Insights from a Restaurant in the Village in Marin; A Service Dog That Was Not a Service Dog; Disillusionment with Marin County; Advice From an Unexpected Source

Why do people go out in public and not be in public? A woman huddles in a corner table with an IPad with earphones in the bar/restaurant. A man comes here to conduct business (I guess). I guess. He has earphones and this is his second beer – he is armed with a wedding ring. This is not the first time he has been here. I converse laughingly with the guy that is here to talk – commonly known as the bartender. I have no competition from those two for the attention from the staff. And I do love winning. The contrast between this two and their habits is diametrically opposite. I write from bed (alone in bed to be clear). When I am out in public, I am out in public. A sudden thought occurs (which I suppose should have been obvious) the man who uses the bar as an office does so because he can not afford, and does not have an office. How sad! There are two men of my acquaintance – one is a multimillionaire, the other a multibillionaire. I have NEVER seen either of these two men ever do business in a bar, in a restaurant or ANYWHERE in my near proximity. Here is the good news about those guys (both of them handsome by the way). They certainly protect me from these lesser beings that surround me, these men (not all that attractive, drinking beer in a bar/restaurant in the middle of the day) hold no allure. This does mean that I can be chaste although chaste – hahahaha.

The restaurant mentioned was located in the Village in Marin County – an upscale shopping centre with a Nordstrom’s, a Macy’s and a number of upscale stores and shops. I am there attempting to resolve my dreadful Verizon problem which, thanks to the absolutely fabulous store manager, was eventually resolved. It was not entirely resolved to my satisfaction but at the present moment I am back functioning in the savvy internet community. There is something seriously flawed about the functioning of the company but, I can solve that problem later-and/or switch to another provider. My Apple computer was similarly not functioning but a quick visit to the Apple store also brought relief and magic it is working again. So all five of my Apple devices are functional at the present time. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.

As if per magic Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition plays on my computer.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

And we’ll all stay free.

Wikipedia informs me that “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” is an American patriotic song by Frank Loesser,[1] and published as sheet music in 1942 by Famous Music Corp. The song was a response to the attack on Pearl Harbor that marked United States involvement in World War II.

But I digress, which becomes the word of the day – a verb: deviate, go off at a tangent, diverge, turn aside, turn away, depart, drift, stray, ramble, wander, meander, maunder; get off the subject, stray from the subject, stray from the point, deviate from the topic, get sidetracked, lose the thread; ANTONYMS keep/stick to the point..

So I meandered, strayed from the subject and got sidetracked. Back to the restaurant. It was a very convivial enjoying conversations with staff and other patrons free of devices and earphones. An older woman and her daughter strode in with a dog – a fluffy white thing. I spoke lightly and with wonder.

Me: I did not think that dogs were allowed into this restaurant.

Daughter: This is a service dog.

Me: That is no more a service dog than I am a service dog.

Daughter: You are being rude.

Me: I am being rude? At least I do not disobey laws under a clear and ridiculous lie.

I then hurriedly got my possessions together and left the restaurant. Of course, the staff took the side of the fake service dog. The solution to the problem? I shall never go the that restaurant again. Dogs ran rampant at the Village also invading the Apple Store space. I have complained to Apple management to no avail. It is so Marin, so politically correct, so profit motivated, so phoney. There are dogs here in San Francisco but they are under control and rules are enforced. The Larkspur ferry has a sign which clearly indicates what is, and what is not, a service dog – and this furry creature would never meet the criteria. The Apple store and the restaurant could place a similar sign on their premises but they will not.

I was in Marin, for two other reasons. To meet with my professionals who are located in Marin County – my Internist and my very able financial advisor. He replaced a prior one, Nicholas Grose who was inept but was relieved of that duty. The two appointments were spread apart but I was able to perform other the other tasks, and grab some lunch because of North Bay Taxi who picked me up from the ferry terminal, dropped me off to the financial planner and then to the doctor and in the long run gave me a ride back to my beloved San Francisco. I am, of course, going to keep running back to my professionals located in Marin County as they are most competent, most able and most loyal. But I am happy to be away from Marin County where being entitled is the way of life and rude children and ‘service dogs’ run rampant. .

The theory of cross pollination comes to play. . My financial advisor’s job is to give me advice concerning the use of my investments to prepare me for the future. My future is a bit cloudy due to the presence of certain men on the periphery of my existence. Knowing the facts of the situation and the people involved the helpful men made the most astute comment.

He: They are playing games with you! If you really care about someone, you do not play games with her.

Me: My goodness you are right. Thank you for your comments – they are so valuable.

He: Thank you! I am to assist in your financial future and I have just done so.

Me: What do I do now?

Well he told me, but I ain’t sharing. You get what you pay for, well sort of. I do have medical coverage for psychiatric services but he is not a psychiatrist – he is, after all, my financial advisor. Later I met with my Internist – he did not give me financial advice. Interestingly enough, he was also the physician to my deceased third husband. In the past, he has given me advice about that situation as it concerned my well being. My Internist is most happy for my new life – you are not getting his name and besides his practice is closed anyway. He is the best in the whole County as far as I am concerned (and most who are privileged to know him agree ). There were no service dogs in the waiting room, by the way.

Yesterday was Canada Day and I was reminded of Canada Day 2017, a mere two years ago. I guess I will speak of it on July 4. So many things have changed. Happy Canada Day said a fellow Canadian. I began to speak of Canada Day 2017 and began to weep. Hard, not softly.

He: It seems like you are missing him especially today.

Me: (through the tears) Well him and everything else.

I went to Canada with so many hopes and expectations, they were dashed.

Attached to this blog are two photographs. One, the sign from the Golden Gate Ferry System which addressed the subject of Service Dogs and the other could be titled Crossing to San Francisco PHEW

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