Reconnoitring; Getting the Show on the Road; ‘Grandson’ Gets Even Grander; An Updated About Me on the Blog; and Other Tales of Joy and Sorrow

So I sat myself down and did some basic reconnoitring which shall, of course, be the word of the day and we here go: make a reconnaissance of, explore, scout (out), make a survey of, make an observation of; find out the lie of the land, see how the land lies; investigate, examine, spy out, scrutinize, scan, inspect, observe, take a look at, take stock of; patrol; informal of, case, case the joint, check out; British informal take a shufti round, suss out; North American informal recon..

Radical changes came into my life even since my voluntary recusal from Vancouver. I suppose we will throw in two words of the day and make recusal the second word – which basically means reject. I rejected myself from Vancouver. The first major step was to delay knee replacement surgery which was made possible because of the cortisone shot – that cleared things up and made a space for things to happen. I have got to back to Vancouver to conduct a retrieval mission, see friends particularly including Tracey who will have returned from New Zealand. My birthday loomed and a decision was made to spend it it. I wrote and made reservations – my guest list changed an now I will be joined by Flower Girl and Flower Girl’s wife, new friends met on my Iceland trip. I love London and so miss my old friends. I particularly hunger to see them because my plans of living in London were recently abandoned I decided that it was my friends I wanted to see not particularly attend the rigorous school and be under the thumb if a critical woman. The critical woman scenario is one familiar to me – first my mother, some others but culminating in Julie Wheelwright during my prior London sojourn. I will place extraneous clothes and other items in storage in Marin and travel light. When finished with my London sojourn it will be back to San Francisco to find an apartment – unless Prince Charles becomes available. If not it will be knee surgery when I have a support system to assist me. One must be flexible.

I am loving the moment in which I live. I love his hotel and the staff and yours truly have such a good time with them but then there is more. The guests at this hotel are good and interesting people and meeting so many of them has been a delight. The clientele at this hotel is much different than those at the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Many Inn guests are here to partake of the symphony, opera and ballet. None of them are going to dreaded Drai’s a vulgar and tasteless night club on the bottom floor of the Vancouver Trump that attracted all of the bottom feeders. I railed against the place a the time, thought my efforts unsuccessful but then went to the sidelines rather than fight (thank you Uncle Dave). The place faded away and died early this year. I won that battle – and perhaps the war.

My every day here is enhanced and made meaningful with the emotional support of the staff. I f I thrive on emotional support. Everyone does. My finest moments are those when I am surrounded by emotional support – not criticism and disdain. I now can choose my environment and my friends. Grandson ( not my real grandson) responded to a picture circulated of me and a handsome gentleman. The initial statement is mine.

Me: Made another friend yesterday in San Francisco. I hope I meet this new friend soon.

Grandson: Awww. Look at u G.Ma. I swear your grace and spirit is infectious.

Me: I love you grandson and it is sort of true. We were talking about that when the picture was taken. Exactly that!! How interesting.!

So my relationship with ‘Grandson’ is most interesting and rather inexplicable. It definitely was enhanced by social media – in fact Instagram made it possible. Neither of us ever used on another nor asked anything of one another. I invited him to tel the story of his life on the blog and he did. You can find it on the March 28, 2019 and March 30, 2019 blog. It is powerful and meaningful. His spirit, enthusiasm and ability to change and succeed is inspirational to me. It is in marked contrast to others I have ‘met’ on Instagram who have attempted to exploit me. They did not succeed and perhaps that story will be told. But why bother? It is negative and will merely encourage paranoid not trusting behaviour. The users and takers disappear from my life, One cannot change such individuals and a waste of time to try. A good man is hard to find but not impossible. But, not for me, apparently a typical relationship does not appear to be possible.

The photos that grace this blog are the recent powerful works produced by Grandson and his team. I would really like to meet these people and perhaps it will be possible in the very near future. I have made hotel reservations in Las Vegas to attend his wedding on July 12, 2019. I am not the bride, not the mother of the bride but the grandmother of the groom. What to wear??

Yesterday was a prolific day in many ways. First there was the blog and then a rewrite of the About Me section. So go to About Me and read about my past and impending future. My life keeps changing so it had to be renewed and rejuvenated. It was a glorious day here in Hayes Valley with happy throngs of people of all creeds and colours enjoying Easter Sunday. I love this neighbourhood and would LOVE to live on Ivy Street. Perhaps I can. I shopped in small and clever dress stores finding a perfect pair of black pants for the trip ahead. Things will be fine, better than fine. .

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