OMG Life Can Be So Damn Funny; Vaginal Health; Compliments from Chris; Email from CPI and Response Revealing New Wrinkles; Nicely Nepalese; Glamorous Picture

One thing I awoke to this morning was an article on Vaginal Health found on the NPR Health site. This is the quote that ended the article and made me laugh out load.

What is the most absurd vaginal product that you’ve come across in your research?

Ozone getting blown into your vagina. It’s highly toxic for your lungs. … I can’t imagine what it does to your vagina.

Brother some women must be nuts! That is not what a blow job is, honey. I am now laughing hysterically at my own joke. I think when I get better from this knee stuff I am going to join an Improv group. Why should my sense of humour go to waste? I mean the stand up comedy routine at the Alix Theatre (part of Alix Residences) might be a show case for my wit but the building is not due for completion until 2021. (if I remember correctly). Well, not only that, but I did not receive an invitation to perform this worthwhile function. Men?!?!? I say no more.

I awoke to a wonderful email from my computer guru commenting upon the picture sent to attach to yesterday’s blog.

He: Sooo glamorous! Xx

Me: Its the bunny. Hahahahaha

Then an email from CPI which ended with.

She: No physio and no Hottie in my life

CPI also has knee problems but she and I are undertaking a different course of action. She did not have Hottie in her life (for which she should be grateful) but it was he and the Equinox Gym in Vancouver that made my knee worse. (instead of bette)r Going up and down stairs with weighs (as illustrated on Instagram) was the worse thing EVER to do. My wonderful surgeon said the arthritis was massive and totally invasive. Thanks a lot Hottie and Liz Jacobs, the manager at Equinox who did nothing when I complained to her – not even spoke to Hottie – just excused the terrible treatment of me.

But onto bigger and better things. CPI had done some further research and reading about a certain blogger from Malaysia and included the following information, which was news to me.

She: No real research involved. Just noticed that when I searched on Google for our “conversation” about that which will remain unnamed, the hit before your blog seemed to refer to your blog in the commentary. You have to drill down in her blog through the children’s pictures and the birthday party stuff to get to mentions of business dealings with TA Global and references to her husband just winning in the Malaysian High Court of Appeal. I thought she may be the young woman in the AR video and she may have business dealings of her own. So intertwined and so in the past!!! Right??

Me: How rather amazing about that woman. The amazing thing is the husband just winning in the Malaysian High Court of Appeal. Winning what? The lottery??? Hahaha My image of Malaysia is that it is totally corrupt but who knows? I will have to do some research on The New Yorker as they fact check and what they say is most true. I guess you have to do the birthday parties and the kid stuff to attract people to the blog and then you can throw in a little heavy stuff. Those Malaysians and their numbers. Joo Kim is heavily into numbers, that is why he wanted me to put his video on my blog. I do not give a shit about my numbers. I did tell JKT(when I first met him) about my numbers and he about fainted, Needless to say he was impressed. Well, come to think of it – I am impressed.

As I write the new caregiver has arrived. She already has a nickname – it is Nicely Nepalese as she is from Nepal and she is very nice. I will tell her when I get my breakfast.

Me: You have a nickname already. It is Nicely Nepalese.

She: Oh thank you so much. I feel so honoured and I have not done anything for you as yet.

Me: But I feel you have and you will.

She: I will, your encouragement will enable me to do it.

Me: Then it is a win/win.

Elizabeth, the great woman from Home Care called to see how everything was going.

Me: Everything is going so incredibly well. The caregivers are perfect and we get along so well.

She: That is so good. How are you feeling?

Me: I am feeling fantastic! I am doing so well! No pain and I can get around really well with the stupid walker.

She: How is Home Health?

Me: Terrible! I blogged about it yesterday. I am going to fire them and go back to Presidio Sports Medicine. They were so good and they worked me harder. I want to get better, not have my medications counted.

She: I have heard good things about them. You can change providers if you wish,

Me: Thank you so much for your support and help.

A few seconds ago I got a text from Charlene Jenkins, the wonderful woman I met in Las Vegas who has a radio program of her very own about prayer. I will include the link when I can figure it out.

She: Hi Alexis. Glad you were able to tune in. How are you feeling?

Me: I am doing fantastically! It seems your prayers for me worked – that or something. Hahahaha

The picture is of me, the one that Chris mentioned but did not attach to the blog of yesterday. The one yesterday was not posted.

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