So I am beginning to totally love the exchange of ideas and emotion on Instagram rather than this self-imposed isolation of blogging. The night before last I had the worst experience, shared on Instagram through video and the written word. This is how I introduced the video.

Me: I had the most horrible dream of my entire life last night. It was frightening beyond words. Made myself tea and toast, ice for knee. I also went to Instagram and got cheer and spread some. At the moment Care Giver here giving care and breakfast.

I got the sweetest of responses from ‘my people’ on Instagram. 48 views, 14 likes. (As an aside, why in the hell would you view the video and not push like? I do not get people. I like all sorts of things on Instagram and have a great time with strangers and participate in their lives.) Those 34 lazy people – one can only pity them.

But anyway here are the responses that I got. Touching beyond belief from two women – one who I have met and one whom I have not met in person. .

She: Ahhh glad you woke out of that bad dream. Nice dreams only of coming to England and finding a Bonny man.

Me: Could I bring one with me if I found one here?

She: Of course, especially if he’s rich and good looking. xx

Me: But is it ok if just good looking and a kind good man? Not poor but decent?

She: We do don’t mind poor or rich because if they make you happy then you feel rich with love which is the most important.

Me: You made me cry but in such a good way! It has been a difficult day but I am getting better. I promise you! Bunny says Hi to you and Flower Girl.

She: Wish I had made you laugh as well. But I am so glad you are mending. Flower girl and I say Hi Back.

Then another:

She: Put an amethyst crystal under your need for those terrible dreams. Sending good vibes your way.

Me: I only have rose quartz – will that work? Thanks for the fine wishes.

She: Rose quartz is a gentle healer crystal not necessarily for bad dreams but it calms emotions and good on the bedside. It promotes love and happiness. It brings peace.

Me: It is by my side and I so want love and happiness.

She: Look at the world around you. You are obviously loved my many ma’am

Me: I know! I howl in recognition. Not cry but howl!

But here is the strangest occurrence about the nightmare. I texted Wise Man.

Me: I had the most awful dream of my life last night. It generally had to do with a complete loss of identity and then surrounded by increasingly evil people. I did not analyze it because it was so frightening. Perhaps it was the oxyContin taken at night for the pain.? Anyway I feel fine now my Care Giver here and I am getting care. Knee appointment went SO well.

He: Pain pills give unusual jarring “drug dreams’ Good diagnosis Doc.

Me: Thank you for responding! I love being called a good diagnostician – it is music to my ears.

My Care Giver just announced that she read that the manufacturers of the dreaded drug went into bankruptcy. I guess I got even and ever so quickly!

The first woman (who wrote of the magic of loving a person) also wrote in an earlier Instagram:

Love is not what you say

Love is what you do.

A man said he loved me but what he did, his actions, were entirely opposite. He tried to destroy me. I guess he didn’t love me after all or he has a strange way of showing his love.

I had a wonderful resolution to a problem with Mass Mutual. Oscar, who I spoke to on the phone today did a wonderful job and is sending the check to me immediately – not like the other woman who said they did not EVER overnight and I have waited 24 days for a check that never came. Thank you Oscar!!! I told him I would mention him on my blog and I did.

There are no photographs – the ones I sent with my previous blog did not get posted. Why bother?

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