The Day That Will Live in Infamy; Book Reader versus Phone Addict; More Birthday Shenanigans; Ending in Conversations with CPI

Well, that was a play on words as, course, it is not a day that will live on in infamy – it is just my birthday. Infamy shall become a word for today. Infamy, a noun; the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed: a day that will live in infamy | he thrived on the infamy and vilification.

This day, my birthday, continued on and on and on and on. It has been so precious, at this moment of writing 11:45. There were greetings from afar, and I do mean afar. Emily vacationing in Milan, CPI , my high school and University friend in Vancouver, Chris and Claire, my blog master and wife in England, Jennifer in California and scores of people on Instagram. I am definitely a popular woman and feel most cared for. Tracey gave me a precious little book: A Little Book of Journeys. It is darling, absolutely darling. Follow Your Own Star it intones and here are a few of the pages, all of which are beautifully illustrated.

If everyone’s going left, go right. (well, goodness knows that is me)

If light is in you heart. You will find your way home. (attributed to Rumi)

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the Life You’ve Imagined. (Thoreau)

Live by the Currents. Plan by the Tides. Follow the Sun.

To Those Who Can Dream. There is No Such Place as Faraway.

He Who Would Search For Pearls. Must Dive Below

Books Are The Most Magical Form of Transportation Ever Invented.

There are more wonderful little sayings and you will hear about them later.

I strolled into Chez Mama just the other day. It is my favourite place on Gough Street.. A young and handsome man was seated at the bar reading a book. I was transfixed.

Me: My goodness you are reading a book! How charming! People do not seem to read books these days.

He: Don’t you read books?

Me: Not so much. It is interesting, now I write and so I do not have the time to spend reading. But I am reading David Brook’s new book at the moment.

The Young Man was actually reading a book in French and using a dictionary to translate the words he did not know. It was highly impressive. Seated on my left was a young woman, glued to her phone. She did not look to the left or right – just poured herself into her phone. I did volunteer to the Young Man that I could switch seats and so they (similiar age range) could get to know one another.

He: No thanks.

Well, no wonder. She was all preoccupied with somebody, somewhere or something. He was living in the moment, learning French in a French restaurant. That made some sense to me and I find that just by going to that wonderful restaurant my high school French comes bounding back to me. It works.

But back to my birthday, My personal driver gave me a ride to a doctor’s appointment in Marin. A personal driver, you question? Well yes, it is complicated but true and it totally works for me and for him. He drives a cab but makes himself available and the chariot arrives at my hotel at the appointed hour and off I go. After my appointment, another taxi, stopping at my bank to get $$$$ and then to the Larkspur Ferry for a ride back to San Francisco. It was a beautiful day on the Bay and I remembered many wonderful experiences had during my many years living near the City by the Bay. I did one of my Instagram videos praising the day and mentioning the joy in leaving Marin, where I had resided from 1971until 2014. I have no desire whatsoever to live there and feel relief to be returning to the City The ferry pulled up to the San Francisco Ferry Building and while there three things were accomplished.

1 Ordered the book which will be the cornerstone of the new addition to the blog.

2 Purchased a senior transportation pass which will get me on and off most modes of public transportation

3 Went to Cowgirl Creamery and had the best grilled cheese sandwich of my entire life which was accompanied my a glass of champagne because I was my birthday. I laughed and chatted with the serving people and totally enjoyed myself.

Then I jumped into another cab and came back to my hotel. The cabdriver was from Hong Kong originally but we actually had so much in common, despite the fact that I was born in Saskatchewan. Our value systems identical in terms of the importance of education for youth and other matters. I recalled the education of an extremely rich Asian family I knew and it made me proud of their accomplishments. (not that I had anything to do with it). It was a soothing experience for many reasons.

I strode into my home saying: “Honey I am home” and was greeted with birthday wishes. Utterly exhausted it was up to my room where I atypically watched television with news of Mueller speaking publicly, followed by educated pundits. says smart things. Pundit, second word of the day., a noun with Sanskrit origins: an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called upon to give their opinions to the public (Political pundits were tipping him for promotion) .

Next a glance at Instagram and responding to the many, many well-wishers (as it is my birthday). It was a great day, not as anticipated and no damn flowers BUT I felt totally cherished and cared for on my birthday. That is all one can wish for in life. My bunny greeted my return – he did not go with me because he is white and might have gotten dirty. He was so nice to come home to – much better than some guy. Well, the kind I have been associating with lately.

CPI send a most amusing email.

She: Often wondered what the use was in having the cake if you couldn’t eat it. My, you seem to be regressing – 76, 69, 6!

Me: It is far better to regress rather than age. I do wonder about the origins of the cake phrase.

So I did look it up and this is what I found: This phrase is easier to understand if it is read as “You can’t eat your cake, and have it too”. Obviously once you’ve eaten your cake, you won’t have it any more. Used for expressing the impossibility of having something both ways, if those two ways conflict

Sometimes I wonder what you all will do without me. I sent an email to CPI saying:

Me: I am all over social media.

She: Does that mean you are giving it up or that you are a star.

Me: I am a star but I am going to give it up at some point, I guess.

I am now on top of the bed, a wonderful employee just brought me ice cubes and I shall rest soon, have sweet dreams and wake e up and be happy. Living well is the best revenge.

I include a funny from my Icelandic man Dagsson. It is actually the story of my ‘romantic’ relationships – thank goodness.

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