It’s My Birthday; and I Have a Choice of Which One To Celebrate; Ivanka Trump Wishes Me Happy Birthday; Having One’s Cake and Eating It Too; Me and My Bunny

It is five in the morning here in San Francisco California and I am awake and alert. Yesterday morning, while writing the blog in the breakfast room I got three messages. The first – Alexis McBride’s 76th birthday is tomorrow. I laughed to myself and those nearby:

Me: Thanks but I figured that one out myself.

Then another one flashed: Alexis McBride’s 6th birthday is tomorrow.

Me: So I guess I have a choice. I can be either 6 or 76 and I guess, if it is all the same to you, I shall be 6.

Then another message flashes telling me that it is my 69th birthday.

This is all quite confusing and I laugh.

I wake up to a Happy Birthday message from the Ivanka Trump Spa in the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver. Hmmmmmmm

I have a card from Tracey to open and my bunny PUN is at my side. I finally got my USA phone straightened out. I had my cake (and ate it too) at Max’s. Placed the video on Instagram – the singer at the last minute went running off but it was successful enough. Thank goodness only one candle to blow out.

Even at this moment it is the best birthday ever. My maternal Uncle Allan Pirie was killed the day I was born – shot down over Germany during WWII. . My birthdays as a child were strange occasions as grief permeated the celebration. I feel none of that today as I celebrate my 6th, my 76th and my 69th birthday – all rolled into one.

That is it for the blog for today. I shall be working on a new feature for the blog , a dialogue between a man and myself, quite diametrically opposite. The idea was born on Instagram. Onward with the day!!

The photograph is of me and my bunny in bed – definitely the six year old birthday. Hahahah

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