Almost Entirely About Grandson; But Remembrances From a Funeral and Me in a Nightshirt s With a Message

The next three or four blogs are going to be about my Grandson, who is obviously not my real grandson. I am the age of his G.Ma who died in the past and everyone needs a G.Ma. Well , even more than one, but least one. So I am the G.Ma for Grandson whose real name is Antonio Jones But to me – he is Grandson, his name seems rather strange to me actually. I am taking the conclusion of his story from my March March 30, 2019 blog, it was written by Grandson. The story began on my March 28, 2019 blog. We are leading up to the day when he will be wed in Las Vegas, California. I will be there being proud to be his G.Ma. Here is his voice. Such a relief, you are saying, I do not have to be reading her for awhile.

“But I’m a lean ripped 185 pound fine strong black king regardless. Yes at times I did think I was going to die. I mean I really should have. I lost so many pints of blood in my body I nearly bled to death. My body went into shock. And I was in a coma for two weeks the second time I had been shot. So do I think I was going to die. No. The answer is I should have. The doctors themselves after, when I would go back to them for check ups would say. U are a total miracle to till be alive. One doctor said your body and heart are very strong. U kept fighting even when things were bleak. And u made it through. Can u imagine hearing this from a doctor. That u should have died. I cried tears of joy. Just happy to still be alive and still having a chance to live. The whole experience changed my life right then and there. After I was well enough to walk and get around on my own again. I really started to watch the company I keep. It’s just my big heart has gotten me in a lot of trouble. I always thought that I could help or save someone who was goin’ down a different path than me. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to help or save folks. Its just..u can only save, or help someone who truly trying to help and save themselves in the end. I almost died protecting friends at that time who really didn’t care about anyone or anything it seems at that moment. I asked myself would they have done the same for me. What if I died?What would they say to my family? Yes my life changed then. Now I just want positivity and good vibes and ambition. Around me. No drama, absolutely no negativity”

Well, its me again. What I love in Grandson’s story, the very most, is the moment that he realizes that those “friends’ would never have done the same for him. And what would have they said to his family? Now what he wants its positivity and good vibes and ambition around him. THAT IS ME!! He wants no drama, absolutely no negativity. THAT IS ME.

So I have this incredibly handsome and fit Grandson AND I had no labor pains, moreover, I did not have to pay for his education, his medical care, did not have to buy groceries for him. Goodness gracious, what a bargain! He is in almost daily contact with me and tells me often.

He; G. Ma I love U

Me: Grandson, how did you know that I needed to hear that just now. I am having such a difficult day.

It is not exactly a traditional relationship – we scarcely look alike. There is NO WAY I would ever pass for his real grandmother. I tenderly remember a moment from my past. It was July 2017, a church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The occasion was the funeral of my “ Wished For Dad”. Hundreds of people were in attendance. I was in a position of great honour, in the front pews with the family. Everyone was chronicled in the wonderfully respectful ‘sermon’ by “Dad’s” son and in the tribute handed to everyone. But there was no mention of me – and who I was. It was confusing because I followed Dad’s ashes down the centre aisle of the church – weeping, my hands clasped in prayerful devotion. The real family followed me. We reached the door, I gave “Dad” a blow kiss and spoke to friend Colette, my introduction to this wonderful family who had supported me over the years.

Me: I bet everyone is going to wonder who I am??

She: (laughingly) Let’s leave them guessing!

So I walked out of the reception line and stood under a tree – it was so hot in Edmonton that day. I emailed Joo Kim Tiah, who immediately responded.

Me: My goodness! This has been incredible! I have had a religious conversion! It is amazing!

He: What church will you attend?

Me: Joo Kim, it is a little early for a decision like that!

I then joined my “family’ which is not my real family. I had attended the wedding of one of my ‘sister’s’ sons in Las Vegas about eight years ago. Now, in a strange way, I am forming a family of my own. Who knows who will be in it? Well Grandson, that is not my real Grandson for one. I am not so much in touch with the others in the story told about the past. But reparations are being made. You thought you were going to get away with no word definitions, Hahaha on you. Here it comes, reparation which has the following synonyms: compensation, recompense, reparation, damages, indemnification, indemnity, reimbursement, repayment, remuneration, reward, redress, satisfaction; quid pro quo.

The redress, satisfaction and quid pro quo is not with who you might imagine it to be. It is actually a total surprise to me, of all people.

The photograph attached is silly, it was posted on Instagram this morning, with the following:

Me: My ‘sexy’ nightwear enables me to say Good Night in almost every language (just in case). At this point only 14 likes. Hmmmmm .

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