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Readers will know that I listen to a new download from Apple called Classical Motivation when blogging. The music is most inspiring and has inspired me to get married just so I can have this music played as I float down the aisle to Camille Saint-Seans Symphony 3 in C Minor. Organ Symphony Wow, is that organ symphony EVER celebratory. I am imagining taking part in the ceremony (besides being the bride) by reading Psalm 23, the reading unnecessary because I know it by heart as I say it pretty well every day. I fear crying when it comes to the end:

“Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. “ I often cry when I come to that part, for reasons that will remain entirely private.

But this is getting awfully complicated, this wedding. It is going to have to be in a place with an organ and perhaps a symphony orchestra. A venue, a venue, my kingdom for a venue! Perhaps the Orpheum in Vancouver, it having a symphony orchestra AND, if I recall, an organ. It will be an enormous pain to go back to Vancouver but there will be my Amy to do my nails and my Vicky to do my hair. I guess it might be possible to be very trendy and have more than one ceremony – maybe in more than one country. There is another wonderful piece of music a Coronation Anthem – with an actual choir. Handel Coronation Anthem No. 1, HWV 258 “Zadok the Priest” By: Handel. Carl Davis, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir. The choir’s voices swell: “God Save The King” they intone. Intone a perfect word: chant, intonate, sing, recite; rare cantillate.

Now here is my absolutely devilish sense of humour. Devilish! The music will be played at the second wedding and President Trump will ‘give me away’. The Coronation Anthem will soar as we approach the groom.. At this point, I turn, face the guests and say; “Actually Donald this is NOT about you. You are not a King and it is all about me and my handsome groom.” And President Trump will just laugh. President Trump has a desperate need – someone to sass him and boy can I ever sass!!. Ask Joo Kim Tiah and the Emperor. Maybe those two will be at the wedding? Well, this choice of music broadens the venue a bit – the second wedding does not need an organ. PHEW – those organs are hard to get – ask any woman. Hahahaha. So I can be a brat, as you just saw. What is a brat? A badly behaved child, spoilt child; rascal, wretch, imp, whippersnapper; minx, chit; informal monster, horror; North American informal hellion; archaic jackanapes.

I would prefer to be an imp if it is all the same to you. Perhaps a minx but not the others, certainly not whippersnapper.

By the way one of mu brilliant friends summed up Trump: “In Trump you have a Shakespearean character of immense scale; makes Falstaff look like a man of principle and forbearance. There must be someone putting him onto stage, though i suppose its difficult when the man himself is so theatrical.” I have got to keep that guy around – not Trump of course, but the brilliant friend.

Now this is a total non sequitur which is a a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

I was in the Verizon office on August 3, 2019, was casually Googling and came upon something quite by accident

Me: Oh God – NO!

Verizon employee: What happened?? Did someone die? You sound so distressed!

Me: Not exactly, nobody died.

What caused such distress? There was a picture of Joo Kim Tiah and his mother with the following headline: TA Global Eyes Buyers for Alix Residences – with this absolutely beautiful building in the background. A stunning building, exciting in every sense of the word. In June or July of 2017 the following email exchange took place.

Me: I am here in Edmonton, looking at the skyline, at scores of high rise buildings that were not here before. They are so uniformly ugly and awful. Then there is your building in Vancouver, your Tower.

He: (Joo Kim Tiah) You inspire me to do more.

Honest that exchange took place. I have it in writing, well it is an email but that still is a writing.

Why Alix Residences? I am not sure but Alix is my diminutive – called that by a handful of people only. Everyone calls me Alexis. My parents and one or two others later in my life.were the only ones who called me Alix.

The buildings are in Kiara North in Kuala Lumpur. The Residences are “targeted to those planning to stay in an affluent location at an attainable price.”

“Not only is it highly competitive, but the end consumer is becoming more educated and in particular the things they place value or give priority to. We’re excited to introduce Alix Residences to the market,” Joo Kim Tiah said.Alix Residences, which has a gross development value of RM507 million, is nestled within a 1.84ha freehold site.

The place is going to have EVERYTHING, all within an absolutely beautiful environment.

“Its promise of a chic urban lifestyle is delivered through the offering of best-in-class facilities comprising the first residential sky futsal in Kiara North, a tennis court, a yoga studio, a gym, a sky pool, a grand pool, a kid’s pool, a jacuzzi, a jogging track, a children’s playground, dining alcove, BBQ deck, hammock garden, Alix theatre, sky dining and sky bar & outdoor dining.”

I do admit to having a difficult time processing all of this – but again my sense of humour came out to play. I decided to volunteer to come to the Alix theatre and perform a stand up comedy routine, with the proceeds going to charity. Not knowing how big the venue it is therefore difficult, at this point, to get the price of admission set. But it shall be a pretty penny, that is for sure. What will be the charity? To provide affordable housing within the Alix Residences for one Malaysian family of limited means. It is not Joo Kim’s job to provide affordable housing – he is the developer. So I will help out. I am sure many, many people will come to laugh with (and at) me. I do have experience by the way – once in a pub in London on May 31, 2015. I was funny but hated it, it felt like I was prostituting my sense of humour. But I could do it to provide housing for a family that needed same – in a beautiful place like that. No problem at all.

So, just google Alix Residences. The theme of the development is “Brazenly Authentic..”More about THAT in the blog of tomorrow or the next day. I actually managed to download from the site, a rendition of the two towers. Stunning, you do have to admit. I admit it – STUNNING!!!!

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