I am Back; Languorous Unpacking; Basking In the Attention of New Found Friends; Problems Inherent in Meeting People Through Instagram; Smiling Not Necessarily Related to Happiness Say the Scientists; Flowers

I am back home, so welcome to be free of the hustle and heat that was Vegas. Practically comatose, languorously unpacking. Languor: tiredness or inactivity, especially when pleasurable: her whole being was pervaded by a dreamy languor.

There was napping and basking in the attention of three newly met men. One texts:

He: U are a stress reliever.

Me; What an interesting thing to say. I am flattered, not thinking of myself in that light.

He: Well let it be.

It was a grey day in San Francisco with temperatures hovering in the 61 degree range. Jealousy from Terry in Missouri where “highs over 100 and overnight lows still in the 80s and high humidity,”

Me: Move to San Francisco.

Then from another:

Me: Its a grey foggy day. Perfect for cuddling.

He: I love days like that.

Me: Me too.

It can well be said that I am basking in the attention of my new found friends. Bask: revel, luxuriate, wallow, delight, take pleasure, rejoice, glory, indulge oneself; enjoy, relish, savour, lap up; informal get a kick out of, get a thrill out of, get a charge from.

So I do get a thrill out of, get a charge from and wallow in getting attention from others, seemingly having more luck with men then from women. But Jennifer sent pictures from her garden, Tracey an update on activities and CPI a long article on the Vancouver development known as Little Mountain, or rather the lack of development and progress of Little Mountain. Such a stalled plan would never exist under the planning directives of California statutes. There is nothing to be done (well by me anyway) as I have flown the coop. What does that expression mean? (If you say that someone has flown the coop, you mean that they have left a place or situation that limits their freedom).

That does seem an accurate use of “flown the coop” as oppressive taxation, poor medical care and passive acceptance of corruption at all levels of government does limit freedom.

But back to Vegas briefly. Not sure if anyone is sitting at the edge of their seat wondering about Grandson’s wedding but here is the final word. The wedding was at two, it is the hottest day In Vegas history. At one p.m. or 1300 a text with the address of the wedding chapel arrives. No information about the location of the nuptials had hereto forth been received.

Me: My dear! It is one, there is no way I can get dressed and make it to the wedding on time.

Me: What a waste of my white linen dress with matching tiara that says Here comes the Bride. I shall have to get married myself. Desperate measures for desperate times.

So instead it was a yummy lunch consisting of cheese quesadillas at the Desert Rose Resort, meeting two great people, Andre and Mary, later going to the Mirage where they had the biggest fish tank in the lobby. It was SO HOT driving down the Strip that I was sure I would melt or die but air-conditioning was found eventually. I get so grouchy in the heat and once said to someone that if I lived near the Equator I would become a mass murderer.

He: Alexis, we have air conditioning in this country.

Me: Good for you!

Then it was back to the Resort and meeting another nice man by the name of Carl who had the most interesting blue eyes.

So what happened with all of these big wedding plans and the proposed meaningful interaction between Grandson and G.Ma Alexis? Who is to know and there is no way to find out. It does point to the folly of meeting individuals on Instagram. As Tracey so wisely commented:

She: Always better to meet first in person to get a sense of the real person.

Me: I totally agree. I have been stung more than once by Instagram men, suffered no economic loss although a lot of time was wasted in communications, that in retrospect, proved

neither real nor meaningful.

My information grew following a chance meeting. Lisa, visiting Vegas with a friend, invited me to join her for lunch at Sid’s in Vegas when the chasm was first apparent and we spoke of the hurt I was feeling. She was a treasure trove of social media information. It was her opinion that certain individuals develop an Instagram persona that has nothing to do with who they are in real life, and although they strive mightily to live up to their Instagram image. It is impossible to sustain in real life. Her knowledge was credible making me wonder if taking some time off of Instagram might be advisable but it is a good way to remain in contact with faraway people (that I have met). There are others, strangers who share profound wisdoms which serve as learning tools. I will hang in there for awhile and see how it goes. As I get more settled in my neighbourhood there may be less need for this form of social interaction. Moreover, there are all the new people in my life, met in Vegas, to text and email and perhaps visit.

While in Vegas, receiving a NPR Health email, a new wisdom was received – news that smiling is not all that it is cracked up to be. “Genuine smiles are a tonic to the soul. But can smiling when you’re sad change your mood? Dick Van Dyke sang about the phenomenon — and so did Nat King Cole. Psychologists today now say that it is not that simple. A recent study that reviewed around 50 years of data, including the results of nearly 300 experiments testing the facial feedback theory, has found that if smiling boosts happiness, it’s only by a tiny bit.”

Scientists are also looking at laughter. “Most of the laughter we produce is purely social,” says neuroscientist Sophie Scott. “Laughter is a very good index of how we feel about the people that we’re with.”

Here is an example of my life. During my stay at the Desert Rose Resort a woman, with whom I had spoken on the phone, observed my chatter and demeanour amongst people in the lobby. :

She: You must be Alexis. I can recognize that laugh anywhere.

Me: Thanks., that is me. I have the loudest laugh in Vegas. I have the loudest laugh in San Francisco, the loudest laugh in Vancouver and the loudest laugh in London. I am known for my laugh.

Well I smile quite a bit as well but that dos not seem to be doing much according to those scientists so Laughter shall be the way.

Photographs of flowers from Jennifer’s garden grace this blog.

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