Feeling Powerful; Good Wishes from Holborn Group; Equinox in Big Trouble; Adage and Repercussion Defined; Chickens Come Home to Roost, Boullete’s Larder; Just Do It Alexis

Two whole days with no knee appointments , such freedom. I do so want to get this over with. Many send good wishes, some unlikely sources. Holborn Group on Instagram.

They: Sending good vibes your way and wishes for a successful surgery/speedy recovery.

Me: Again how sweet of you! I am a tough old broad with excellent medical insurance and the best surgeon and hospital. It will be fantastic to be mobile again. I cannot wait.

But this is what makes it more than unlikely – highly strange. Holborn Group ‘owns’ the block where the Equinox gym is located. The Equinox gym had much to do with the deterioration of my knee as described. In my July 27, 2019 blog and repeated here.

“Later in the day I received a video of the recommended exercises. I forwarded them to Liz Jacobs of the Vancouver Equinox and to Hottie telling them that these were helpful exercises and ones I should have been provided. Instead Hottie, for his own personal gratification, put me through a series of exercises (recorded on Instagram) which advanced the bone on bone that requires knee surgery. I complained directly to Liz Jacobs and she did nothing, not even told Hottie of the valid complaints. So other people will be damaged and forced into pain for perhaps years as there are huge waiting lists for knee replacement surgery in Canada. One can wait years for knee replacement surgery. I am so glad I am out of that country and they are probably not sad to see me go as I speak out about injustices rather than swallow them whole, as is the bent of Canadians. I feel most vengeful towards the Equinox as they robbed me of considerable funds and left me almost crippled. They thought they got away with it but Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold. Other people who have done me harm must remember that. You may think you got away with it but when you least expect it….WHAM!”

Well – friend Jennifer sent the following email two days ago.

She: Just saw this on the national news. Wasn’t Equinox your gym in Vancouver? Seems they’re in a little hot water.


Me: Darling! OMG about the Equinox. More later!

So there shall be backlash and member cancellation facing Equinox. Hmmmmm. New readers shall not know that I try carefully to mind Uncle Dave Dryburgh’s adage:

He: Alexis! Stop fighting! Go the the sidelines and watch. They will do themselves in!

What is an adage? It is a saying, maxim, axiom, proverb, aphorism, saw, dictum, precept, epigram, epigraph, motto, truism, platitude, cliché, commonplace; words of wisdom, pearls of wisdom; expression, phrase, formula, slogan, quotation.

Actually I do prefer proverb, Uncle Dave’s proverb, it sounds so very biblical and I do think this has a great deal to do with God. If one messes with me (and I am able to contain my fighting) revenge does get heaped upon the offender. Do remember Dolphin Square and Julie Wheelwright.

But there are more repercussions which is the same as a consequence, result, effect, outcome, by-product; reverberation, backlash, ripple, shock wave; aftermath, footprint, fallout.

Instagram entries show that the good guys, the competent trainers at Vancouver’s Equinox have already jumped ship and gone to a new gym. They are doing some very interesting things – sort of dancing with (not wolves but) weights. Therefore, Ms. Jacobs has lost her best trainers which will send a shock wave to membership rolls.

Obviously, I had nothing to do with this, nothing at all. Not only did I go to the sidelines Uncle Dave, I went to San Francisco. Hahahaha

But the plot thickens. A little known fact is that the Emperor of Olde (Phillipp Posch) – when relieved of his responsibilities at the Trump International Hotel and Tower went onto New York, his new position is opening Equinox hotels – hotels opened in conjunction with Equinox gyms. Will this “Jennifer sent news” effect him? Most certainly!

Did the Emperor do anything to harm me? Of course he did! He told lies about me to Joo Kim Tiah and Mr. Tiah believed him and that led me to tell Mr. Tiah where to go. It was not a very adult or kind thing and I do regret it. But one has to take responsibility for one’s actions and I have. I have tried to apologize but Mr. Tiah is not accepting my apologies. What was the Emperor’s motivation in doing this – telling lies about me? I do not know but this is a conversation that took place at the Vancouver Trump International Hotel and Tower. .

Emperor: Why did you choose him over me?

Me: Well for one thing he is single.

Emperor: I would have left my wife and kids for you.

Me: That is just too messy.

All of this was all rather jocular, but it actually was not ,and I did report this conversation to Joo Kim Tiah. This conversation did occur before the break up between Mr. Tiah and myself.

This is the last time I saw the Emperor. It was on West Georgia Street and I was going to the Equinox. The Emperor tried to ignore me but I persisted. The Emperor held open the door of the Equinox for me and asked.

He: How do you like your new apartment?

Me: I love it. It is so well equipped – it even came with a vibrator.

I pride myself for my truth telling: “I always tell the truth, except sometimes I exaggerate.” I told a lie there as the apartment did not come equipped with a vibrator. But it sure made a good story and the Emperor almost fainted. I love getting the last word, I love winning.

Me: I love winning!

Sugar 1664: That is why I respect you.

The chickens have come home to roost. I did, of course, have to look this saying up.

“This rather old saying, ‘chickens have come home to roost’, is normally used to mean that the bad things that someone has done in the past have come back to bite or haunt the individual. In other words, you are telling someone that he has to face the consequences of the deeds done in the past — though he may have committed them a long time ago.” By the way, I just now read that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in jail. I guess he finally got some consequences and he is definitely going to the warm place. Hahaha

But let the record reflect (as we lawyer’s say). I did go to the sidelines, even onto San Francisco.

I returned to San Francisco from Marin on the Larkspur Ferry yesterday and was joyous to return. I began to sing: I Left My Heart in San Francisco – poor people around me as I cannot sing. Two employees who work for Golden Gate Transit were so incredibly helpful – thank you Adrian and female Shawn. Then I happened upon a wonderful restaurant at the Ferry Building – one that has been there for years. I remember eating there in the past – pre London and Vancouver days. It has even improved, it was joyous to see. Boulette’s Larder, the food and flowers are pictured below. I also met a wonderful woman from New York and we had the BEST chat. Mostly about some strange stuff in my life. She had great advice:

She: Just do it Alexis.

Me: Ok.

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