Looking Backward and Trying to Make Sense of my Vancouver Days; Planning My Trip to San Francisco; Happening Upon the Filming of a TV Series at VAG

Happily email of two days ago brought news of an interview (by Skype) at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, so things are progressing favorably. After confirming the date and time of the interview I wrote:

Me: I so love that progress is being made because I cannot wait to be there and be in the programme.

One of my clever friends pointed out that when things go smoothly it seems like something is meant to be. There was a blimp or two in the application process but basically everything went smoothly and it seem this incredible privilege is meant to be.

That is so true! I now look at my Vancouver days and suddenly decide that the best word to describe my various experiences is disjointed, it has been a disjointed experience and, until most recently, continues to be.

Disjoint, a verb meaning disturb the cohesion or organization of: (The loss of the area disjointed military plans.) A disturbing lack of cohesion describes an everyday occurrence in Vancouver, because things are not as they appear to be and there are constant glitches. The underlying cause is that there is no social fabric in these parts, furthermore, old timers see no need for a social fabric because they have grown accustomed to their solitary ways, some examples will be provided.

1, The first shock was the family, it turned out not be a family in any sense of the word. Cousins galore, first, second and thrice removed, but no contact. A first I thought it was a family trait, this disconnect but now it apparent that is just the Vancouver way.

2. The YWCA seemed a haven where I do water aerobics, meet with my wonderful trainer Ayda and meet men in the jacuzzi. I was so fond o the place that I was going to mount a publication of the Tate book with the proceeds going to the YWCA. A woman promised promotional opportunities, it seemed brilliant. All the plans seemed in place but then another woman suddenly made her appearance explaining in an email, that such an undertaking had never been done and never will be done. The woman who originally made the promise does not speak of it and ignores me, whereas she was most friendly in the past. How to make sense of this? I suppose there are there are too many chiefs and the hierarchy is not well defined. It was a dreadful blow but I still love the water aerobics, my trainer Ayda and the jacuzzi.

I am quite adaptable and cheerful so there were bright spots (and, are bright spots). But whenever I traveled. back to London, to San Francisco, or to Marin, or to New York – the difference was palpable. I could relax, things would be stable and if there was some upset there were ten incidents of stability and joy. The strongest moment was the first day I was in London in December of 2018, back at the Rex Whistler, basking in care and attention of all assembled. I sat there, at the best table in the restaurant, talking to myself.

Me: Why am I staying there, living in Vancouver? It is like hitting my head against a brick wall.

Alter Ego: Don’t cry, you are in public and people will worry about you.

Me: OK I won’t but I could just explain my upset.

What kept me alive and well during these two years of occasional living hell? The utter reliability of Chris Jackson has been a boon, he a fixed star in the firmament. Thanks to him the blog appears almost daily on the Internet and has been a source of stability and comfort . Where would I have been without it? Adrift in the sea of confusion and chaos called Vancouver.

Efficient Anne Gonco at the Flight Centre procured flights for my voyage to San Francisco next week where I will, again, meet with my doctors and plan my future which will entail knee replacement surgery. Lots of plans are being made involving close and dear friends. I count the sleeps until then., seven sleeps.

But then something truly amazing happened. i was rushing home after my session with Ayada at the YWCA and happened upon the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery where there was much activity involving fencing, cranes, flying pieces of paper and many people. A sign, which shall accompany this blog announced the filming of a TV series and warned that there may be offensive (Nazi) signs and symbols. I stood by the fence and joked with the men and woman working on the set.

One Man: (jokingly) Is that man bother ing you?

Me: No, he is not bothering me enough!

One Man: Then we will take down the fence!

Me: It is unnecessary. I will climb over the fence. I always get my man, as the RCMP says!.

Then I gave forth my raucous laugh which had two men pretending that I had deafened them.

Me: I have the loudest laugh in Vancouver and before that the loudest laugh in London.

They: You can say that again!

Me: I guess I will have to because I deafened you.

I did shut up during the shooting and no one had to say CUT because of me. A woman gave me a copy of the leaflet that was flying through the air. I went home and put four postings on Instagram. The housecleaners did not show up but they are apparently going to come tomorrow – see what I mean about Vancouver? Something is bound to go wrong sooner or later. My knee hurts so I am in bed with my leg up typing away on my computer. It is supposed to snow tomorrow, see what I mean about Vancouver? When it snows in Vancouver everything shuts down, unlike all other Canadian cities. They probably will not be able to film the television series tomorrow. I have an exciting morning planned and will tell all in a subsequent blog.

I have some research to do but I think I might be Snow White because I got kissed by a Prince. I will look up the fairy tale and get back to you. It is weird.

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