I Guess I Was Not Paying Attention But Boy Was I Surprised When This Showed Up On Instagram; But A Happy Ending Involving a White Dress and Shoes

I am not sure at this point in time when my friendship with Grandson began, perhaps February. Early on I was invited to the wedding in Las Vegas and gracefully accepted. I just assumed seeing the gorgeous hunk of a man that Grandson is that he was marrying a woman. He models with gorgeous black woman and I surmised that one of them was to be the bride. Now that I look at things more closely I do see that in his life’s story there is a reference to his fiancé with a HE in the same sentence. But I guess I thought it was a typographical error. Of course the word of the day is fiancé, its origins are French: betrothed, husband-to-be, future husband, prospective husband, prospective spouse; informal and dated intended.

“So I was sitting at breakfast in my San Francisco homeless shelter, minding my own business when an Instagram from Grandson popped up. This is what it said and I was most suprised.

I’m late. But I watched Empire today. The episode When Jamal and Kai get married. I burst into tears. Seeing all of that was very moving and so touching to me. But I was sad knowing that my day won’t have many people I love and care about there.

But all of that aside I am just so happy and blessed and overjoyed with the special person I have Will be with me by my side forever in just 1 month and7 days.

Our love is all that matters in the end. I love you very much my prince. And every day no matter how good or bad.

I’ll always be there for you my love. U make me smile bigger than anyone has before. When I’m sad or down U heal me and lift me bak again. You are a fiery lil thang. But my waters cool and calm u.

We make steam. And passion every time we make love. U are what makes me whole. And on this day. Till the special day. And all the days that come I want u to know I love u and u are my home.

This response from stevo_the_divo Big Daddy I could not agree more. It could be 2 people there and it still would be the best of my life bc I am sharing it with you.

He: I could not agree more baby boy. “

It is fascinating what happened in the breakfast room of my San Francisco Inn. I read the first paragraph and began to absolutely sob in empathy for Grandson. No little trickles of tears but heaving sobs. A wonderful woman ran to my side from across the room bringing me a Kleenex.

She: Oh my goodness what is wrong! You always seem so happy. I was here in April when you were and you always are so joyous.

Me: What a wonderful gesture on your part and thank you so very much for your concern and love. I will come and tell you about it.

I did and we had a very long, intimate and caring conversation about families – the ones you are born with and the ones you make. She had some similar situations happen in her life, similar to mine and the sharing made the pain lessen. Pain for Grandson and pain for myself. It was restorative and I will never forget it.

I did, by the way, immediately respond to Grandson telling him that I would be there at his side. He immediately responded with thankfulness and appreciation. My response and his reply are no longer on the Instagram post.

But here is some humour – I can definitely be relied upon for that. I emailed a friend, a guy, with the following story. Some weeks ago I went shopping for a dress for the wedding and came upon a gorgeous white linen wrap dress. But ,chatting with the sales person, decided that I would not want to compete with the bride. But upon the discovery of the gay marriage I rushed to the store and made the purchase. I do not know the dress code but it is highly unlikely that they shall be wearing white dresses. Pale blue tank underneath, great shoes purchased on sae. I am ready for this. I volunteered to give Grandson away – such a strange sight it will be. The photograph is of the shoes.

I emailed Grandson some questions but he has not responded as yet. By the way I did have his permission to air this.

Me: Is it ok with you that I take what you said on Instagram and put it on my blog?

He: Sure G.Ma

Me: You are such a goof Grandson.

Me: Oops A good Grandson – not a goof Grandson.

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