Insomnia Struck; The Good Fortune of Those I Care About Brings Relief; Comparisons Between Snow White and Alexis McBride

After bragging to all far and wide about the ability to sleep like a baby – insomnia struck last night and nothing seemed to help- not hot water bottles, not pills, not warm socks, not tea with honey, not the super cold room with warm blankets. The knee hurt, cramps in the feet, Not sure of the cause, an early morning Sotheby’s Web Seminar was on the agenda but nothing was required, just listening. It was altogether pleasant as I do LOVE those English accents, particularly the learned academic accents, it was music to my ears. The organization skills of this Institute of Higher Leaner amazes., they have it SO together. One feels like royalty, it is utterly divine. Sotheby’s on line educational materials re excellent. Yesterday listening to a broadcast from their Los Angeles campus brought knowledge of the early dismal days of the art world in LA and then hearing a happy ending – there are now twenty major museums in the area. It was eye opening.

At the moment there is something magnificent going on in the great out of doors of Vancouver, something called snow showers which seems to be the worst of both words, rain and snow. But there is some good news:

1 It does not seem to affect deriving conditions so the housecleaners should be able to come and hopefully on time.

2 There is no reason for me to go outside as I can skip water aerobics, delay my trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery and there is food in the refrigerator.

Therefore, I cannot complain and therefore, shall not complain but instead look on my immense good fortune. A large part of my good fortune is due to the fact that the people that I care about, in this city, are doing so well which means upon departure it will be with good consciousness (the awareness or perception of something by a person, for example, her acute consciousness of Mike’s presence). To name a few: Amy’s life is going well, Vicky is going to business school as well as being such a gifted hair stylist, Ayda. my incredibly talented trainer is most happy in her marriage and profession; Efficient Anne says she is deviously happy;

Kathleen has a new subsidized apartment in the West End; and now for Nichole. She began a new job to which she is perfectly suited – she now works as a concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel. I spontaneously went to visit on her second day at work and emailed:

Me: You look so fantastic in your new “uniform”, the suit and red blouse. You are made for the part and your colleagues fantastic!!

She: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Fabulous to see you yesterday! Then send me a GIF which will hopefully be attached to this blog. I am crazy about GIFs.

It is rather interesting but there are no male Vancouverities on the list of those I profess to care about. But something very interesting and unexpected happened a few days ago. Most unexpectedly I was kissed, the most sensuous kiss ever received. Prior to this stolen moment the man had shown get kindness, generosity, compassion, we held hands and spoke of many things. Therefore, it was not unwelcome but so surprising. A few days later, thoughts of Snow White and the Prince came to mind inspiring research. The story of Snow White is a Grimm’s Fairy Tale centering upon an Evil Stepmother, Seven Drawfs, a poisoned apple. Snow White and then the Prince. The Prince’s kiss revitalizes Snow White, the Evil Stepmother is vanquished then the Prince and Snow White live happily ever. Recently the Politically Correct have had their way expressing concern about the prince kissing Snow White ‘without permission’ while she slept. But a nonpolitically correct soul wrote: “ Um…if I am ever poisoned and the choice is death or a kiss please DO NOT let me die because you are worried about my permission. LOL.”

Does this have any meaning to my life? The man that kissed me did not have my permission but I did rise to the occasion, in true form. The man is of a different ethnic origin (the exact protected for reasons of privacy). I said as he walked out the door”

Me: I have never had a ????? lover. YET

He: No response.

Gentle reader, I am not sure if you will ever know how my fairy tale ends. I do not need this man to bring me to life, to marry me or l be with me as I live happily ever after. The man was not a Prince but he was rather heroic. But it was a great kiss and no dwarfs were injured during the making of this production. Hahahahaha

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