Disconnect with Canada In General not Just Vancouver; This Hour has Twenty-two Minutes with a Naked Trudeau Running in Ottawa; Then to Rodney’s Wearing My Tiara

There are definitely Canadian things I am going to miss. This Hour Has Twenty-Two Minutes is one of them. For those of you unfamiliar with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation the programme is aa hilariously funny, satirical comedy show that looks at Canada exposing the hypocrisy and stupidity of Canadian politicians and the Canadian way of life. It almost (not quite but almost) makes Trump look good. Their sarcasm is biting and did Trudeau ever get it on the February 19, 2019 episode. Here is an example. Trudeau, in the past, when facing justifiable criticism deftly removes his shirt, at which point his opponents become mesmerized by his hairy chest and the clamor dies down. But now he is in REAL TROUBLE, a cast member opined that he would have to take off ALL of his clothes and run around Ottawa nude.

He: Not a good idea at this time of year!

Me: Now THAT is funny.

The trouble that Trudeau is emerged has to do with bribery and the firing of his buddy Butts.

They: They thought heads would roll but instead it was Butts.

Me: Now THAT is funny.

Trevor Noah does an amazing job on Trump as does James Corbett but those Twenty-two Minute Canadians absolutely excel. They are irreverent. Oops that has to be the word of the day, the dictionary definition: showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously: (She is irreverent about the whole business of politics.)

I suddenly ponder:

Me: Self, what are the origins of the word of the day? Why do you do that?

Alter Ego: Do not look just for one source. People look for one WHY, or one thing and there may be many reasons/

Me: Thank you! There are two sources of this word definition. Two people who “inspired’ it.

Alter Ego: Who were they?

Me: One was Joo Kim Tiah, the sweetest thing he emailed me in one of the hundreds he sent

was this. “Alexis, every time I read one of your emails I learn a new word.”

Alter Ego: The other person?

Me: Julie Wheelwright, of all people. It was a writing exercise where we were to pen a story and then go through and substitute words. It was an eye opener.

Alter Ego: What did you learn from this exercise?

Me: A great deal. I grew to see both Julie and Joo Kim as evil and having a bad influence of my life. But there is no such thing as absolute bad or absolute good. They both added to my life.

Alter Ego: In what way?

Me: Julie accepted me into the programme which is how I got to London in the first place.

Alter Ego: And Joo Kim?

Me: That is more difficult for me answer right now. I will continue to ponder the issue.

But back to humour and Twenty Two Minutes. Bad Boy Trudeau really has been a bad boy. He is looking most corrupt these days. In the beginning of his reign he was looking good, from my perspective being far away during my California and London tenure. But, golly gee, his Uni chum a major crook and Trudeau covering up and preventing investigation of the corrupt company. How extremely tacky if not bloody worse. But Canadians continue to hold their head high and sneer at Trump. Look inward Canadians or at least look at your navels. Well a lot of you fat old guys cannot see you your navel, come to think of it. Old guys NO, I like my men young and virile. Well, just joking of course.

I am including a picture of me previously posted on Instagram. It read:

Me: At Rodney’s with tiara The wine glass is SO full that one must slurp. I got the fish and chips, the best ever. I was there with my niece and her man who is a great guy! Does life get any better???? Nope.

At his moment in time, 37 people have liked the post. Not bad for a girl born in Saskatchewan. Hahahaha

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