My Recovery is Nothing Short of Miraculous; Philander Defined and Illustrated: The Power of Prayer

I am doing so well – it is utterly unbelievable! No pain, minimal swelling and the ability to place weight on my right side. The surgery was on Tuesday and this is Monday, a mere six days since I went under the knife. Not only that BUT constipation is a side effect from the pain killers AND not to go into any details BUT even that problem has been resolved. Now that was a relief.


To what do I attribute this miraculous recovery? Many many, many, many multiple factors. There is never only one WHY, one reason or cause or explanation for anything. And sometimes desperate circumstances lead to the very best results. People disappoint and are not there for you but they are replaced by others that are better and meet my needs without the ambivalence of disappointers. What is ambivalence? It is equivocation, uncertainty, unsureness, doubt, indecision, inconclusiveness, irresolution, irresoluteness, hesitation, hesitancy, fluctuation, vacillation, shilly-shallying, tentativeness; conflict, contradiction, clash, confusion, dilemma, quandary; muddle, vagueness, haze, haziness, unclearness; informal iffiness; ANTONYMS certainty, decisiveness.

Shawn Mendez plays in my ear: No Promises. How prophetic that is. Listen to it! Now!. So there have been many men in my life recently – I suppose since April 2016. But basically they all came to nothing. They experienced shilly-shallying, confusion, muddle, haze and iffiness.

Why? Who knows? No one will ever know. An easy explanation is the age difference – only one was age appropriate, as I teasingly say. And he was married, or sort of, lived with a woman for over forty years but never married her. That seems silly to me. He was clear from the very beginning – he was never going to leave her. I recent man in my life said that he would have left her IMMEDIATELY. I conveyed that to the cheater, to the philander. Philander, a verb, means: womanize, have affairs/an affair, flirt, trifle/toy/dally with someone’s affections; informal play around, carry on, play the field, sleep around; North American informal fool around; vulgar slang screw around; rare be a carpet knight, coquet.

So the age appropriate guy toyed with, trifled with my affections, he slept around with me, screwed around with me. He was a carpet knight. But in all fairness, this happened in the middle of March 2017. I was leaving England to come to Canada as my student visa had expired – my anxiety was overwhelming in the days before I left. He was not around, he was with Wifey. But he spoke on the phone to me and said that when I finished my biography of Uncle Dave:

He: When you finish the book we will talk about a future.

But what happened?? The book remains uncompleted – I stayed in Vancouver rather than travelling across Canada and then returning to England on a Visitor’s Visa as originally planned. Not only that but fate intervened and ten weeks later I was involved in a relationship with Joo Kim Tiah, the multibillionaire. I laugh as I write that – the multibillionaire part – even though he is one, it just seems strange.

Now Mr. Tiah was not sleeping around or womanizing, or trifling with me. For one thing, he was not married and for another thing we never went to bed together. But the poor philander did have heavy competition, let us admit it. Because we were rather obsessed with one another and goodness knows where it was going. I laugh. Now the age difference does raise its ugly head as I am older than Alicia Tiah, Joo Kim’s mother. Six years older, I think. That must rankle her. What is rankle? Here we go: cause resentment to, cause annoyance to, annoy, upset, anger, irritate, offend, affront, displease, exasperate, infuriate, provoke, irk, vex, pique, nettle, gall, gnaw at, eat away at, grate on; fester; informal rile, miff, peeve, aggravate, hack off; British informal nark; North American informal tick off; vulgar slang piss off.

Why is she miffed, peeved, aggravated, and infuriated? I know but it is a secret. And I ain’t talking. Trust me, I AM NOT.

But back to my miraculous recovery and the reasons behind it. As readers of yesterday’s blog will know Charlene Jenkins said that she had prayed for my recovery,

She: Glad to hear you’re doing well. The ladies in my prayer group prayed for you also

Me: Well my recovery has been miraculous. It truly has has been! Thank your prayer group.

She: I will!

Me: I mean it. I am positively sure that their prayers helped heal me and I will come to visit when I am well.

She: O wow! Would love to see you! Always.

So Charlene lives in Baltimore. I sort of know where that is – well the pilot will most probably know or else he can get GPS – I guess. Hahahahaha n

Gotta go! I am actually getting out of this place and going to Max’s for brunch. I am going stir crazy in this apartment. Personal driver is on the way – what would I do without Personal Driver?

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